Fdr - Wwii pres

Word by letter:
  • Fdr - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word D
  • 3 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Fdr - New deal fig Fdr - 'brain trust' prez Fdr - N.y.c. highway, with 'the' Fdr - 32d in a noted series Fdr - Yalta monogram Fdr - New deal pres Fdr - 'sunrise at campobello' subj Fdr - New deal monogram Fdr - N.y.c. artery, with 'the' Fdr - Third before jfk Fdr - Pres. from hyde park Fdr - 1982 biography by joseph alsop Fdr - 10¢ picture Fdr - H.s.t. running mate Fdr - N.y.c. drive, with 'the' Fdr - Wwii notable Fdr - Subj. of a three-volume arthur schlesinger history Fdr - T.v.a. promoter Fdr - Hst predecessor Fdr - Wwii pres Fdr - H.s.t. predecessor Fdr - H.s.t. preceder Fdr - 32nd in a noted series Fdr - New deal inits Fdr - Creator of the sec Fdr - Yalta vip Fdr - 33-across predecessor Fdr - Yalta conf. attendee Fdr - Fireside chatter Fdr - Pres. for over 12 years Fdr - Presidential initials Fdr - Tva pres Fdr - 32nd president and this puzzle's theme Fdr - Pres. who nominated hugo black Fdr - Hst was his last vp Fdr - Nra supporter Fdr - White house monogram Fdr - Depression-era monogram Fdr - Pres. on a 59-across Fdr - "brain trust" prez Fdr - President who created 30 down Fdr - 10-cent portrait Fdr - Most famous resident of warm spr., ga Fdr - One of the big three, for short Fdr - Wwii-era president Fdr - New deal initials Fdr - See 33-down Fdr - Yalta visitor, 1945 Fdr - Prez on the dime Fdr - Us-stamp series subject of 1945-46 Fdr - Signer of the glass-steagall act Fdr - He said "be sincere; be brief; be seated" Fdr - Approver of 200+ us stamp designs Fdr - Early un supporter Fdr - Guy on the dime Fdr - Wwii leader Fdr - Drive in n.y.c Fdr - Dime portrait Fdr - Hst followed him Fdr - 32nd pres Fdr - 32nd u.s. prez Fdr - 32nd prez Fdr - W.p.a. initiator Fdr - 1930s-'40s prez Fdr - Depression era pres Fdr - Wwii-era leader Fdr - President with a dc memorial Fdr - Manhattan's __ drive Fdr - Subj. of the 2008 biography 'traitor to his class' Fdr - Prez with fireside chats Fdr - The f.d.i.c. was created during his presidency Fdr - Pres. on a dime Fdr - Ten-cent pres Fdr - Former u.s. president Fdr - Yalta conference monogram Fdr - Hch successor Fdr - Prez on a dime Fdr - 'arsenal of democracy' prez Fdr - His dc memorial opened in 1997 Fdr - Subject of ken burns' latest miniseries Fdr - Fireside chat prez Fdr - Portrait on a dime Fdr - Prez famous for his fireside chats Fdr - The old west germany Fdr - Real-life figure portrayed in movies by jason robards, jon voight and bill murray, in brief Fdr - Ssa champion Fdr - 'sunrise at campobello' monogram Fdr - "sunrise at campobello" monogram Fdr - Good neighbor policy pres Fdr - New deal prez Fdr - Dde's boss in wwii Fdr - Dc memorial honoree Fdr - Drive along the east r Fdr - ___ drive (highway with views of brooklyn and queens) Fdr - Wwii prez Fdr - Pres. who recuperated at warm springs, ga Fdr - Pres. portrait on a dime Fdr - Pres. easily in the top three of all time, i mean he got us through the depression Fdr - "hyde park on hudson" subj Fdr - Honoree of a d.c. monument unveiled in 1997 Fdr - He had three vps Fdr - Tva promoter Fdr - Prez who married his fifth cousin once removed Fdr - Wpa establisher Fdr - Four-term president's initials Fdr - Key wwii figure Fdr - Pres. who developed the 36-across Fdr - Potus on coins Fdr - Only four-term prez Fdr - Four-term prez Fdr - D.c.'s ___ memorial, site next to west potomac park Fdr - Wartime prez Fdr - 'fireside chats' monogram Fdr - Coin profile since 1946 Fdr - His dc memorial opened in '97 Fdr - Us stamp series subject (1945-1946) Fdr - N.y. governor following al smith Fdr - Four-term pres Fdr - President during wwii Fdr - Only president with three vps
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