George - Fighter foreman

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George - First name of three presidents George - Magazine founded by j.f.k. jr George - With 50-down, speaker of the quotation George - With 37-across, speaker of the query George - Eastman or westinghouse George - One-spot George - Substitute for gum or jove? George - Nova scotia bay or boxer chuvalo George - Cosmo's friend George - Fighter foreman George - Curious fellow George - Name of three presidents George - One-quarter of 35-down George - With 126-down, a noted humorist George - With 11-down, singer busted for pot in london in february 2006 George - First name of three u.s. presidents George - Father of confederation coles George - Pollster gallup George - Nova scotia port George - Any of boxer foreman's five sons George - Dragon-slaying saint George - Elizabeth ii's dad George - "seinfeld" character George - "it's a wonderful life" lead character, ___ bailey George - Composer gershwin George - Patron saint of england George - Magazine whose debut issue featured a cover photo of cindy crawford dressed as washington George - Friend of jerry George - Name of six british monarchs George - Friend of jerry and elaine George - First name of 35-across George - Singer strait George - As for 'im, 'e is in the depths George - Is 'e in the depths there? George - Bush or clinton George - Dennis the menace's neighbor wilson George - 'by ___!' George - Harrison, kennedy or clinton George - Automatic character put together by acting musician George - King with cross? George - 25 stuff about english George - One of the men in a boat helps the pilot George - Farmer traditionally associated with 25 and 23 7, initially 23 George - President briefly in capital of wyoming George - Red cross hero that's automatically put in control? George - Overeat, devouring head of elephant man George - King, first of 18 George - Stuff full of energy to establish past entertainer George - Beatle George - Best actor oscar winner 1970, for 'patton' George - Boy's name George - Name some judge or general George - Costanza of reruns George - British royal name George - Nova scotia lake George - Wolf circling eastern galloway? George - Pilot's life's ending in ravine George - Self-described "short, stocky, slow-witted bald man" of "seinfeld" George - New british royal of 2013 George - Wolf encircles english saint George - Best flight controller? George - Name of six british kings George - Energy invested in stuff with recent record by old entertainer George - Stefan ---, german poet; a man in a boat George - Pilot landing plane finally in canyon George - King's throat cut by enemy leader George - Man rowing on holiday throws wife finally into ravine George - The g in g. b. shaw George - Flight controller people swear by George - England's saint George - And twenty five down king with courage to set aside baronne dudevant George - - formby; - eliot George - Chap's energy wearing pig out George - - michael; - formby George - Boy -; - clooney George - Man's name George - Actual first name of tom seaver and orson welles George - See 13 George - One of six british kings George - Name of six kings George - The automatic pilot of an aircraft George - He puts back the eggs in the egg container George - He dropped a key into the canyon George - Ira's composer brother George - Boy to eat gluttonously, gaining energy George - Is orwell flying the plane? George - Automatic pilot (sl.) George - Stuff about english and their saintly representative George - Pilot organization in move to the right George - Among presidents, washington was the first, bush the last George - With 20-across, the first cat president? George - England's patron saint George - Mr. jefferson of 'the jeffersons' George - Dragon slayer George - Lucas of film George - Dan ____ chuvalo George - Ballet's balanchine George - Washington on a dollar bill George - Stuff about english prince or king? George - President before barack George - Author writing stuff about swiss canton in war - god he's extraordinary! George - Author of the mill on the floss George - He enjoyed 9, lodge or genteel houses George - Jazz guitarist/singer benson George - Name after dan and befure chuvalo George - Autopilot leading winger George - Foreman with a grill George - Presidential first name George - Elroy's dad George - Echo encountered in ravine in washington? George - Agent offering hobson's choice of guide on vacation, with a 9 George - First name on a one-spot George - Beatle harrison
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