Pill - Caplet

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  • 1 - st. word P
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  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word L

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Pill - You might take it lying down Pill - Dislikable person, in slang Pill - Tablet Pill - Hardly the life of the party Pill - Just what the doctor ordered, maybe Pill - Tiresome one Pill - It may be hard to swallow Pill - It's taken in for treatment Pill - Grumpy person Pill - Annoyer Pill - Vitamin unit Pill - Medicine dose, perhaps Pill - Rx unit Pill - Placebo, e.g Pill - Caplet Pill - Disagreeable one Pill - Source of pep? Pill - Sourpuss Pill - Dosage unit Pill - Apothecary inventory item Pill - Bit of medicine Pill - Grouch Pill - Aspirin unit Pill - It can be hard to swallow Pill - Person who's hard to take Pill - Just what the doctor ordered Pill - Kvetch Pill - Pharmacy unit Pill - Wet blanket Pill - Aspirin form Pill - It may make you a better person Pill - Difficult sort Pill - It might get popped in the mouth Pill - Medicinal morsel Pill - It can be popped Pill - Alternative to liquid medicine Pill - Tedious sort Pill - Tiresomely disagreeable sort Pill - Tab Pill - Dose unit Pill - Dosage, maybe Pill - Caplet, e.g Pill - But soft! if that's what you are, that's what you may need Pill - One might take it if one were indisposed at last Pill - Pellet of medicine Pill - If you're the last of it, take the whole of it Pill - Doctor's order Pill - It may be bitter or hard to swallow Pill - Item in a box with seven compartments, say Pill - One aspirin Pill - The tiresome person parking badly Pill - There's little money - iniquitous but that has to be swallowed Pill - Medicinal tablet Pill - Political leader indisposed to this type of medicine Pill - Hard-to-take person Pill - Caplet or gelcap Pill - Hard-to-tolerate sort Pill - Drug unit Pill - Aspirin tablet Pill - Medicine dose Pill - Pharmacy caplet Pill - Vitamin tablet Pill - Medication unit Pill - Medicinal dose Pill - Tiresome sort Pill - One aspirin, perhaps Pill - Medicinal pellet Pill - Parking badly is a nuisance to put up with Pill - Dreadful person, bad under pressure Pill - To the sick, start to prescribe this? Pill - Ravaged, but not aged? this may be the cure Pill - Form of medicine initially prevents suffering Pill - With pounding in the head, badly needing this? Pill - Dose of medicine Pill - Disagreeable person Pill - Medication Pill - Devoting a page to the sick and medication Pill - Start to play badly with the ball Pill - Medicine provided when president's not well Pill - Medicine for phil and lily oddly enough Pill - What's prescribed for pain in the neck? Pill - What patient initially needing medical treatment gets? Pill - Medicine ball Pill - Quietly suffering medical treatment Pill - Page badly needing medicine Pill - Something that could be sugared in shop illegally Pill - Lozenge Pill - Penny, out of sorts, needs this Pill - Medical delivery device Pill - Quietly unwell? it could be something you've taken Pill - Pressure on unhealthy to get some medicine Pill - Vitamin holder Pill - Capsule alternative Pill - Apothecary item Pill - Sweater ball Pill - Reason patient's beginning to get over suffering? it'll help you 16 Pill - Starts playing it loud at length from tablet Pill - After opening, accidentally lose some medicine Pill - Popped item Pill - Disagreeable type Pill - Alternative to a caplet Pill - Alanis has a "little" one Pill - Beck cover "leopard-skin ___-box hat" Pill - The jam "the bitterest ___" Pill - Alanis had a "jagged little" one Pill - Dispensary unit Pill - Prescription unit Pill - Dosage delivery system Pill - Caplet's kin Pill - Medication injected into capillaries Pill - Pickup illegal bit from tablet Pill - Tiresome type Pill - Caplet, for instance Pill - Alanis morissette "jagged little ___" Pill - Medical tablet Pill - Medical tablet
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