Basset - Long-eared hound

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  • Basset - Letter on B
  • 1 - st. word B
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word S
  • 4 - st. word S
  • 5 - st. word E
  • 6 - st. word T

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Basset - Short-legged hunter Basset - Flop-eared one Basset - Multicolored dog Basset - It has short legs and a long body Basset - Droopy eared hound Basset - Short-legged hound Basset - Long-eared hound Basset - Hound type Basset - Dog named for its low stature Basset - Kind of hound Basset - Kind of hound or horn Basset - Dog breed whose name literally means 'rather low' Basset - Hush puppies hound Basset - Sad-eyed hound Basset - Short-legged dog Basset - Fred __ (comics dog) Basset - Type of hound Basset - Droopy-eared hound Basset - Droopy-eared canine Basset - Hush puppies mascot Basset - Hound variety Basset - In the end it's all to the good when its legs are so short Basset - Are graduates so placed that their short legs can be an advantage in the end? Basset - It's all to the good for the dog to lose its head Basset - Hunslow, by the sound of it? must be, with those short legs Basset - It's all to the good for the hound to lose its head Basset - It's silly to wager about it for that canine Basset - One might wager about a silly one that's short in the le Basset - Do graduates get so placed at short leg? Basset - One would be silly to get hounded in a 27 across Basset - The graduate is all set to have beastly short legs Basset - It's all to the good to take the head off the hound Basset - What a fishy start for anything so canine Basset - It's all to the good if the dog loses its head Basset - 32 down, and short in the leg Basset - Are its short legs a confounded advanage? Basset - Gamble about 17 across for the same sort of creature as 12 across Basset - Being short in the leg it's all to the good to be short of a head Basset - Graduates so placed as to be short of four legs Basset - One might be dogged at short leg Basset - Bet that's about a fool at short leg! Basset - Smooth-haired hound Basset - Voice deep and legs short Basset - I'd wager that to get around a fool it takes a hound Basset - Hare-hunting hound among beasts Basset - Short-legged hound used for hunting (6)short-legged hound used for hunting Basset - Short-legged hound that hunts hares Basset - A short-legged hunting hound Basset - Hound among beasts Basset - Sturdy hunting dog Basset - To have short legs is all to the good if it's got no head Basset - All to the good for one with short legs to lose its head Basset - It's all to the good for the hound to have lost its confounded head initially Basset - Wager about silly, beastly short legs Basset - Bet about such a silly sort of 21 across Basset - 'be, in short, all to the good to have short legs (6)' Basset - Dog getting a b-plus! Basset - Fool gets involved in gamble over a dog Basset - Dogfish on film Basset - Barker is a fool to back the outsider Basset - Fool in gamble for one particular dog Basset - Second-rate resource Basset - Dog a fool involved in gamble Basset - Wager about a dumb animal being a dog Basset - Horned hound? Basset - 'the hound of the baskervilles', first impression - something worth having Basset - Mongrel as best dog Basset - Dog, 5 creature, in speculation Basset - Low, smooth-haired breed of hound Basset - Smooth-haired, long-eared hound Basset - Hound with short legs and long ears Basset - Breed of hound Basset - Looking back the girl comes across the bishop and a dog Basset - Low-pitched and in france a dog Basset - Long-eared pooch Basset - Baskerville's lead plus hound Basset - Literally, "low-stature" animal Basset - Something of use after 'black dog' Basset - Take a chance injecting dope in dog Basset - Hound (named fred?) Basset - Hound fool to put money on outsider? Basset - Hound graduate's group of acquaintances Basset - Fool taken in by wager for dog Basset - Not the sort of horn this hound is likely to hear? Basset - Something good to put on black dog Basset - Hound and lay about stupid fellow Basset - The hound lay full of dope Basset - Type of horn getting low note on time Basset - Hound born in a group? Basset - Hunting dog Basset - Dog given fish to eat, filleted Basset - Dog's lead taken from boy by girl on way back Basset - Hound a fool getting mired in risk Basset - Prediction about donkey and hound Basset - Like best going out for a run with the dog Basset - Sea-fish and french hound Basset - Low-set hound Basset - Hound the fool appearing in a flutter Basset - Back holding an animal: a dog Basset - Sort of horn to summon a hound Basset - A dog given fish to eat - head and tail only Basset - Hound Basset - Best friend and a second best rallying round Basset - Beasts (anag.) Basset - Hound used in hunting wild beasts Basset - Beasts troubling hound Basset - Hound breed Basset - Confirmed bachelors before the big-eyed sweetie appears Basset - Dog's born with an advantage Basset - Boy's beginning to want girl back? one may be barking Basset - Dog in front of building, something well worth having Basset - Risk inhaling dope as a dog Basset - Beasts tormented hound Basset - Hound bachelor with property Basset - Dog used in hunting wild beasts Basset - Fishtails in sausage meat for dog Basset - Chien bas sur pattes Basset - Chien
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Long-eared hound (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - long-eared hound. word on "B". 1 - st. letter B. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter S. 4 - st. letter S. 5 - st. letter E. 6 - st. letter T.

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