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Cadge - Sponge

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  • Cadge - Letter on C
  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word D
  • 4 - st. word G
  • 5 - st. word E

All questions by word:
Cadge - Sponge Cadge - Mooch Cadge - Be a beggar Cadge - Beg Cadge - Borrow without intending to repay Cadge - Filch Cadge - Impose upon a friend, perhaps Cadge - Bum, as a cigarette Cadge - Be a sponge Cadge - Go about begging, scrounge Cadge - It needs a sponge to get hundreds into that enclosure Cadge - Scrounge, go about begging Cadge - Scrouge, ask for Cadge - Bum Cadge - Borrow, as a cigarette Cadge - Be a moocher Cadge - 'borrow' Cadge - Beg for a degree while in prison? Cadge - Beg that initiator of debt be put in prison Cadge - Beg scoundrel, for example, to come back Cadge - Sponge around with cutler Cadge - Try to borrow note in prison Cadge - Sponge (eg money) Cadge - Get by sponging Cadge - Scrounge Cadge - Hand out for more clues perhaps for large number in enclosure Cadge - Freeload Cadge - Get by begging Cadge - Try to borrow note in bars Cadge - Sponge 25, for instance, sent back Cadge - Get money by sponging Cadge - Daughter in prison needs to get free Cadge - Try to get (something) without paying Cadge - Sponge (money, etc) Cadge - Sponge cake and digestives get eaten first Cadge - Daughter's put in pound for sponge Cadge - Bum note held by composer Cadge - Bum heading for detention, locked up? Cadge - Scrounge from duke in prison Cadge - Sponge (money etc) Cadge - Caged (anag.) Cadge - ...bum died in pen Cadge - Act as beggar, getting day in prison Cadge - Beg to get freed finally in prison Cadge - Beg for keys Cadge - Ask for money, having daughter imprisoned? Cadge - On the --, engaged in scrounging Cadge - Scoundrel, say, turning bum Cadge - Be a parasite Cadge - Scrounge, sponge Cadge - Be a sponger Cadge - Prison absorbing liquid, finally, as sponge Cadge - Scrounge (money, etc) Cadge - Acquire by begging Cadge - Beg stringer to leave greeting cards Cadge - Beg daughter to enter enclosure Cadge - Bum died in prison Cadge - Person who's no good for one, flipping bum