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Taiwan - Ang lee's birthplace Taiwan - Asian island Taiwan - Asian nation Taiwan - Await trouble on north pacific island Taiwan - China sea island, strait Taiwan - Chinese island Taiwan - Country previously known as formosa Taiwan - Disputed island in the china sea Taiwan - Disputed island off china Taiwan - Disputed island off china, used to be formosa Taiwan - Do i want a place in the east? Taiwan - Expect rising on north pacific island Taiwan - Former formosa Taiwan - Formerly formosa Taiwan - Formosa formerly Taiwan - Formosa's alias Taiwan - Formosa's other name Taiwan - Formosa, now Taiwan - Formosa, today Taiwan - Home of acer Taiwan - Home of nationals pitcher chien-ming wang Taiwan - Home to the mikado pheasant Taiwan - I want a change from formosa Taiwan - I want a free, democratic island Taiwan - I want a reserve force moved to the front in island Taiwan - I want a turn on the island Taiwan - I want a turn on this island Taiwan - Island army, one lacking in colour Taiwan - Island country Taiwan - Island country, formally called formosa Taiwan - Island formerly known as formosa Taiwan - Island in east that is oddly lacking in colour Taiwan - Island in the south china sea Taiwan - Island of malta i wandered around Taiwan - Island off china Taiwan - Island off mainland china Taiwan - Island, otherwise ait, lacking colour Taiwan - It used to be formosa Taiwan - It was formosa Taiwan - Japanese prize in the 1894-95 sino-japanese war Taiwan - Land north of the philippines Taiwan - Large island off china Taiwan - Lpga golfer yani tseng's homeland Taiwan - Made in ___ Taiwan - Most populous country not in the united nations Taiwan - Neighbor of china Taiwan - Non-mainland china Taiwan - One in marble on an island in asia Taiwan - One of the so-called 'four asian tigers' Taiwan - Oolong tea exporter Taiwan - Oolong-growing nation Taiwan - Quemoy neighbor Taiwan - Republic of china Taiwan - Se asian island Taiwan - South china sea island Taiwan - Subject of 1972 negotiations with china Taiwan - Taipei's island Taiwan - Taipei's land Taiwan - Taipei's place Taiwan - The former formosa Taiwan - The tropic of cancer runs through it Taiwan - U.n. ostracizee Taiwan - Want a small island? could be this Taiwan - Want diverted main route to divide foreign island Taiwan - Where ang lee was born Taiwan - Where jade mountain is Taiwan - Where taipei is capital Taiwan - Yã¼ shan is its highest point
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