Fakir - Hindu monk regarded as a holy man

Word by letter:
  • Fakir - Letter on F
  • 1 - st. word F
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word K
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word R

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Fakir - Miracle worker? Fakir - Dervish Fakir - Muslim ascetic Fakir - Hindu wonder-worker Fakir - Muslim or hindu holy man Fakir - Hindu ascetic Fakir - Hindu monk regarded as a holy man Fakir - Hindu 'wonder worker' Fakir - Bed of nails user Fakir - Hindu holy man Fakir - Spiritual recluse Fakir - Mystic of india Fakir - Magical hindu Fakir - Bed-of-nails person Fakir - Just about potassium, likewise in india Fakir - Muslim ascetic having a weekend in tree Fakir - Ascetic, which is way off being possessive of king idris's crown Fakir - Holy man in charge of a kirk Fakir - Holy man providing female with a drink Fakir - Muslim ascetic - hindu holy man Fakir - Religious ascetic living solely on alms Fakir - Hot-coals walker Fakir - French with a royal cocktail for holy man Fakir - Indian mystic Fakir - Muslim or hindu mendicant holy man Fakir - King in bazaar appearing as holy man Fakir - Holy man supplied female with a drink Fakir - Holy man is phoney, some say Fakir - Ascetic putting potassium in 19 Fakir - Religious mendicant, in india Fakir - Ascetic in india Fakir - A hindu ascetic? just about a thousand! Fakir - Ascetic is one following me with alcoholic drink Fakir - Indian ascetic Fakir - Religious ascetic Fakir - Ascetic knight in reasonable housing Fakir - Religious mendicant in india Fakir - Muslim mendicant Fakir - Asian holy man in carnival, drinking cocktail Fakir - Holy man Fakir - Eastern holy man Fakir - Holy man of the east Fakir - He takes to his bed, sharpish Fakir - Ascetic type just keeping ok, though without love Fakir - Ascetic holy man Fakir - Muslim mystic Fakir - Mendicant's clean clothing stank ultimately Fakir - Hindu on a bed of nails Fakir - Ascetic in the distance crossing himalayan mountain Fakir - King taken in by light-headed religious ascetic Fakir - Muslim mendicant monk and holy man Fakir - Indian religious ascetic Fakir - Fire-walking mystic
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