Pda - Palm's zire, for one

Word by letter:
  • Pda - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word D
  • 3 - st. word A

All questions by word:
Pda - 'get a room!' elicitor, for short Pda - 'get a room' elicitor, for short Pda - 32-down, e.g Pda - A peck in a park is one, for short Pda - Address book replacer, for short Pda - Apple introduction of '92 Pda - Blackberry bold, e.g Pda - Blackberry device, e.g., for short Pda - Blackberry or iphone, briefly Pda - Blackberry or ipod touch, for short Pda - Blackberry or palm pilot, briefly Pda - Blackberry or palm pilot, for short Pda - Blackberry or sidekick, briefly Pda - Blackberry, e.g Pda - Blackberry, e.g., briefly Pda - Blackberry, e.g., for short Pda - Blackberry, e.g., in brief Pda - Blackberry, for ex Pda - Blackberry, for one Pda - Bussing on a bus, for short? Pda - Calendar keeper, for short Pda - Canoodling on the sidewalk, e.g.: abbr Pda - Cell cousin Pda - David who wrote the famous 'coffee is for closers' monologue Pda - Device like a palm pilot, for short Pda - Device made obsolete by the smartphone Pda - Device with a stylus, briefly Pda - Droid device Pda - Droid or iphone, e.g Pda - Droid, e.g Pda - E-mail destination, perhaps Pda - Electronic datebook Pda - Electronic memo bk Pda - Electronic organizer Pda - Frequent e-mail destination Pda - Hand-held organizer Pda - Hand-held organizer, briefly Pda - Hand-held organizer, in brief Pda - Handheld computer Pda - Handheld computer, briefly Pda - Handheld computer, for short Pda - Handheld computer, or holding hands Pda - Handheld computer: abbr Pda - Handheld computerized device, informally Pda - Handheld computing device, initially Pda - Handheld device Pda - Handheld device (abbr.) Pda - Handheld device, for short Pda - Handheld gadget Pda - Handheld organizer Pda - Handheld organizer (abbr.) Pda - Handheld organizer, for short Pda - Handheld organizer, initially Pda - Handheld organizer: abbr Pda - Handheld secretary Pda - Handheld secy Pda - Hi-tech helper Pda - Hi-tech organizer Pda - High-tech 'appt. book' Pda - High-tech appt. book Pda - High-tech organizer, briefly Pda - High-tech organizer: abbr Pda - Iphone, e.g Pda - Iphone, e.g., briefly Pda - Iphone, for ex Pda - Ipod touch, e.g Pda - Ipod touch, for one Pda - Kiss-cam product, briefly Pda - Kissing in a crowd, e.g Pda - Kissing in a crowd, e.g., in brief Pda - Kissing in front of everyone, e.g Pda - Kissing in public, e.g Pda - Kissing in public, for example, in brief Pda - Kissing on the street, e.g Pda - Kissing on the street, for example: abbr Pda - Little black book successor Pda - Machine that fits in one's hand, briefly Pda - Making out in front of everyone, say, for short Pda - Making out in public, e.g.: abbr Pda - Making out on the subway, e.g., for short Pda - Mobile device, usually Pda - Mobile info organizer Pda - Modern organizer, for short Pda - Netbook alternative Pda - Obsolescent mobile device, briefly Pda - One with an agenda? Pda - Organiser ii was an early one Pda - Organizer Pda - Organizer, for short Pda - Palm pilot or blackberry Pda - Palm pilot or blackberry, briefly Pda - Palm pilot, e.g Pda - Palm pilot, e.g., briefly Pda - Palm pilot, for ex Pda - Palm pilot, for one: abbr Pda - Palm product Pda - Palm treo, e.g Pda - Palm zire, e.g Pda - Palm's zire, for one Pda - Palmpilot or blackberry: abbr Pda - Palmtop device, for short Pda - Palmtop, e.g., in brief Pda - Psion's organizer was the first one Pda - Pupil of a snake's eye, often Pda - Reason for some averted looks, for short Pda - Reason to shout 'get a room!' Pda - Samsung galaxy, e.g.: abbr Pda - See 17-across Pda - See 37-down Pda - Smartphone Pda - Smartphone alternative Pda - Smartphone ancestor Pda - Smartphone ancestor, for short Pda - Smartphone forerunner Pda - Smartphone forerunner, for short Pda - Smartphone precursor Pda - Smartphone predecessor Pda - Smartphone predecessor: abbr Pda - Smartphone relative Pda - Smartphone relative, for short Pda - Smartphone's forerunner Pda - Smartphone, e.g., for short Pda - Smartphone, for ex Pda - Smartphone, for short Pda - Smartphone, somewhat outdatedly Pda - Smooching on the bus, for short Pda - Smooching on the street, e.g., briefly Pda - Smooching on the subway, e.g Pda - Something people do not want to see outside, for short Pda - Something that may make people go 'ick,' for short Pda - Term first applied to the apple newton Pda - Touch-screen gadget, briefly Pda - Touch-screen gadget, usually Pda - Treo 90, for one Pda - Treo, e.g Pda - Unlawful behavior in strict muslim countries, for short Pda - What a hand-held - or hand-holding - may be, briefly Pda - Where phone nos. might be stored Pda - Woman's name with an accent
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