Turtle - Long-living swimmer

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Turtle - Snapper Turtle - Seuss' yertle Turtle - Terrapin, e.g Turtle - Slow road crosser Turtle - Terrarium pet Turtle - Slow reptile Turtle - Terrapin Turtle - Chelonian reptile Turtle - Chelonian Turtle - Long-living swimmer Turtle - Ant egg eater Turtle - ______ford, saskatchewan Turtle - Carapace carrier Turtle - Crush of 'finding nemo,' for one Turtle - Terrarium denizen Turtle - One with a shell Turtle - Carapace wearer Turtle - Slowpoke Turtle - Aquarium pet Turtle - Slow-moving reptile Turtle - Aquarium pet, perhaps Turtle - Slow mover Turtle - He may stick his neck out Turtle - One may tend to be withdrawn Turtle - Red-eared slider, e.g Turtle - Kind of sea-tortoise, noted for soup Turtle - Shelley, by the sound of it, might turn this upside down Turtle - That might be the turn of shelley for his cap size Turtle - This might have a turn and get over it, otherwise it might be in the soup Turtle - Turn it over with shell Turtle - Turn this over turn Turtle - Reptile with bony shell Turtle - Neckline and reptile Turtle - Reptile with a bony shell Turtle - Sea-creature resembling tortoise Turtle - Sea-creature resembling a tortoise Turtle - Aquatic or terrestial reptile Turtle - Sea creature like tortoise Turtle - Perhaps shelley might turn this upside down Turtle - Cartoon mutant ninja Turtle - Turn this and it's all over Turtle - Second day of christmas arrivals (with 38-across) Turtle - Michelangelo or donatello, e.g Turtle - Turn this to become head over heels Turtle - Sea tortoise Turtle - See 7 Turtle - Marine reptile with shell Turtle - Reptile with shell Turtle - Aquatic chelonian Turtle - Reptile - (kind of) dove Turtle - Marine reptile or dove Turtle - Shelled reptile Turtle - Marine reptile Turtle - Birds typifying love Turtle - Aquarium reptile Turtle - Wild goat has time with the french reptile Turtle - Possible aquarium dweller Turtle - Marine reptile of the order chelonia Turtle - Dr. seuss' yertle, say Turtle - An aquatic reptile Turtle - Aquatic reptile Turtle - Sea swimmer's time to make 'eadlong rush Turtle - Shelled marine creature Turtle - One's cold-blooded, withdrawn in gospel truth Turtle - Utterly unusual, but not unknown, sea creature Turtle - Cold-blooded creature let off after brief spell Turtle - Shelled creature Turtle - Felt ruthless, turning to block swimmer Turtle - Large aquatic reptile Turtle - Reptile turning over in the soup Turtle - Eg razorback Turtle - Creature Turtle - Reptile let loose after furrow was turned over Turtle - One's helpless when upset, in cruel truth Turtle - Water-dwelling reptile Turtle - Mock or teenage ninja? Turtle - Creature, retracing furrow, stalled regularly Turtle - Reptile Turtle - Marine tortoise Turtle - This swimmer fbi's clobbered with rifle-butt? Turtle - Reptile to go off, briefly let out Turtle - The northern dash from east end to find marine animal Turtle - Slow type comes out of his shell every so often Turtle - Career time for hot shell-suited swimmer Turtle - Reptile with a shell Turtle - Chocolate and caramel concoction Turtle - Snapping creature Turtle - Large marine reptile (with a fashionable neck!) Turtle - Swimming reptile Turtle - Time to race along — hard going for distance swimmer Turtle - Ninja in a shell
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