Tuba - Oompah-paher

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Tuba - Low blow? Tuba - Band member Tuba - Low note provider Tuba - Part of a marching band Tuba - Big brass instrument Tuba - Big blow for a band? Tuba - Big brass Tuba - Orchestral heavyweight Tuba - Oompah instrument Tuba - Marching band member Tuba - Low brass Tuba - Band's big brass Tuba - Marching band staple Tuba - Brass member Tuba - Hefty horn Tuba - March need Tuba - Brass wind instrument Tuba - Oktoberfest horn Tuba - Oompah maker Tuba - Bass brass Tuba - Valved instrument Tuba - Roman war trumpet Tuba - Horn of plenty? Tuba - Bass line provider Tuba - Sousaphone relative Tuba - 'tubby' musical instrument Tuba - Marching band heavyweight Tuba - Plenty of horn? Tuba - Oktoberfest band instrument Tuba - Sousaphone, e.g Tuba - Oompah-paher Tuba - Marching band instrument Tuba - March instrument Tuba - One with a big bell Tuba - Hefty instrument Tuba - Part of the back of an orchestra Tuba - The bb contrabass, e.g Tuba - Oom-pah-paher Tuba - Euphonium relative Tuba - Marching-band member Tuba - Rhythm instrument Tuba - Marching-band instrument Tuba - Large musical instrument Tuba - Brass instrument Tuba - Big marching-band instrument Tuba - Brass band member Tuba - Brass band biggie Tuba - 'symphonie fantastique' need Tuba - Big horn Tuba - Oktoberfest instrument Tuba - Heavy horn Tuba - Oom-pah-pah-er Tuba - Oktoberfest band horn Tuba - Deep brass instrument Tuba - It's played by a blowhard Tuba - The score for "symphonie fantastique" has a part for it Tuba - Part of a military band Tuba - Brass band instrument Tuba - Marching band burden Tuba - Military band instrument Tuba - Band instrument Tuba - Oompah band member Tuba - Low wind Tuba - Heavy marching band instrument Tuba - Very big wind Tuba - Oompah band instrument Tuba - Oom-pah-pah instrument Tuba - Brass section biggie Tuba - Oompah brass Tuba - Large band instrument Tuba - Heavy brass instrument Tuba - Heavy wind Tuba - Big band wind Tuba - Marcher's instrument Tuba - Oompah producer Tuba - Sousaphone's cousin Tuba - Brass section member Tuba - Euphonium kin Tuba - Sousaphone cousin Tuba - One of the brass Tuba - Brass-section member Tuba - Bulky horn Tuba - Heavy brass Tuba - Lowest brass wind instrument Tuba - Large low-pitched brass musical instrument Tuba - Large brass wind instrument Tuba - Large brass instrument Tuba - Large, low-pitched brass musical instrument Tuba - Blow this for the sound of a potato Tuba - Marcher's burden, at times Tuba - Sousaphone Tuba - Save up to get a brass instrument Tuba - Potato sound in the orchestra Tuba - Raised border in brass Tuba - Craft needed by a member of the orchestra Tuba - Island nation needs change of leader, blow it! Tuba - Join up to make brass Tuba - Instrument neighbour returned Tuba - Brass instrument of low pitch Tuba - Brass 'oompah' instrument Tuba - Musical instrument Tuba - Heavy instrument to march with Tuba - Sousaphone, for one Tuba - 5 across member, maybe Tuba - Deep-toned instrument Tuba - Container with a brass instrument Tuba - It goes oom-pah-pah Tuba - Big band instrument Tuba - Big wind Tuba - Big brass boomer Tuba - Baritone's larger cousin Tuba - Heavy metal music producer Tuba - Gary cooper plays one in "mr. deeds . . ." Tuba - It's big and brassy Tuba - Big brass bellower Tuba - Sousaphone's kin Tuba - Heaviest band member? Tuba - Brass band bass Tuba - Techniques understood by acting leads used for the sound of music Tuba - Wind instrument Tuba - A bass instrument Tuba - Player having a bath first Tuba - Low brass instrument Tuba - Join up as member of band Tuba - & 19 east la band who fashioned that la bamba soundtrack Tuba - It's not top brass rebuffing an objection Tuba - Euphonium Tuba - Stop putting up a bar Tuba - Neighbour's coming round - blow it! Tuba - Neighbour turns into a music-maker Tuba - This loud instrument upset neighbour Tuba - Objection about a part of 14? Tuba - Be next to backing instrument Tuba - An objection over item band might play Tuba - Neighbour's upset? blow it! Tuba - Big instrument in a marching band Tuba - "oompah" instrument Tuba - Band member neighbour upset Tuba - Huge horn Tuba - Saving up - a musical instrument's wanted Tuba - Join up to become an orchestra member Tuba - Objection raised to a music maker Tuba - Reviewed an objection to part of the brass section Tuba - This is blown around border Tuba - Brass player writing article on old boat Tuba - Touch up some brass Tuba - Neighbour coming round for instrument Tuba - A qualification about instrument Tuba - Instrument engaged in rolling over, knocking out rear of piano Tuba - Neighbour when retired becoming music maker Tuba - Loud instrument makes neighbour upset Tuba - Large brass horn Tuba - An objection about a member of the band Tuba - Big brass horn Tuba - Oom-pah maker Tuba - March sound Tuba - Oompah band need Tuba - Instrument to lean against on the way back Tuba - Bass trumpet Tuba - Part of the orchestra with an objection to raise Tuba - It has a lot of brass Tuba - Polka band horn Tuba - Tubby the Tuba - Euphonium's cousin Tuba - Euphonium's kin Tuba - Orchestral horn Tuba - Brass instrument often compared to a whale's farts Tuba - It has a solo near the end of 'an american in paris' Tuba - Bass instrument Tuba - Heavy metal instrument Tuba - An objection returned instrumentally Tuba - Heavy wind? Tuba - Instrument with some heft Tuba - Low-pitched instrument Tuba - Bit of brass neighbour returned Tuba - Tube respiratoire des nageurs Tuba - Low-grade boat needs a horn Tuba - "oompah" band instrument Tuba - Oompah-pah instrument Tuba - Member of the brass Tuba - Instrument that makes the cheeks puff out Tuba - "jaws" theme instrument Tuba - Largest brass instrument Tuba - Heavy band instrument Tuba - Instrument à vent Tuba - Musical instrument - 5 (rev) Tuba - Brass band boomer Tuba - Heavy marching-band instrument Tuba - Trombone's symphonic neighbor Tuba - Dixieland band horn Tuba - Big blow for a musician? Tuba - An e flat or b flat bass in a brass band
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