Card - Blackjack request

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  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word R
  • 4 - st. word D

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Card - Diamond, e.g Card - Wit Card - Jack, for one Card - Joker, e.g Card - Riot Card - Cutup Card - Basic bingo item Card - Jack or 10 Card - Hand part Card - Two or three, but not one Card - Word with business or playing Card - Stop at the door, perhaps Card - Funny fellow Card - Ace or jack Card - Networker's offering Card - Index item Card - Businessman's offering Card - Check someone's id Card - King or queen Card - On second thought, make it a romantic comedy: 'soylent green...' Card - Business person's handout Card - Part of a hand Card - Hand-drawn object? Card - Deck unit Card - Hand component Card - Part of a suit Card - Blackjack request Card - It may be drawn by hand Card - Cut-up Card - Salesperson's handout Card - Kind of game Card - Wag Card - It may come with a gift Card - Visa, e.g Card - Part of a deck Card - Business hand-out Card - Ace of spades, e.g Card - Green ___ Card - Pack member Card - It's cheaper than a gift Card - Seek proof of age Card - Funny guy Card - Salesman's handout Card - Christmas delivery Card - "hit me!" request Card - Process wool Card - Ace or deuce Card - Ace, king, or jack Card - Gift accompanier Card - Class clown Card - Character Card - Jester Card - *check for proof of age Card - It may be drawn by hand? Card - Waggish individual Card - Bingo item Card - Ten of clubs, for one Card - Check the id of Card - "pick a __, any ..." Card - Deck component Card - Bit of december mail Card - Wise guy Card - One of 46-down Card - It might be wild Card - Ask for identification Card - Check ids Card - Any of a deck of 52 Card - Jack of diamonds, e.g Card - Check for id, as at a bar Card - King, queen or jack Card - Ask for proof of age Card - Life of the party Card - Deck item Card - Sales rep's handout Card - Jack or ace Card - Hand unit Card - Jack, e.g Card - Check for proof of age Card - Ask for id Card - Humorous sort Card - Hallmark offering Card - 'hit me' request Card - Witty sort Card - Texas hold 'em item Card - Ace or joker Card - Witty one Card - Jack or queen Card - Hallmark item Card - Determine the age of, in a way Card - The start of 27 across is enough to make a mum spicy Card - Just picture what you might see on a post like this! Card - That's one that can be dealt with Card - One may start to be driven in 3 down Card - What may be dealt with in a l to have it in red Card - Piece of stiff paper Card - One gets dealt with by hand Card - Start the motor for one of 8 down Card - One in a suit from the c&a next to ardee, i hear Card - Hallmark product Card - Unshown part of a stud hand Card - Red face and court could precede it Card - Joker in the pack? Card - Eccentric king? Card - Joker (for instance) Card - A bit of a wag, even a joker maybe Card - Character that may show the score in 10 Card - A bit of a wag Card - A eccentric - a joker, perhaps Card - Bit of a wag - joker, perhaps Card - Something (usually) folded with a special message Card - Eccentric - stiff paper Card - Ace, king, or queen Card - Suited king or queen Card - Gift-box attachment Card - Five of hearts, for one Card - Real character Card - 'here's my ___' Card - Word with "index" or "greeting" Card - King or queen, but not a prince Card - Stitch Card - Joker, for one Card - Word after e or id Card - Jack, 5 or 10, e.g Card - Laugh-a-minute type Card - Maybe a king or a queen breaks a record Card - Deuce or trey Card - 'is this your ___?' Card - "is this your ___?" Card - Pick in a trick Card - Bingo player's purchase Card - Stiff paper; plastic money Card - Maybe scratch this programme at race meeting Card - Stiff paper; comb Card - Is it dealt for discipline? Card - It is sometimes torn up, of course Card - Eccentric king or queen, for example Card - Joker? Card - Amusing character, one in a suit Card - What may be used for greeting in club perhaps Card - Dettori went through it at ascot! Card - Stiff paper, comb Card - Jack's a witty type Card - Stiff paper Card - One of the pack from waugh's castle? Card - Possibly a club's race programme Card - Birthday greeting Card - A jack, for example, in vehicle close to shed Card - Wheels had eccentric character Card - Character showing heart, say Card - Thick paper Card - Joker played by bennett? Card - Knave about right - for one? Card - Possibly a diamond dealer will have it in hand Card - Piece of christmas mail Card - Posted greeting Card - The joker in number ten? Card - Senior catholic dignitary not half showing heart? Card - Comic appears in a suit Card - Eccentric Card - A joker who needs keeping in hand? Card - A communication from jack, perhaps Card - The joker in the pack? Card - Communication of a strange character Card - A diamond, perhaps, one may get at christmas Card - Wag needing jag, say, and diamonds Card - Maybe a club character regarded as an eccentric Card - Knave covering king or queen -- or ace, or ten ... Card - Greetings ---- Card - And 23: bridge possibly graced a mayan capital Card - Bingo player's buy Card - Request an id from Card - __ sharp Card - Celebratory communication shows wit Card - Ace of hearts, eg Card - Jack, perhaps, is quite a character Card - Pip's place Card - Jack or deuce Card - Joker or deuce Card - Last four figures from 9 across in number 10 Card - Joker Card - *jokester Card - Possibly a club eccentric Card - Word that can follow each half of each shaded answer Card - See 22 Card - Tease character that was recently put in post? Card - Deuce or jack, e.g Card - Joker or jack Card - Trump that may or may not have a face Card - Soccer ref's foul indicator Card - Check for id Card - Check the birth date of, say Card - 'we ___' (convenience store sign) Card - It may say "i'm sorry" Card - Jack or joker Card - Id Card - Blue october: "clumsy ___ house" Card - Christmas greeting Card - Comical or eccentric person? trump, perhaps Card - Common type of trick Card - Bingo player's need Card - See 7 Card - Six of clubs, for instance Card - Ace of clubs, for instance Card - See 14 across Card - Joker, say, witty type Card - Verify the age of, in a way Card - Joker perhaps was concerned with english being banned Card - Club, maybe, that footballer tries to avoid Card - Sales agent's handout Card - One in on the deal?
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