Lapp - Reindeer herdsman

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Lapp - Arctic dweller Lapp - Reindeer herder Lapp - Person from the north Lapp - Nordland resident Lapp - Old term for a sami Lapp - Arctic native Lapp - Kola peninsula inhabitant Lapp - Finnic language Lapp - Arctic circle inhabitant Lapp - Scandinavian native Lapp - Sami speaker Lapp - Arctic european Lapp - Northern nomad Lapp - Reindeer raiser Lapp - Finnish nomad Lapp - European nomad Lapp - Reindeer husbander Lapp - Scandinavian inhabitant Lapp - Certain arctic circle native Lapp - Reindeer herdsman Lapp - Northern norwegian Lapp - Certain arctic circle inhabitant Lapp - Finn relative Lapp - Certain scandinavian Lapp - European reindeer herder Lapp - Certain norway native Lapp - Relative of finnish Lapp - Sami, formerly Lapp - Scandinavian reindeer herder Lapp - Certain finn Lapp - Arctic circle native, perhaps Lapp - Finno-ugric tongue Lapp - Arctic circle native Lapp - Dweller on the arctic circle Lapp - Smear, to a sami Lapp - Inhabitant of a northern european region Lapp - Scandinavian tongue Lapp - Northern scandinavian Lapp - Dweller above the arctic circle Lapp - Arctic herder Lapp - Arctic reindeer-herder Lapp - Reindeer herder, maybe Lapp - Reindeer herder, probably Lapp - Kola peninsula resident Lapp - Reindeer herder, often Lapp - Nomad of scandinavia Lapp - Arctic reindeer herder Lapp - Nordic native Lapp - Northern scandinavian gods have one, it's said Lapp - Northerner's gods have one, it's said Lapp - Santa claus's nationality? Lapp - Arctic circle inhabitant, formerly Lapp - Person from way up north Lapp - Reindeer-herding finn Lapp - A north scandinavian Lapp - Oral part of course in finno-ugric language? Lapp - Native of northern scandinavia Lapp - Northern european soft drink is superior Lapp - Portable computer's not given to one living in colder climes Lapp - A northern scandinavian Lapp - Certain resident of finland Lapp - Sami Lapp - Like northern people as part of race, you might say Lapp - Certain arctic native Lapp - Native of n. scandinavia Lapp - Shock putting off a returning european Lapp - Northern european Lapp - Herder of 47-across Lapp - Arctic resident Lapp - Nomadic northerner Lapp - Someone from father christmas's country? Lapp - Northerner making drink last a bit longer? Lapp - Term now sensitive for some finns Lapp - Arctic circle dweller Lapp - Scandinavian left mobile accessory Lapp - Liable to error Lapp - Former term for a certain finn Lapp - Finn with reindeer
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