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Affair - Catered event Affair - Risky romance Affair - Watergate, for one Affair - Fling Affair - Amour Affair - Extramarital fling Affair - Catered bash Affair - Gala Affair - Public scandal Affair - Social event Affair - Liaison Affair - Forbidden romance Affair - Trysting relationship Affair - Tabloid fodder Affair - Festive gathering Affair - Cause of many a split Affair - Party Affair - Short-term romance Affair - Brief romance Affair - Social function Affair - Liaison or intrigue Affair - What's the matter with being 17 down in the end? Affair - Not, by the sound of it, a dark sort of business Affair - A liaison with a blonde at last! Affair - Sounds like a market sort of business with a very loud tune Affair - In the matter of a market, by the sound of it Affair - Is that what's the matter with a very loud melody? Affair - There's business in the sound of where's there's business Affair - That does not sound like a matter for the dark Affair - A very loud tune for business Affair - Not a dark sound for the business Affair - A matter of buying and selling, by the sound of it (6) Affair - A matter for a market? Affair - Such a very loud tune cannot be a 17 across one, by the sound of it Affair - Romantic relationship, perhaps illicit Affair - Social event or sexual relationship Affair - You'd love to have a tune that's so fortissimo Affair - Secret sexual relationship Affair - Matter or concern, perhaps of the heart Affair - Concern, matter, business Affair - Thing to be done with raffia Affair - Romantic relationship between two unmarried people Affair - Concern,matter Affair - Illicit romance Affair - Concern, matter or illicit romance Affair - A function or a romance Affair - Concern, matter Affair - An illicit romantic relationship Affair - Business, concern, matter Affair - A matter, perhaps of love Affair - That's the business of a very loud melody Affair - Matter of a loud market Affair - Business of a market, by the sound of it Affair - Covert action? Affair - A fianna f¿il song for the event Affair - Do Affair - It could be extramarital Affair - Raffia weaving could be cause of marital tangle Affair - Business intrigue Affair - Business concern Affair - A very noisy bearing causes concern Affair - A pretty female involved in scandal Affair - Temporary relationship with a b-blonde? Affair - See 23 Affair - Concern (maybe extra-marital?) Affair - Business - concern Affair - Sexual liaison - concern Affair - Illicit liaison Affair - Business Affair - Black-tie gathering, maybe Affair - Illicit relationship Affair - A political party broadcast that might cause a split Affair - Social gathering Affair - Incident in concern Affair - Raffia (anag) Affair - Cause of a divorce, at times Affair - Business; romance Affair - Involvement with a female, blonde Affair - A matter; amorous episode Affair - Note returned just for romantic intrigue Affair - Could be love, could be secret Affair - Romance needs a fine and loud melody Affair - Love or secret possibly Affair - Former belgian coin Affair - Romantic relationship Affair - Greene recorded its conclusion Affair - Concern generated by a very loud song Affair - Symbols show round diagram in date significant at 10 Affair - In which a beautiful female gets absorbed? Affair - This business was over in greeneland Affair - River dam Affair - What's the matter? a very loud broadcast Affair - In a tree you'll see football people fling Affair - A romantic intrigue Affair - Ok after a fine romance Affair - A charge for travel announced for this event Affair - Alpha females give public expression to romance Affair - Business area with fine market Affair - A fine square thing Affair - Intense romance Affair - A foul-mouthed blonde causes concern Affair - Raffia (anag.) Affair - Business relationship Affair - A fine show, but it generates concern Affair - Romance with a blonde, we're told Affair - Romantic intrigue Affair - Business relationship from which spouse is excluded Affair - Amorous liaison Affair - A female, impartial in business Affair - A fine, fine romance Affair - Event; fling Affair - A very loud tune engenders concern Affair - Interest in a fine female voice Affair - 'the mysterious -- at styles', agatha christie's first published novel Affair - Liaison with a french blonde? Affair - Intrigue. it boils down to two characters: a fellow with female active in a retreat Affair - Project wind by a very loud passage Affair - A very strong atmosphere of romance Affair - A loud blonde in extramarital relationship Affair - Secret romance Affair - A fine and equitable business Affair - A fling (or something more serious?) Affair - Catered party Affair - Fling a fellow's had with blonde Affair - Many a soap opera plotline Affair - Extramarital activity Affair - Relationship that's a concern? Affair - A political party broadcast is bound to cause a split among the partners Affair - Matter Affair - Issue a fine in accordance with the rules Affair - Liaison of blonde chasing footballers from the east Affair - Foreign footballers upset by fine for playing away from home Affair - Soap opera plot device Affair - Rocker fling Affair - Business matter Affair - Fling leaves during a song, just after a fine romance Affair - A very loud manner, yet one may find romance Affair - Just after a fine romance Affair - Event is a fine opportunity to have fun Affair - A party broadcast leads to potential scandal Affair - Mary j. blige "family ___" Affair - What's inside safe? just a thing Affair - A source of friction -- just business Affair - Concern
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