Aldente - Like firm spaghetti

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Aldente - Somewhat firm Aldente - Firm Aldente - One way to cook spaghetti Aldente - Like noodles, often Aldente - Pasta specification Aldente - Italian for 'to the tooth' Aldente - Somewhat hard Aldente - How spaghetti may be cooked Aldente - Like food that is served 25-down Aldente - Somewhat firm, as pasta Aldente - How some pasta is cooked Aldente - Like firm pasta Aldente - Like firm spaghetti Aldente - Still firm when eaten Aldente - Literally "to the tooth" Aldente - Pasta order Aldente - Just firm enough Aldente - "i'm ___ and i'll be doing your teeth today" Aldente - Offering just the right amount of resistance Aldente - Firm, as pasta Aldente - How spaghetti should be Aldente - Spaghetti recipe phrase Aldente - Not too soft Aldente - Like firm fettuccine Aldente - Not too soft, as pasta Aldente - Pasta preference Aldente - 37 across order Aldente - Way to cook pasta Aldente - Way to prepare pasta Aldente - Like some pasta Aldente - Chewy Aldente - Like good pasta Aldente - Chewy, as pasta Aldente - Like good spaghetti Aldente - Of vegetables, still firm to the bite when cooked Aldente - Cooked so as to be firm when eaten Aldente - Of cooked vegetables, firm when bitten Aldente - Cooked so as to be firm when bitten Aldente - Of pasta or vegetables, firm when bitten Aldente - Cooked so as to be still firm when bitten Aldente - Cooked so as still to be firm when bitten Aldente - Of food, cooked so as to be firm when bitten Aldente - Spaghetti specification Aldente - Firm, like pasta Aldente - (of pasta) cooked, but not too soft Aldente - How pasta may be prepared Aldente - Rather firm Aldente - Trattoria preference Aldente - (of pasta) still firm when bitten Aldente - Not fully soft, as shells Aldente - Ristorante request Aldente - How some prefer their pasta Aldente - Bow tie preference Aldente - Gangster hideout undetected at the heart of firm in italian restaurant Aldente - Trattoria specification Aldente - Possibly bitter about cavity that's not so easy on the teeth Aldente - Somehow cooked in beer, hollow inside Aldente - Like some food and drink when getting over depression Aldente - London area Aldente - (of cooked vegetables) still firm when bitten Aldente - Not soft to eat? dip into beer Aldente - Firm when bitten Aldente - Cooked but still firm Aldente - Of pasta, cooked so as to be firm when eaten Aldente - How to cook pasta Aldente - Let dean cook pasta perfectly Aldente - Dip taken amid drink - like some italian food ideally? Aldente - Like something that's hard to eat? Aldente - Offering some resistance or led astray in bet's embrace Aldente - Tel edna (anag.); firm to bite Aldente - Maybe like vegetables tend to be cooked -- in alcohol Aldente - Cooked firm Aldente - Still a little firm Aldente - Ditching one side for the other, earnest european's not gone soft Aldente - Firm, spaghetti-wise Aldente - Firm, in a way Aldente - (of pasta) firm to the bite Aldente - A daughter in time of fast -- ultimately she hardly cooked at all! Aldente - Like sorta firm pasta Aldente - (of cooked food) still firm when bitten Aldente - Late shifts covering study course prepared this way? Aldente - Very keen to swap hands; one bridge player is not so soft Aldente - Se dit d'une cuisson de spaghettis Aldente - Pasta serving request Aldente - Pasta recipe phrase Aldente - Rigatoni preference Aldente - Slightly firm, as pasta Aldente - Still a bit firm, as cooked pasta Aldente - Cooked but firm
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