Oiler - Ship of fuels

Word by letter:
  • Oiler - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word R

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Oiler - A ship from the middle east, perhaps Oiler - Alberta nhler Oiler - Arabian sea sight Oiler - Arrival at a refinery Oiler - Canadian nhler Oiler - Cargo ship Oiler - Carrier for crude Oiler - Carrier of crude Oiler - Certain containership Oiler - Crude carrier Oiler - Crude container Oiler - Crude conveyance Oiler - Crude conveyor Oiler - Crude tanker Oiler - Crude transport Oiler - Crude transportation? Oiler - Crude transporter Oiler - Crude vessel Oiler - Crude-carrying ship Oiler - Device that lubricates Oiler - Dorothy, for the tin man Oiler - Earl campbell, for most of his professional career Oiler - Edmonton athlete Oiler - Edmonton hockey player Oiler - Edmonton hockey pro Oiler - Edmonton hockeyist Oiler - Edmonton iceman Oiler - Edmonton n.h.l.'er Oiler - Edmonton nhl player Oiler - Edmonton nhler Oiler - Edmonton player Oiler - Edmonton player on ice Oiler - Edmonton pro Oiler - Edmonton pro athlete Oiler - Edmonton pro skater Oiler - Edmonton puck-pusher Oiler - Edmonton skater Oiler - Exxon valdez, e.g Oiler - Exxon valdez, for one Oiler - Fleet tanker Oiler - Former houston athlete Oiler - Former houston footballer Oiler - Former houston player Oiler - Former houston pro Oiler - Fuel carrier Oiler - Fuel deliverer Oiler - Fuel tanker Oiler - Fuel vessel Oiler - Fuel-carrying ship Oiler - Fuel-carrying vessel Oiler - Grease monkey employed by large vessel Oiler - Gretzky was one Oiler - Gretzky, during most of the '80s Oiler - Gretzky, for many years Oiler - Gretzky, for most of the 1980s Oiler - Gretzky, once Oiler - Gretzky, until 1988 Oiler - Gulf ship Oiler - Gulf sight Oiler - Gulf vessel Oiler - Hobbyist's hand tool Oiler - Houston athlete, once Oiler - Houston footballer until 1996 Oiler - Houston player, once Oiler - If not well, it may be 4 Oiler - It carries fuel, blowing top off heater Oiler - It may have crude content Oiler - Labourer scratching his head in tanker Oiler - Labourer wasting time in tanker Oiler - Loire (anag.) Oiler - Long-spouted can Oiler - Machinery maintainer Oiler - Machinery maintenance person Oiler - Machinery worker Oiler - Maritime tanker Oiler - Mark messier, for 12 years Oiler - Mechanic, at times Oiler - Messier or kurri Oiler - Nashville pro, before 1999 Oiler - Naval replenishment vessel Oiler - Nfl titan, before 1999 Oiler - Nfl titan, formerly Oiler - Nfl titan, once Oiler - Nfler now a titan Oiler - Nhl player in rogers place Oiler - Nhler from edmonton Oiler - Old houston gridder Oiler - Old houston nfler Oiler - Old houston player Oiler - Old houston pro Oiler - One applying lubricant Oiler - One can work with can Oiler - One-time houston athlete Oiler - Onetime houston pro Oiler - Opec ship Oiler - Opec vessel Oiler - Persian gulf craft Oiler - Persian gulf ship Oiler - Persian gulf sight Oiler - Persian gulf tanker Oiler - Persian gulf vessel Oiler - Persian gulf visitor Oiler - Petroleum ship Oiler - Petroleum tanker Oiler - Petroleum transporter Oiler - Petroleum-carrying ship Oiler - Petroleum-carrying vessel Oiler - Prudhoe bay vessel Oiler - Refueling ship Oiler - Refueling vessel Oiler - Remove head from old chicken well Oiler - Ship carrying fuel Oiler - Ship from the mideast Oiler - Ship from the persian gulf Oiler - Ship from valdez Oiler - Ship like the exxon valdez Oiler - Ship of fuels Oiler - Ship of fuels? Oiler - Ship with liquid cargo Oiler - Slick vessel? Oiler - Slow mover in the suez canal Oiler - Sounds as if he works in greece Oiler - Spill source, perhaps Oiler - Strait of hormuz vessel Oiler - Suez canal ship Oiler - Suez canal vessel Oiler - Suez sight Oiler - Tanker Oiler - Tanker's water-heater did not start Oiler - Tanker, a steam-generating vessel, not the first Oiler - Titan, formerly Oiler - Titan, once Oiler - Titan, previously Oiler - Type of ship Oiler - Warren moon, once Oiler - Wayne gretzky was one Oiler - Wayne gretzky, early on Oiler - Wayne gretzky, for 10 seasons Oiler - Wayne gretzky, for about half of his playing career Oiler - Wayne gretzky, once Oiler - Wayne gretzky, originally Oiler - Wayne gretzky, until 1988 Oiler - Well aware lion's hiding in retreat Oiler - Well worker Oiler - Well, chicken's lost its head Oiler - Worker taking time off in vessel Oiler - Worker's first to leave tanker
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Ship of fuels (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - ship of fuels. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter R.

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