Taft - President from ohio

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Taft - Hotel in 'the graduate' Taft - Bryan defeater, 1908 Taft - 300-pound president Taft - Eisenhower's rival for the 1952 nomination Taft - For whom sherman was veep Taft - Portliest president Taft - Last mustachioed president Taft - 27th u.s. president Taft - 1920's chief justice Taft - Roly-poly president Taft - Mr. republican Taft - President and supreme court justice Taft - 27th president Taft - Presidential heavyweight Taft - President defeated by wilson Taft - Heaviest u.s. president Taft - William jennings bryan opponent Taft - President who served on the supreme court Taft - Sherman served with him Taft - President before wilson Taft - U.s. president and also chief justice Taft - President that sat on the supreme court Taft - President from ohio Taft - Only man to be u.s. president and chief justice Taft - Wilson's predecessor Taft - First president to occupy the oval office Taft - Roosevelt's successor Taft - Chief justice before hughes Taft - Wilson predecesssor Taft - Follower of roosevelt Taft - 300-lb. president Taft - 1920s chief justice Taft - U.s. president who inaugurated baseball's 7th inning stretch, allegedly Taft - Last president to sport a mustache Taft - President who later served as chief justice Taft - Hotel in "the graduate" Taft - Only president who was also chief justice Taft - President before woodrow wilson Taft - President no. 27 Taft - Wilson predecessor Taft - Roosevelt follower Taft - President who sat on the supreme court Taft - Portly president Taft - Portly prez Taft - Secretary of war, 1904 Taft - President just before wilson Taft - "dollar diplomacy" president Taft - Big u.s. president Taft - Sherman was his veep Taft - Teddy roosevelt successor Taft - U.s. president, 1909-13 Taft - Electee of 1908 Taft - First president to take up golf Taft - U.s. president william howard Taft - He swore in hoover Taft - President known as "big bill" Taft - ___-hartley act Taft - President who became chief justice Taft - 27th president Taft - -- -hartley act Taft - Roosevelt successor Taft - Our heaviest president Taft - Successor of roosevelt Taft - President who frequently got stuck in the bathtub Taft - Dollar diplomacy president Taft - Mustachioed president Taft - President whose father co-founded yale's skull and bones Taft - Chief justice appointed by harding Taft - Woodrow wilson predecessor Taft - 27th us president, william Taft - Ex-president who swore in hoover Taft - Rotund president Taft - First president to throw an opening day pitch Taft - Secretary of war under theodore roosevelt Taft - Ex-president who swore in president hoover Taft - President who left office in 1913 Taft - First president to throw a ceremonial opening day pitch Taft - Feat potus Taft - Heaviest president Taft - Us president, 1909-13 Taft - Us president before wilson Taft - Start to talk to stern president Taft - President thanks newspaper Taft - William h --, 27th us president Taft - Time to get behind us president Taft - Former washington heavyweight Taft - Last president to keep a white house cow Taft - Ohio senator who was one of j.f.k.'s eight 'profiles in courage' Taft - #27 (who returns in 4-down) Taft - He administered the oath of office to coolidge and hoover Taft - President after roosevelt Taft - Portly u.s. president Taft - 27th president of the united states Taft - First man to use the oval office Taft - President william howard ___ Taft - America's portliest president Taft - One of the racing presidents at nationals park Taft - 1909-13 president Taft - President: 'i appreciate that newspaper' Taft - Only president to administer the oath of office to two other presidents Taft - Prior president who swore in two subsequent presidents Taft - The last u.s. president with a prominent mustache Taft - Former president william howard Taft - Wilson preceder Taft - Only u.s. president also to serve as chief justice
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