Relit - Started burning again

Word by letter:
  • Relit - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word T

All questions by word:
Relit - On again, as a lantern Relit - Fixed the pilot Relit - On again Relit - Like old cigars, maybe Relit - Ignited again Relit - Got the pilot light working again Relit - Like many cigars Relit - Kindled anew Relit - Smoked a butt, perhaps Relit - Gave the furnace new life Relit - On again, in a way Relit - Revived a dying flame Relit - Like some old cigars Relit - Revived the pilot Relit - Like twice-smoked cigars Relit - Like prank birthday candles Relit - On again, as a candle Relit - Kindled again Relit - Fixed the pilot? Relit - Started burning again Relit - Switched on again, as a pilot light Relit - Sparked anew Relit - Rekindled a dying flame? Relit - Like a menorah after an unexpected breeze, perhaps Relit - Revived, as a dying flame Relit - Like a twice-used cigar Relit - Brought a cigar back to life Relit - Ignited anew Relit - Activated again, as a burner Relit - Did a pilot's job? Relit - Ended a blackout Relit - Matched up an old flame? Relit - Fixed, as a pilot Relit - Got the fire going again Relit - Started the fire again Relit - Got going again, as a joint Relit - Changed the bulb Relit - Like a candle night after night, say Relit - The roof worker is up to be fired yet again Relit - The one that lays the flooring gets up past 2 down Relit - Once more made light of a litre of it Relit - The man for tiles came back and was fired again Relit - Made light of this once more Relit - Brought back to life, as a candle Relit - Ignited a snuffed wick Relit - Made light of it once more Relit - Made light once more of a litre of this Relit - 'alighted, perhaps, once more (5)' Relit - Activated a burner again Relit - Back on Relit - Like lanterns at the start of evening Relit - Got going again, as a fire Relit - Undid a snuffing Relit - Slater turned up, having been fired again Relit - What's kindled again in obscure literature? Relit - Building worker returns and is fired again Relit - Got burning again Relit - Fired up again, as a lantern Relit - Dealt with a faulty pilot Relit - Like old butts, sometimes Relit - Bright again Relit - Wren's was ideal Relit - Roof worker sent up in flames again Relit - Fired again, pinching old widow's second key Relit - Again fired cook initially sacked by old widow Relit - Setback for skilled worker fired again Relit - Started the fire over Relit - Like a pilot that's working again Relit - Like used cigars, maybe Relit - Got going again when the building worker returned Relit - Illuminated again Relit - Roof repairer returning struck another match Relit - Tiler (anag.) Relit - 2, cycling, got going again Relit - Cook let rip endlessly to get fired again Relit - Blazing again, as a fire Relit - Started again, as a fire Relit - Took another match to Relit - Started anew at the campsite Relit - Turned on again Relit - Fired up again Relit - Burning again Relit - Parcourt de nouveau Relit - Tended to, as a dying fire Relit - On again, as a pilot flame Relit - Roofer performing climb gets fired again Relit - Vérifie Relit - Like a candle that's gone out, maybe
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