Austere - Stark

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Austere - Spartan Austere - Unbending Austere - Grave Austere - Severely simple Austere - No-frills Austere - Stark Austere - Far from comfortable Austere - Hardly luxurious Austere - Strict Austere - Bare-bones Austere - Stern and cold Austere - Somber and grave Austere - Like monastic life Austere - Somber Austere - Lacking luxury Austere - Forbidding Austere - Like many budgets, these days Austere - You'll find us in a tree. simple, isn't it? Austere - There's a tree around us for the grave Austere - Without luxury Austere - It's grave for us in a tree that's been chopped up Austere - Strictly speaking, there's a tree around us Austere - Strictly speaking, the alternative to take the wheel, by the sound of it Austere - Strictly speaking, the alternative to being at the wheel, by the soiund of it (7) Austere - Strictly speaking, that's you and me in a tree Austere - Strictly speaking, that's you and me in a tree in bits Austere - Or, by the sound of it, be at the wheel at the stern Austere - That's us in a tree, strictly speaking (7) Austere - Strictly speaking, that's us in a broken tree Austere - Severely simple and plain in appearance Austere - 'spartan, simple (7)' Austere - Severe and strict Austere - Abstemious and grave Austere - Severely simple and plain Austere - Sure eat up and become without luxury Austere - Stern, grave Austere - Severe, ascetic Austere - Spartan and abstemious Austere - Sounds like a plane tree around us Austere - Strictly speaking be at the wheel alternatively soundly Austere - Or be at the helm in a stern way, by the sound of it Austere - Strictly speaking or to be at the helm, by the sound of it Austere - 'or be at the helm at the stern, by the sound of it (7)' Austere - 'or sound at the wheel, strictly speaking (7)' Austere - 'or be at the wheel, strictly speaking (7)' Austere - Stern in appearance Austere - Spartan gold found at top of street here in the east end of london Austere - Possibly a surete stiff? Austere - Use rate in knots from stern Austere - Cold sea true to form Austere - Cold tea sure to refresh Austere - Harsh Austere - Severely plain Austere - Stern Austere - Without luxury or ornament Austere - Severe or strict in attitude Austere - Spartan, simple Austere - Unemotional principals in faust were sacked Austere - Spare Austere - Grave for russell around ulster missing heart of england Austere - Severe wind from the south and east Austere - Gold volume discovered in grave Austere - Wind english find harsh Austere - Novelist, jane, changes last character - making her severe Austere - Severe, strict Austere - Severe, lacking comforts Austere - Strict in appearance Austere - Hard gold disc falling off record player Austere - Gold trees swaying on plain Austere - Grim woman who wrote endlessly about monarch Austere - A part of uk not liked initially by english? that's harsh Austere - Severe; lacking luxuries Austere - Hard to control vehicle, it's said, on a sort of bend Austere - Simple saint before getting crown of gold Austere - Lacking luxuries; severe Austere - Severe; lacking comforts Austere - Suet rolls inside are not of luxury type Austere - Lacking adornments Austere - Harsh wind from south and east Austere - A short period in employment makes one severely self-disciplined Austere - Lacking comforts; strict Austere - Ascetic saint appearing in gold before Austere - Severe wind from south and east Austere - Severe in manner Austere - A double-breasted coat left out by oriental ascetic Austere - 'the bramble, black as jet, or sloes -' (cowper, the task) Austere - Stern dismissal, having lost head in game regularly Austere - Are suet crumbles luxurious? no, the opposite! Austere - Severe blow, eye's closing Austere - Preparation of tea sure to be simple Austere - Stern, severe Austere - Severe Austere - Possibly a sûreté stiff? Austere - Plain, cold Austere - A bit spartan to find the gold stereo is unfinished Austere - Taking a grim turn in the easter break Austere - Hard stone in gold before Austere - Are set to form a union in: it's simple Austere - Plain Austere - Teresa worried about university being spartan Austere - Ascetic Austere - Forbidding use at work with engineers Austere - Better half has a purpose for screen: that�s plain Austere - Harsh wind before end of cruise Austere - Stark south wind beginning to escalate Austere - Severe, the south wind close to shore Austere - A superior holy person before becoming stern Austere - Simple stone surrounded by gold before Austere - Wind beginning to enter grave Austere - Strict or direct, you might say Austere - Severe in appearance Austere - Bare, harsh Austere - Stark gold trees uprooted Austere - Severe features relaxed - not feminine Austere - Simple stone set in gold, shell-like reportedly Austere - Tight, budgetwise Austere - One american tree shattered grave Austere - Grim - usa tree (anag) Austere - Address otherwise neat spartan Austere - Puritain Austere - Reserved for mint tea user Austere - Stern or very plain Austere - Starkly simple Austere - Spartan saint seen in gold before Austere - Down under, tree cultivation's simple
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