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Sex - Reason for an r rating

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Sex - "facts of life" subject Sex - "i can remember when the air was clean and __ was dirty": george burns Sex - "i want your ___" george michael Sex - "___ and the city" Sex - 'doing it' Sex - 'god's joke on human beings': bette davis Sex - 'i can remember when the air was clean and ___ was dirty': george burns Sex - 'i don't know the question, but ___ is definitely the answer': woody allen Sex - 'the birds and the bees' Sex - '___ is an emotion in motion': mae west Sex - '___ sells' Sex - '___ sells' (advertising catchphrase) Sex - '___ sells' (advertising maxim) Sex - 1992 madonna book Sex - 1992 madonna book released in mylar Sex - Action Sex - Activity with positions Sex - Advertisers say it sells Sex - Alfred kinsey research topic Sex - Alternative to 41-down, if you're lucky Sex - Application check box Sex - Application checkbox Sex - Application datum Sex - Application form box Sex - Application form datum Sex - Application line Sex - Ass Sex - Basis for discrimination Sex - Big seller, supposedly Sex - Bio datum Sex - Birth announcement notation Sex - Birth certificate datum Sex - Birth certificate info Sex - Book by madonna Sex - Booty, as it were Sex - Box marked "m," "f", or "yes, please!" Sex - Box to check on a form Sex - Cause for an r rating Sex - Cause for some tv-ma ratings Sex - Cause of some r ratings Sex - Censor's target Sex - Censors' concern Sex - Census category Sex - Census datum Sex - Census form info Sex - Census information Sex - Census stat Sex - Chromosome factor Sex - Congress Sex - Consummation Sex - Controversial education subject Sex - Determination in a prenatal exam Sex - Dr. ruth's field Sex - Dr. ruth's subject Sex - Dr. ruth's topic Sex - Driver's license datum Sex - Driver's license info Sex - Driver’s license datum Sex - Expert in the treatment of coital problems Sex - F on a questionnaire, e.g Sex - F/m choice Sex - Female, e.g Sex - Female, e.g, Sex - First broadway play to star mae west Sex - Form query Sex - Gender Sex - Group activity, at times Sex - Hanky-panky Sex - Hanky-panky Sex - Id info Sex - Id information Sex - It can make you a new person Sex - It often involves insertion Sex - It requires you to choose a position Sex - It sells Sex - It sells in advertising Sex - It sells in advertising, they say Sex - It sells, in the ad business Sex - It sells, it's said Sex - It sells, reportedly Sex - It sells, they say Sex - It separates the girls from the boys Sex - It takes two, usually, at least Sex - Item on a driver's license Sex - James brown hit '___ machine' Sex - Kind of appeal Sex - Kind of kitten Sex - Kind of scene in a movie Sex - Kind of symbol Sex - Kinsey research focus Sex - Kinsey research topic Sex - Kinsey subject Sex - Kinsey topic Sex - Kinsey's field Sex - Leading cause of birth Sex - License info Sex - Lovemaking Sex - M. or f Sex - M/f determination Sex - Madison avenue lure Sex - Make more alluring, with 'up' Sex - Male or female Sex - Male or female, e.g Sex - Male, e.g Sex - Male, female Sex - Marcy playground: "___ and candy" Sex - Masters and johnson subject Sex - Masters focus Sex - Masters' mastery Sex - Narrow box on an application Sex - Number between quinque and septem Sex - Object of some drives Sex - One cause for an r rating Sex - One cause for an r rating Sex - Opposite __ Sex - Opposite ___ Sex - Passport datum Sex - Perennial talk show topic Sex - Possible reason for an r rating Sex - Primary reason for birth Sex - Prurient interest Sex - Question answered by "m" or "f" Sex - Questionnaire category Sex - Questionnaire datum Sex - Questionnaire info Sex - Questionnaire question Sex - Quinque +1 Sex - R-rating reason Sex - Rare first-date activity Sex - Reason for a 98-across Sex - Reason for an 'r' rating Sex - Reason for an r rating Sex - Reason for some r ratings Sex - Rolling stones "___ drive" Sex - Scandal subject Sex - Scandal subject, often Sex - See 30-across Sex - See 40-across Sex - Simone de beauvoir's 'the second ___' Sex - Source of an androgyne's confusion Sex - Staple of advertising Sex - Subject of many a political scandal Sex - Subject of much magazine advice Sex - Survey box, sometimes Sex - Survey check box Sex - Survey check-off Sex - Survey datum Sex - Survey item Sex - Taboo topic, sometimes Sex - Talk show topic Sex - The act Sex - They say it sells (we'll see how this puzzle does) Sex - This symbol is epitome of glamour Sex - Time of coming together, perhaps Sex - Time to come together? Sex - Topic for dr. ruth Sex - Topic that makes some blush Sex - Touchy subject? Sex - Type of education Sex - Type of symbol or appeal Sex - Union known for its health benefits? Sex - V-chip target Sex - Vi (lat.); m. or f Sex - We, as a species, have to have it [ink well ends june 25 - sign up at to keep getting great indie xwords!] Sex - Westheimer subject Sex - Westheimer topic Sex - What an 'f' may indicate Sex - What an f may indicate Sex - What f or m may denote Sex - What f or m may indicate Sex - What x and y chromosomes determine Sex - With 24-down, rusty trombone, et al Sex - Word before appeal or change Sex - Word before worker or symbol Sex - Word next to m or f Sex - Word next to m or f on a form Sex - Word with "appeal" or "symbol" Sex - Word with appeal or change Sex - Word with fair or opposite Sex - Word with safe or fair Sex - X factor? Sex - __ roles Sex - __ roles Sex - __ symbol Sex - ___ appeal Sex - ___ ed Sex - ___ pistols