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Tory - Loyalist

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Tory - Loyalist Tory - Sir robert peel, notably Tory - Winston churchill, politically Tory - Revolution opposer Tory - Whig's opponent Tory - Whig's rival Tory - Whig rival Tory - General washington opponent Tory - King george iii loyalist Tory - Whig opposer Tory - Conservative brit Tory - British conservative party member Tory - Conservative Tory - Naturalist roger ___ peterson Tory - Labour opponent Tory - Disraeli, e.g Tory - Supporter of george iii Tory - Extreme conservative Tory - British conservative Tory - Major or thatcher, e.g Tory - Certain british party member Tory - Certain conservative Tory - Whig opponent Tory - Churchill was one Tory - Political label derived from an irish word for "outlaw" Tory - Labourite's rival Tory - Canadian conservative Tory - Colonial royalist Tory - Winston churchill, e.g Tory - Redcoat supporter Tory - Parliament member Tory - Revolution-era loyalist Tory - Whig opposer, in britain Tory - Certain british conservative Tory - British conservative's ancestor Tory - John major, e.g Tory - Thatcher or heath Tory - 1776 loyalist Tory - Margaret thatcher, politically Tory - Conservative party member, abroad Tory - Loyalist of 1776 Tory - Thatcher, politically Tory - George iii supporter Tory - Labour foe Tory - Traditionalist Tory - Thatcher or major Tory - Revolutionary war loyalist Tory - Labourite's opponent Tory - David cameron, e.g Tory - Cameron, for one Tory - Thatcher, for one Tory - Major, for one Tory - John major, for one Tory - Super-conservative Tory - U.k. conservative Tory - Colonial loyalist Tory - Labourite's nemesis Tory - Conservative on the island Tory - Island off donegal Tory - Conservative in parliament Tory - English conservative politician or donegal island Tory - A british conservative Tory - His politics like this would be all in the past Tory - No labour for one such Tory - Cambridge conservative Tory - Conservative in the house of lords Tory - Something to 15 when topless and blue Tory - Politician starts in this office, ends in another, say Tory - David cameron, for one Tory - Clark or wayne Tory - Radical opponent Tory - Revolutionary british sympathizer Tory - Thatcher, notably Tory - Churchill, e.g Tory - Diefenbaker or harper Tory - Attempt to retain old prayer in church of england? Tory - American revolution detractor Tory - Conservative, in london Tory - Disraeli or churchill Tory - Right account, but no heading Tory - A politician's memoirs but not the first Tory - Politician; tyro (anag.) Tory - News item originally ignored politician Tory - Right play secures run Tory - Right play is to capture rook Tory - Primarily, type on right? yes Tory - Circle line on time? right Tory - Right towards the station? Tory - Conservative in britain Tory - Churchill, for one Tory - Blue wanting to play outside right Tory - One of the whigs' opponents in 18th and 19th centuries Tory - Right to make rex tuck into trifle Tory - Right-minded man's essay about love Tory - Politician wanting nothing extra in tax Tory - The past not his traditional point of view Tory - Hear about old person with right philosophy? Tory - No point in plot for 'c'? Tory - Opponent of 8 down and 14 across, partner of 14 down? Tory - Source of rancour in diminutive politician Tory - Right-minded man takes his from history Tory - British party member Tory - Anti-revolutionary of 1776 Tory - Possibly disraeli's attempt to trap leader of opposition Tory - Major ally? Tory - Cameron, e.g Tory - Canada's stephen harper, for one Tory - Churchill, partywise Tory - May in london, e.g Tory - Theresa may, e.g Tory - Theresa may, politically Tory - Loyalist to the crown, once Tory - Labourite's opponent, in british politics Tory - Conservative brit, colloquially Tory - Theresa may, for one Tory - Piece of fiction with no introduction by a foreign politician