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Rite - Liturgy

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Rite - Liturgy Rite - Communion, e.g Rite - Confirmation, e.g Rite - ___ of passage Rite - Baptism, for one Rite - Initiation, e.g Rite - Baptism, e.g Rite - Confession, e.g Rite - Initiation procedure Rite - Ceremonial act Rite - Confirmation, for one Rite - Bar mitzvah, e.g Rite - Baptism or bris Rite - Bris, e.g Rite - Customary observance Rite - Established ceremony Rite - Ceremony Rite - Customary practice Rite - Bar mitzvah, for one Rite - Stravinsky's "the --- of spring" Rite - Religious ceremony Rite - "the --- of spring" Rite - Passage prerequisite, perhaps Rite - Wedding, e.g Rite - Bris or confirmation Rite - Ordination, e.g Rite - Solemnity Rite - Observance Rite - Baby naming, e.g Rite - Time-honored practice Rite - Confirmation or holy communion, e.g Rite - Sacred ceremony Rite - Sacrament Rite - Solemn observance Rite - Altar happening Rite - Marriage, e.g Rite - Prescribed ceremony Rite - Formal ceremony Rite - Sacred observance Rite - Solemn ceremony Rite - Benefit of clergy? Rite - Marriage or coronation, e.g Rite - Marriage, for one Rite - Ceremonial event Rite - Frat initiation, for one Rite - Solemn event Rite - Marriage or baptism Rite - Serious ceremony Rite - Priest's duty Rite - Communion, e.g Rite - "the ___ of spring" Rite - Baptism or bar mitzvah Rite - Serious custom Rite - Initiation, often Rite - Ritual Rite - Solemn practice Rite - Unvarying proceeding Rite - Baptism or marriage Rite - __ of passage Rite - Solemn observance, e.g Rite - Suitable, in product names Rite - Baptism or bris, e.g Rite - Time-honored ceremony Rite - Exorcism, e.g Rite - Customary act Rite - Bar mitzvah or baptism Rite - Graduation or confirmation Rite - Christening, e.g Rite - Liturgy, e.g Rite - Altar procedure Rite - Initiation, for one Rite - Confirmation, say Rite - Graduation or confirmation, e.g Rite - What a priest may prepare for Rite - Baptism or confirmation, e.g Rite - Wedding, for one Rite - Church ceremony Rite - Book of hours entry Rite - Baptism or bar mitzvah, e.g Rite - Ceremonial practice Rite - Bris, for one Rite - Penance, e.g Rite - Sacrament, e.g Rite - Bar mitzvah or bris Rite - Codified event Rite - Graduation, e.g Rite - Solemn act Rite - Bris or confirmation, e.g Rite - Traditional ceremony Rite - Liturgical act Rite - Bit of liturgy Rite - Liturgical bit Rite - Bat mitzvah, e.g Rite - It's a tradition Rite - It is all in the ceremony round about it Rite - Tries awkwardly to perform rituals Rite - It does not sound wrong to get about round it Rite - By the sound of it, the correct sort of ceremony Rite - Not left for celebration, by the sound of it Rite - There's nothing wrong with the ceremony, by the sound of it (4) Rite - That ceremony sounds correct Rite - Round about it that sounds correct Rite - Established religious ceremony Rite - Sounds like what the author does for the ceremony Rite - Tire of ceremony Rite - Tire of a ceremony Rite - Religious or other ceremony Rite - Initiation practice Rite - Ceremony, liturgy Rite - Religious ceremonial sounds correct Rite - By the sound of it, is it not 15 across for the ceremony? Rite - Sounds correct where religion is concerned Rite - Does not sound left for the ceremony Rite - Sounds ok for the ceremony Rite - Matrimony, for one Rite - Religious observance Rite - It's about embracing it for mass, say Rite - Church observance Rite - Bar mitzvah or baptism, e.g Rite - Religious ritual Rite - One may provide passage Rite - Baptism or confirmation Rite - Liturgy that sounds in order Rite - Formal procedure correctly reported Rite - About to include it in the ceremony Rite - Form of service sounds ok Rite - Correctly reported ceremony Rite - Ceremony appropriate for audience Rite - (words for) ceremony Rite - Ceremony - ritual Rite - Mystery - ceremony Rite - Custom Rite - Ceremonial procedure Rite - (words used in) ceremonial Rite - Bar mitzvah or communion Rite - Act of faith, if led by a woman, gets put down Rite - Diet ___ Rite - Mass event Rite - Circumcision, for some Rite - Graduation, for example Rite - Bris or baptism Rite - Dedication, e.g Rite - Communion, for one Rite - It may be performed by people in robes Rite - Confirmation or bar mitzvah Rite - Formal act Rite - Stravinsky's "the __ of spring" Rite - Altar event Rite - "the ___ of spring" (stravinsky ballet) Rite - Baptism, for example Rite - Ablution, e.g Rite - Pick up entitlement at the ceremony Rite - Practice that isn't wrong? Rite - Ceremonial unit in station Rite - Hajj, e.g Rite - Commencement, e.g Rite - Formal observance Rite - Religious act Rite - Communion or baptism, e.g Rite - Ceremony requiring correct pronunciation Rite - (religious) ceremony Rite - About to include it - the customary practice Rite - Head off to produce book for service Rite - Take down spoken form of service Rite - Ceremonial Rite - Appeal to stop referring to ceremony Rite - Uncomplaining person Rite - Sacrifice, e.g Rite - It's a ceremony Rite - Initiation ceremony Rite - Frat initiation, e.g Rite - Ceremony conforming with accepted standards, say Rite - The liturgy must be utterly correct Rite - Ceremony that's banal putting off leader Rite - Liturgical procedure correct to be heard Rite - About to include it in the liturgy Rite - Formality sounds proper Rite - Liturgy is utterly fitting Rite - Ceremony is just for the audience Rite - Ceremony that's correct for the listeners Rite - What sounds like quite a ceremony? Rite - Correct-sounding religious observance Rite - 'it's traditional procedure, ok?' you say Rite - Appropriate sounding liturgy Rite - Ceremony put down as lacking weight Rite - Ceremony that's appropriate to be heard Rite - Ceremony just broadcast Rite - Act fit for the audience Rite - Correct pronunciation for ceremony Rite - Compose or correct, so to speak, something like mass Rite - Confirmation or holy communion Rite - Bat mitzvah, for one Rite - Traditional observance Rite - Bar or bat mitzvah Rite - Act of liturgy Rite - Customary observance or practice Rite - Baptism or marriage, e.g Rite - Observance that's hackneyed? not at first Rite - Milestone event Rite - Ceremonial occasion Rite - Mass observance Rite - Celebrant's activity Rite - Initiation ceremony, e.g Rite - Solemn tradition Rite - Subject of a service manual Rite - Customary practice or observance Rite - Passage ceremony, e.g Rite - Fraternity initiation, e.g Rite - Something observed in church Rite - Solemn custom Rite - Baptism or initiation Rite - Service engineers set about computer systems Rite - Fait partie d'un cérémonial Rite - Communion, for instance Rite - Priest's ordination, e.g Rite - Pratique réglée Rite - Baptism or marriage ceremony, e.g Rite - What 15 do, we hear, in ceremony Rite - Marriage or graduation Rite - Quinceañera, for 15-year-old girls Rite - Coronation, e.g Rite - Initiation or confirmation Rite - Secret service, quite possibly Rite - Pratique invariable Rite - Christening or baptism, e.g Rite - Acte magique Rite - Scribe topped and tailed ceremony Rite - Recte, diligenter, solito more; the roman way? Rite - Customary ceremony Rite - Ceremony — religious education covers it Rite - Engineers keep it as an observance Rite - Having your first shave or buying your first bra, e.g Rite - Club initiation, e.g Rite - Reportedly correct religious practice