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Sahl - Iconoclastic comedian

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Sahl - Iconoclastic comedian Sahl - Satirist mort Sahl - Comedian mort Sahl - Satirical mort Sahl - Mordant mort Sahl - Political comic mort Sahl - Wit mort Sahl - 'is there anyone here i haven't offended?' comic Sahl - Mort from montreal Sahl - Comic mort Sahl - Humorist mort Sahl - Mort of stand-up Sahl - Wit who recorded the classic 1960 comedy album 'at the hungry i' Sahl - Kennedy era comedian Sahl - "is there any group i haven't offended?" satirist Sahl - "heartland" autobiographer Sahl - Montreal-born comic who wrote jokes for j.f.k Sahl - "when i die, i want to still remain active politically" speaker Sahl - Mordant mort from montreal Sahl - Bruce contemporary Sahl - Monologist mort Sahl - Political satirist mort Sahl - Comedian who appeared on the cover of time, 8/15/1960 Sahl - Comic who declared 'i'm not a liberal, i'm a radical!' Sahl - Stand-up comic famous for carrying a rolled-up newspaper onstage Sahl - Mort the wit Sahl - Canadian-born political satirist Sahl - Wit of the jfk era Sahl - 'look forward in anger' comedian Sahl - Stand-up satirist Sahl - Political satirist Sahl - Joke writer for many kennedy campaign speeches Sahl - Current-events comic Sahl - Hungry i satirist Sahl - Social satirist mort Sahl - First annual grammy awards host mort Sahl - Satirist who wrote jokes for j.f.k Sahl - Wry comic mort Sahl - 'the future lies ahead' comedian, 1958 Sahl - Funny mort Sahl - Mirthful mort Sahl - Comedian with the album 'sing a song of watergate ... apocryphal of lie!' Sahl - Comic with the 1955 album 'at sunset' Sahl - Comic who wrote jokes for jfk Sahl - Mort, the comic Sahl - Political comedian mort Sahl - Uncle mort portrayer in the 1984 film 'nothing lasts forever' Sahl - Comic who said 'a conservative is someone who believes in reform. but not now' Sahl - Comic dubbed "will rogers with fangs" Sahl - Witty mort Sahl - Mort who said 'my life needs editing' Sahl - Comic who wrote jokes for kennedy Sahl - Canadian-born comedian once featured on the cover of time Sahl - "will rogers with fangs," per time Sahl - 'the next president' comedian Sahl - Comedic mort Sahl - Humorist mort who wrote jokes for kennedy Sahl - Satirist once dubbed "will rogers with fangs" Sahl - Wry mort Sahl - Mordant monologist mort Sahl - Pioneering stand-up comedian Sahl - Early and influential stand-up comedian mort who said, 'liberals feel unworthy of their possessions. conservatives feel they deserve everything they've stolen' haha i feel that Sahl - Satiric comic mort Sahl - Satirist who said 'if you were the only person left on the planet, i would have to attack you. that's my job'