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Twelve - Boxcars

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  • Twelve - Letter on T
  • 1 - st. word T
  • 2 - st. word W
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word L
  • 5 - st. word V
  • 6 - st. word E

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Twelve - 'apostles, jury and months (6)' Twelve - 17ac 27 18ac (or 17d 16ac 5d 18ac) -- with 3d (part 1) it could make 20d with 3d (part 2), alphanumerically Twelve - A dozen Twelve - A time for high-handedness Twelve - Apostles and jury Twelve - Apostles and members of the jury Twelve - Apostles and months Twelve - Apostles, jury and months Twelve - Basis of duodecimal system Twelve - Boxcars Twelve - Clock topper Twelve - Common jury count Twelve - Disciple count Twelve - Does n sound like 2 over 10 Twelve - Dozen Twelve - Eleven plus two minus one, perhaps Twelve - Fifty-five among precious number Twelve - Figure in our hearts losing nothing after time Twelve - Floral complement on each side of an oreo Twelve - Half the number here Twelve - Hands-up time? Twelve - Highest number on clock in taxi indicated? Twelve - Hour before one Twelve - It's ahead of one every day and every night, too Twelve - Jury, often Twelve - Last hour for so many disciples Twelve - Live on and off in quaint housing that's left here? Twelve - Lunchtime? it's sweet, accepting luncheon vouchers Twelve - Midday Twelve - Midnight Twelve - Midnight or noon Twelve - Most people are asleep then Twelve - Noon Twelve - Noon - midnight Twelve - Noon or midnight Twelve - Noon temperature fifty-five, in short Twelve - Noon time: my partner and i adore nothing less Twelve - Noon, e.g Twelve - Not entirely properly stopping television finally before midnight Twelve - Number Twelve - Number (of star signs, for example) Twelve - Number in a dozen Twelve - Number of apostles Twelve - Number of centuries needed for mcc? 4, perhaps Twelve - Number of days in present period Twelve - Number of exhibit oddly suppressed Twelve - Number of jurors stay here? Twelve - Number of notes in the chromatic scale Twelve - Number of planets, perhaps? Twelve - Number of zodiac signs Twelve - One dozen Twelve - One preceder Twelve - One under a baker's dozen Twelve - One, two and three to start with, you and i to half evolve? Twelve - Pins by the dozen in the west Twelve - Pins of connemara Twelve - Quartet x 3 Twelve - Rare craps roll Twelve - Sansom's were strange and simple Twelve - Six twos Twelve - The apostolic pins of the west Twelve - The guardian joining line in the box with electronic figure Twelve - The midnight hour Twelve - The number of people on juries with initial letters from third world to first lady hiding low Twelve - There may be no on the pins of galway Twelve - Time at which there are always most strikes Twelve - Time for hands to meet team with one extra? Twelve - Time we have to hold start of lunch? Twelve - Time when most strikes occur Twelve - Time when the hands come together Twelve - Time you and i have to grab a little bit of lunch? Twelve - Two loveless mischief-makers shortly appearing in middle of the day? Twelve - Two plus eleven minus one, amazingly Twelve - What does one and two make? 24 across Twelve - What one and two make Twelve - With a post, les came to this Twelve - Xii Twelve - Zodiac sign count Twelve - ________drummers drumming Twelve - … apostles with 5 across 7