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Almost - Approaching

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Almost - Approaching Almost - Nearly Almost - Not quite Almost - Just about Almost - 'you just missed!' Almost - Very nearly Almost - Well-nigh Almost - A bit under Almost - Virtually Almost - Bordering on Almost - 'close but no cigar' Almost - "close, but no cigar" Almost - Close, but no cigar Almost - That's not quite all this is - so it's in the malt Almost - To get confused with charity? not quite Almost - Ms gets a lot more, but not quite enough Almost - The doctor is nearly in last Almost - Is the doctor not quite among the last of this? Almost - In a half-century not quite the greatest one may expect from this Almost - The doctor is not quite the last way Almost - Not quite to get involved in charity Almost - Be a bit short Almost - Seems there's nothing more than a half-century, yet not quite Almost - Nearly, not quite Almost - Nearly, all but Almost - All but Almost - Nearly but not quite Almost - Slightly short of Almost - Not quite to slam this Almost - "close!" Almost - Nearly the last about the medicine man Almost - Next to nothing in offertory tray to begin with Almost - A dissolute kidnaps maiden? not quite! Almost - More or less, last crazy doctor inside Almost - Just short of a left majority Almost - Practically nothing put into charitable collection that's just started Almost - Answer without marks is forgotten about Almost - Charity event ultimately secures nothing? not quite Almost - Not quite an aspect of osborne's ?gentility Almost - Practically nothing collected by charity event in the end Almost - Virtually nothing brought in by charity concert finally Almost - Maureen's in a lieutenant's embrace - practically Almost - Approaching st malo resort Almost - Nearly the last to treat, for the heart doctor Almost - Nearly everything - nearly everything - nearly Almost - Not quite all losing money - the majority though Almost - Nearly, nearly everybody, nearly everybody Almost - Close to first avenue on fifty-second street Almost - Just about to slam dance Almost - Approaching a left on second street Almost - Nearly a fifty majority Almost - Virtually a stray, welcoming freedom at last Almost - Line inserted in prophetic book ahead of time, virtually Almost - Nearly american on 'fifty-second street' Almost - As good as a spymaster in tv series Almost - Probing hospital, mo started pretty well Almost - Capone has greatest following? not quite Almost - Practically nothing received by charity ahead of time Almost - 'missed it by tha-a-at much!' Almost - Nut missing north departs street, more or less Almost - As good as Almost - 'nearly all.' -- 'nearly all?' -- 'nearly ...' Almost - Florida band that "nearly" made it? Almost - *'you just missed!' Almost - Approaching resort of st malo Almost - Charitable donations cut on old street? very nearly Almost - Charity shelters duck with temperature practically Almost - Old master has no red to all intents and purposes