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Pith - ___ helmet (safari wear)

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Pith - ___ helmet (safari wear) Pith - Heart of the matter Pith - Essence Pith - Meat Pith - Core Pith - Marrow Pith - Kind of helmet Pith - Type of helmet Pith - Essential part Pith - Central part Pith - Heart or soul Pith - Nitty-gritty Pith - Tropical helmet material Pith - Helmet type Pith - Helmet material in the tropics Pith - Quintessence Pith - Helmet type for a safari leader Pith - Gist Pith - Importance Pith - Heart Pith - Tropical helmet material, perhaps Pith - __ helmet: safari wear Pith - Safari helmet material, perhaps Pith - Vital part Pith - Substance Pith - It is inside, soft inside Pith - White inner skin of an orange Pith - Inside skin of, say, orange Pith - Spongy tissue lining rinds of oranges, or the essential part Pith - Spongy tissue like that lining an orange skin Pith - Inner skin of citrus fruit Pith - Bare bones Pith - Most important part Pith - The white part of the orange Pith - White tissue in oranges Pith - Orange's white? Pith - Lining of rind - important part Pith - Fibrous part of fruit - essence Pith - Core - essence Pith - Heart of the matter provides horsepower to drive back over it Pith - Kind of helmet in safari films Pith - Crux Pith - Means of murder in some agatha christie novels Pith - Inside of rind Pith - Depression and melancholy ultimately evoke compassion Pith - Essence; tissue inside rind Pith - Lining of rind; essence Pith - Inside rind, stone of fruit gets hard Pith - Citrus rind lining Pith - Medulla Pith - Tissue beneath citrus fruit rind Pith - Mine's hard hats may be made of this Pith - Tissue inside the rind of citrus fruits Pith - Soft plant tissue Pith - Tissue under rind of citrus fruits Pith - The white inner skin of an orange Pith - Mine has hard centre Pith - The important part - but not of an orange Pith - Soft tissue; essence Pith - Marrow (of plant) Pith - Heart that's hollow and hard Pith - Quarry with hard core Pith - Essential substance Pith - Crux of the matter Pith - Most essential part Pith - Sales patter giving away cold substance Pith - Hard piece of advice taken wrong way, in essence Pith - __ helmet (safari wear) Pith - Significance of the eighth hole? Pith - __ helmet Pith - Essential element Pith - Succinctness Pith - Most important part of spithead Pith - Most essential element Pith - Substance that's hard found at bottom of mine Pith - Essence of fruit stone hearts Pith - Part inside tree's heartwood initially Pith - Helmet on a safari Pith - Helmet on a safari