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Carl - Poet sandburg

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Carl - "blue suede shoes" perkins Carl - "blue suede shoes" singer perkins Carl - "blue suede shoes" writer perkins Carl - "for __" ("contact" dedication) Carl - 'blue suede shoes' singer perkins Carl - 'carmina burana' composer orff Carl - -- lewis, american track and field athlete who won nine olympic gold medals Carl - -- zeiss, german maker of optical instruments (1816-88) Carl - A wilson of the beach boys Carl - Actor weathers Carl - Actor-director reiner Carl - Astronomer sagan Carl - Athlete brewer or painter schaefer Carl - Barat or wilson maybe Carl - Baseball legend yastrzemski Carl - Baseball player yastrzemski Carl - Baseball's yastrzemski Carl - Bell of fuel Carl - Billionaire icahn Carl - Co-worker of homer on 'the simpsons' Carl - Columnist rowan Carl - Comic-magician ballantine Carl - Composer __ maria von weber Carl - Cosmologist sagan Carl - Director reiner Carl - Ed asner's 'up' role Carl - Financier icahn Carl - Hall of famer yastrzemski Carl - Hall-of-famer yastrzemski Carl - Hubbell of cooperstown Carl - Journalist bernstein Carl - Jung or lewis Carl - Jung or reiner Carl - Jung or yastrzemski Carl - Lenny's buddy on "the simpsons" Carl - Lenny's friend Carl - Lenny's friend on 'the simpsons' Carl - Lenny's pal on 'the simpsons' Carl - Lewis of track Carl - Lewis of track fame Carl - Lewis or reiner Carl - Lewis or sandburg Carl - Lewis with nine olympic golds Carl - Longtime role for rhea Carl - Magic word Carl - Magnate icahn Carl - Main character in 'up' Carl - Man in vehicle, one learning to drive Carl - Man to man in cumbria Carl - Many, many moons Carl - Missing from 13-down Carl - My morning jacket's broemel Carl - Name on all 2014 swedish coins Carl - Name on the cover of "cosmos" Carl - Olympian lewis Carl - One of the beach boys' wilson brothers Carl - One of the reiners Carl - Perkins who wrote "blue suede shoes" Carl - Perkins who wrote 'blue suede shoes' Carl - Pitcher hubbell of the new york giants Carl - Poet sandburg Carl - Poet sandburg* Carl - Psychiatrist jung Carl - Psychologist jung Carl - Real first name of alfalfa of the little rascals Carl - Red sox great yastrzemski Carl - Reiner of film Carl - Reiner of tv Carl - Reiner or lewis Carl - Reiner or sagan Carl - Reiner or sandburg Carl - Reiner who interviewed a 2,000-year-old man Carl - Rob reiner's dad Carl - Rob reiner's father Carl - Rob's dad Carl - Runner lewis Carl - Sagan of "cosmos" Carl - Sagan of 'cosmos' Carl - Sagan of 'cosmos' fame Carl - Sagan or jung Carl - Sagan or perkins Carl - Sagan or reiner Carl - Sagan or sandburg Carl - Sagan who hosted 'cosmos' Carl - Sandburg of poetry Carl - Science author sagan Carl - Screwballer hubbell Carl - Songwriter perkins Carl - Songwriter perkins or track legend lewis Carl - Swedish king __ xvi gustaf Carl - Track legend lewis Carl - Track star lewis Carl - Vikings great eller Carl - Watergate reporter bernstein Carl - Weathers in "rocky" Carl - Weathers of 'rocky' Carl - Weathers who played apollo creed Carl - Wilson of the beach boys Carl - With 23-across, actor/director/writer with nine emmys Carl - Yastrzemski in cooperstown Carl - ___ brutananadilewski of 'aqua teen hunger force' Carl - ____ brewer (legendary leaf )