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Edina - Patsy's pal on tv's 'absolutely fabulous'

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Edina - Patsy's pal on tv's 'absolutely fabulous' Edina - Woman on tv's 'ab fab' Edina - Minneapolis suburb Edina - Patsy's pal on 'absolutely fabulous' Edina - Patsy's "absolutely fabulous" sidekick Edina - Patsy's "absolutely fabulous" pal Edina - "absolutely fabulous" character Edina - Patsy's 'abfab' pal Edina - Patsy's 'absolutely fabulous' pal Edina - City near minneapolis Edina - Midwest city abutting eden prairie Edina - City next to the twin cities Edina - City between richfield and minnetonka Edina - Suburb of minneapolis Edina - Patsy's "ab fab" friend Edina - 'absolutely fabulous' mom Edina - Twin cities suburb Edina - Minnesota city Edina - Pal of patsy on 'absolutely fabulous' Edina - Patsy's 'abfab' co-star Edina - 'absolutely fabulous' role Edina - Saffron's mom on 'ab fab' Edina - Patsy's "absolutely fabulous" friend Edina - "absolutely fabulous" role Edina - "absolutely fabulous" mom Edina - Patsy's "abfab" pal Edina - Minneapolis neighbor Edina - Minnesota city where part of 'fargo' was filmed Edina - Patsy's "absolutely fabulous" cohort Edina - 'fargo' filming location Edina - Patsy's 'absolutely fabulous' friend Edina - Ritzy twin cities suburb Edina - Neighbor of minneapolis Edina - Patsy's "ab fab" pal Edina - -- monsoon, part played by jennifer saunders in �absolutely fabulous� Edina - Patsy's 'absolutely fabulous' sidekick Edina - Minnesota headquarters of dairy queen Edina - Twin cities suburb that hosted the 2008 u.s. women's open Edina - Jennifer saunders' "ab fab" role