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Legion - French foreign ___

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Legion - "american" or "foreign" follower Legion - *armed forces support group Legion - A great many support individual working Legion - A great number in the roman military unit Legion - American or foreign follower Legion - American soldier visiting upset christmas host Legion - American __ (veterans' group) Legion - American ___ (veterans' group) Legion - Army Legion - Army - something that's charged when given frontal support Legion - Army division Legion - Army group Legion - Being over one foot gets one on in the army Legion - Body of roman or french soldiers Legion - Brave man, for example, entering army Legion - Countless Legion - Division in roman army Legion - Division of ancient roman army Legion - Division of the roman army Legion - For the romans, for instance, in the big fighting cat Legion - France has a foreign one Legion - French foreign ___ Legion - Great in number Legion - Great many on satellite channel in centre Legion - Great number, say, being eaten by wild animal Legion - Great number, say, eaten by cat Legion - Horde Legion - Host Legion - Host, say, protected by brave person Legion - Host, say, welcomed in celebrity Legion - Is the limb a little bit charged with being, for instance, in a beastly setting? Legion - It might be foreign and french for instance inside, 50-1 on Legion - Large body of soldiers, say, outflanked by hero Legion - Large military force Legion - Large number, say, eaten by beast Legion - Large unit of old roman army Legion - Large unit of the old roman army Legion - Many left, for example, no one's coming back Legion - Many on charge Legion - Many on one forward Legion - Many show no resistance in an ankle-fetter Legion - Many soldiers using manacle around limb - it's not right Legion - Military force Legion - Military force - in lego (anag) Legion - Military force, say, encapsulated by brave character Legion - Military unit Legion - Military unit - very great in number Legion - Military unit of ancient rome Legion - Multitude Legion - Multitude of fans Legion - Multitudinous Legion - Not an arm to start with in the army Legion - Numerous Legion - One foot on the end with one on the bottom from rome Legion - One limb with one on for the romans Legion - One on the end of 15 across for rome (6) Legion - One with pride, for example, included in military force Legion - Over one foot with one on for rome Legion - Roman army division Legion - Roman army grouping Legion - Roman army unit Legion - Roman military body of men Legion - Roman military formation Legion - Roman military unit Legion - Support in boxing ring for army Legion - The beastly king, about for instance, for rome Legion - The foreign solider to broadcast british fighting charity Legion - The french have a foreign one Legion - The old army had only one limb and one on the end Legion - Troop group Legion - Unit of roman army Legion - Unit of the roman army Legion - Unit or old roman army Legion - Used they to fight, for instance, in such a beastly regal manner? Legion - Vast multitude Legion - Vast number, say, held by majority shareholder? Legion - Veterans' group, informally Legion - What's over one foot with one on the end in an army