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Feeler - Bug's antenna

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Feeler - A cautious proposal - sounds touching Feeler - Anne would come up after 17 across to make it so touchy Feeler - Antenna Feeler - Antenna or cautious proposal Feeler - Antenna or cautious suggestion Feeler - Antenna or tendril Feeler - Antenna, tentacle Feeler - Appendage on the head of an insect Feeler - Bug's antenna Feeler - Charge the french, and run a tentative approach Feeler - Free to be touchy about the french Feeler - He touches sensitive organ Feeler - How ant gets anne back for one in touch Feeler - How the insect gets anne up to make this so touchy (6) Feeler - How touching for the ant to get anne back! Feeler - How touching for the referee to come back about the twister! Feeler - How touching that it should be a charge of only one pound to 'er Feeler - How touching to have the referee up about what's in 30 across Feeler - Information-eliciting negotiation tactic Feeler - Insect antenna Feeler - Insect's antenna Feeler - Insect's appendage Feeler - Insect's sensory device Feeler - It's a test Feeler - It's a test of iron going to the spanish in hospital Feeler - It's so touching having to start by paying it Feeler - It's so touching when the referee turns up about the twister Feeler - One might touch 'er with a charge of fifty Feeler - One's so touchy Feeler - Organ of touch or tentative proposal Feeler - Preliminary proposal Feeler - Sensing organ Feeler - Subtle overture Feeler - Tendril or cautious proposal Feeler - Tendril or tentacle Feeler - Tentacle Feeler - Tentative inquiry Feeler - Tentative proposal Feeler - Tentative proposal (to test someoneõs attitude) Feeler - Tentative proposal makes sense with cockney girl Feeler - Tentative proposal of charge on line about to arise Feeler - Tentative proposal to gauge response; antenna Feeler - Tentative remark Feeler - Tentative suggestion designed to elicit the reactions of others Feeler - That's a tentative charge of one pound over 'er Feeler - The hand is used to sound out other's opinions Feeler - Trial balloon