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Dinner - Tv ___ Dinner - Sit-down affair Dinner - Supper Dinner - You can dish it out Dinner - Banquet Dinner - One of a daily three Dinner - Done like _____ Dinner - Many a campaign fund-raiser Dinner - Evening repast Dinner - Main meal Dinner - Word with jacket or theater Dinner - What you can get at the inn makes you turn red about it Dinner - One does not get out for the end of the meal Dinner - Doesn't sound like a doubter,as a matter of course Dinner - Not, perhaps, doubter by the sound of it as a matter of course Dinner - Not a matter of course for a doubter, by the sound of it Dinner - Seems there might be no dout about it of course Dinner - Turn red around the hotel as a matter of course Dinner - The opposite of a doubter, as a matter of course, by the sound of it Dinner - Sound of no doubter as a matter of course Dinner - Eating out? not in the end (6) Dinner - No doubter, by the sound of it, as a matter of course Dinner - Not the sound of a doubter Dinner - Evening meal Dinner - The main meal of the day Dinner - Eat it in the strange red inn Dinner - Eat it in the red inn Dinner - Main meal of the day Dinner - What, by the sound of it, no doubter 15 across Dinner - As a matter of course it sounds no doubter Dinner - Turn red about the hotel meal Dinner - Hundreds not out as a matter of course Dinner - Not sounding like a doubter, and not 20 across, either Dinner - Looks as if this will get ma in for the meal Dinner - Take it as red up around the hotel for a meal Dinner - Not a doubter, by the sound of it, as a matter of course Dinner - By the sound of it, no doubter could get this at 26 across Dinner - Many a campaign fundraiser Dinner - German article about pub grub Dinner - Devil not bad inside Dinner - Meal Dinner - Main meal of day Dinner - Take stones from non-residents for feast Dinner - Many dates involve one Dinner - Meal inside the german hotel Dinner - Hostelry in germany registered for food Dinner - "what's for __?" Dinner - What feeds duke, and this man? Dinner - Embarrassed about hosting 21's meal Dinner - Embarrassed about swallowing pub grub Dinner - Duke's exclusive formal evening meal Dinner - Embarrassed about eating pub grub Dinner - A large number inside will get a late meal Dinner - Main board meeting? Dinner - Christmas meal inside the german hostelry Dinner - Someone who clamours for food Dinner - Daughter's private meal Dinner - Repast Dinner - Small restaurant includes new meal Dinner - News one's passing on over evening meal? Dinner - Meal inside after first hint of darkness Dinner - Set of courses -- or one making commotion? Dinner - Finally digested 18's meal Dinner - Daughter's target: formal evening meal Dinner - Big noise joining emperor briefly for formal celebration? Dinner - Half of 14 across is swallowed late in the day Dinner - Word with party or pail Dinner - A fair amount of 18 across from one of the services Dinner - Thanksgiving highlight Dinner - Revolutionary coming back to eat pub grub? Dinner - Duke having private meal Dinner - Refinanced, sacrificing caf? offering one type of evening menu Dinner - Socialist revolutionary eating pub lunch Dinner - Word before date or jacket