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Entail - Necessitate

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Entail - Necessitate Entail - Involve Entail - Call for Entail - Require Entail - Consist of, as a plan Entail - Implicate Entail - Involve as a consequence Entail - Include Entail - Give rise to Entail - Necessarily involve Entail - Need Entail - Require as a result Entail - The fowl has lost her head, but this will involve her having the other end intact Entail - Invlove or necessitate Entail - The hen may have lost her head, but her other end is still there Entail - Does this envolve the hen having lost its head with its other end intact? Entail - This would involve the hen losing her head while intact at the oter end Entail - Does this involve the last bit coming last? Entail - The fowl may have lost its head, but the other end is there as a consequence Entail - During lent it's first-rate for this to follow inevitably? Entail - This will involve the last of the fowl at last Entail - This may involve the fowl having lost its head with its other end intact Entail - Does this involve the fowl having lost its head but having the other end intact? Entail - This may involve the fowl losing her head but with her other end intact Entail - Involve or make necessary Entail - Involve, make necessary Entail - Make necessary or involve Entail - Does this involve the hen having lost its head while her other end is intact Entail - Make necessary, involve Entail - Involve or require Entail - Bring on as an inevitable consequence Entail - Involve or necessitate Entail - Involve, necessitate Entail - 'do this for air, by the sound of it in the end at last (6)' Entail - Involve by necessity Entail - Take Entail - Require hospital department initially have a bug Entail - Necessitate a note before latin revision Entail - Necessitate being in late for assembly Entail - Necessitate volunteers being included in line-up Entail - Involve in late changes Entail - Involve leave with restrictions Entail - Bring about decapitated bird's end Entail - Require english to latin translation Entail - Occasion where hospital department has trouble Entail - Occasion giving us two directions to follow Entail - Bring as consequence Entail - Inevitably result in Entail - This involves the consequence that the chicken loses its head in the end Entail - Comprise Entail - Have as a logical consequence Entail - Imply Entail - Necessitate being in late, perhaps Entail - Do require Entail - Let in a crank as a necessary requirement Entail - Restriction on inheritance Entail - Bring about settlement of estate Entail - Inalienable estate Entail - Involve volunteer troops in border rising Entail - Involve (something) as an inevitable consequence Entail - Involve (as consequence) Entail - Cause fowl to lose head, and other end Entail - Bring about Entail - Guts, not right, almost settle Entail - Necessitate english translation of latin Entail - Tale in miscellany seen to bring inevitable consequence Entail - Involve as consequence Entail - Involve (something) as a consequence Entail - Occasion everyone needs to attend - it's life-changing, from the outset Entail - Funny tag line dismissing good cause Entail - Late in reforming legal restriction Entail - Involve (something) Entail - Involve (as a consequence) Entail - Result in row over keeping army Entail - Involve the half open end Entail - Restrict ownership of bequest Entail - Call for some to be confined in course of virulent ailment Entail - Necessitate changing a ten to a forty nine Entail - Result in as an inevitable consequence of getting in late again Entail - Unavoidably involve fifth-rate latin translation Entail - Make necessary hospital department - ailments mostly gone Entail - Cause pain on hospital department Entail - Result in (late in kicking off) Entail - Online business covers new demand Entail - Result in english and latin is poor Entail - Bring on an inevitable consequence Entail - Late in (anag.) Entail - Create bother on hospital department Entail - Produce the italian volcano's first interior upset Entail - Demand points to follow Entail - Call for dog to follow directions Entail - Inevitably involve Entail - Occasion in which last batsmen must follow two directions Entail - Mean chaps heading off with dog Entail - Must involve Entail - Have to involve Entail - Include or involve