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Swam - Emulated leander

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Swam - Emulated leander Swam - Emulated janet evans Swam - Traveled horizontally Swam - Did the butterfly Swam - Dog-paddled, e.g Swam - Did the butterfly, e.g Swam - Was dizzy Swam - Crawled, say Swam - Emulated ederle Swam - Flutter-kicked Swam - Came crawling back, perhaps Swam - Did the doggy paddle Swam - Used a natatory facility Swam - Didn't sink Swam - Kept one's head above water Swam - Crossed the rubicon, maybe Swam - Did one-third of a triathlon Swam - Went for a dip Swam - Moved at a crawl? Swam - Did laps in a pool Swam - Dog-paddled Swam - Completed part of a triathlon Swam - Went from bank to bank? Swam - Did laps, say Swam - Did laps Swam - Was in a meet, maybe Swam - Used a scissors kick Swam - Started a triathlon Swam - Did the crawl Swam - Emulated spitz Swam - Crossed the channel, a la ederle Swam - Did laps, maybe Swam - Enjoyed the pool Swam - Used the pool Swam - Did laps, perhaps Swam - Took a dip Swam - What ian thorpe did Swam - Did one leg of an ironman competition Swam - Did the breaststroke, e.g Swam - Kept one's head above water? Swam - Dog-paddled, perhaps Swam - Did the crawl, say Swam - Did the dog paddle Swam - Began a triathlon Swam - Emulated phelps Swam - Skinny-dipped Swam - Moved with strokes Swam - Participated in a pool, say Swam - Came crawling back, maybe Swam - Breaststroked Swam - Exercised in a lane Swam - Showed off one's butterfly? Swam - Competed with michael phelps Swam - Competed in a triathlon Swam - Came crawling back? Swam - Did the backstroke Swam - Used a scissor kick Swam - Performed in an aquacade Swam - Stroked Swam - Crawled Swam - Took to the pool Swam - Made like leander Swam - Did laps in the pool Swam - Crossed the channel Swam - Emulated michael phelps Swam - Did the crawl, maybe Swam - How the fish went back to the mouths awaiting them Swam - Around the west, samuel had a stroke Swam - Travelled through water Swam - Reeled from second stomach upset Swam - Performed one-third of a triathlon Swam - Went through channels? Swam - Went underwater Swam - Participated in the first leg of a triathlon Swam - Did the backstroke, e.g Swam - Used a pool Swam - Splashed around in bog endlessly Swam - Moved through water Swam - Jaws returned and moved through the water Swam - Did reel cut end of far from the madding crowd? Swam - Did the breaststroke Swam - Crawled, perhaps Swam - Most of matchmaker's meeting with male went smoothly Swam - Reeled, as the fish tried to get away Swam - Propelled oneself? Swam - Made progress by crawling, perhaps Swam - Man hugging wife was dizzy Swam - Son with stomach upset was dizzy Swam - Competed in the first leg of a triathlon Swam - Exercised off your feet Swam - Did pool laps Swam - Enjoyed the lake Swam - Went overseas to back big mouths Swam - Stroked a bunch of laps? Swam - Crawled, maybe Swam - Went up the river? Swam - Did water ballet Swam - Went round dizzily, open mouths raised Swam - Emulated 63-down Swam - What r.e.m. did at night? Swam - Thao "when we ___" Swam - Chiodos "we ___ from albatross the day we lost kailey cost" Swam - Thao and the get down stay down "when we ___" Swam - Did one part of a typical triathlon Swam - Traveled in trunks, say Swam - Competed like michael phelps Swam - Participated in a medley, perhaps Swam - Did a few laps Swam - Did the butterfly show on the outside in the morning? Swam - Began a typical triathlon