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Mrt - 'rocky iii' actor

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Mrt - "a-team" actor Mrt - "a-team" member Mrt - "i pity the fool!" utterer Mrt - "i pity the fool" speaker Mrt - "i pity the fool" star Mrt - "i pity the fool" utterer Mrt - "rocky iii" actor Mrt - "rocky iii" and "the a-team" star Mrt - "rocky iii" co-star Mrt - "rocky iii" fighter Mrt - "rocky iii" foe Mrt - "rocky iii" heavy Mrt - "rocky iii" star Mrt - "rocky iii" villain Mrt - "the a-team" actor Mrt - "the a-team" costar Mrt - "the a-team" muscle Mrt - "the a-team" muscleman Mrt - "the a-team" star Mrt - "the a-team" strongman Mrt - '80s peppard co-star Mrt - '80s peppard costar Mrt - '80s tv star Mrt - '80s tv star who later pitched snickers Mrt - '80s wrestlemania headliner Mrt - 'a-team' actor Mrt - 'be somebody... or be somebody's fool!' singer Mrt - 'd.c. cab' actor Mrt - 'd.c. cab' star Mrt - 'i pity the fool!' sayer Mrt - 'i pity the fool!' utterer Mrt - 'i pity the fool' sayer Mrt - 'i pity the fool' speaker Mrt - 'i pity the fool' star Mrt - 'rocky iii' actor Mrt - 'rocky iii' actor (and an apt answer in this puzzle) Mrt - 'rocky iii' co-star Mrt - 'straight line' star, 1988 Mrt - 'the a-team' actor Mrt - 'the a-team' cast member Mrt - 'the a-team' co-star Mrt - 'the a-team' muscleman Mrt - 'the a-team' performer Mrt - 'the a-team' star Mrt - 1980s actor with a mohawk Mrt - 1980s icon with his own breakfast cereal Mrt - 1980s peppard co-star Mrt - 1980s tv star known for wearing chains Mrt - 80's celeb known for his gold chains Mrt - A-team muscleman Mrt - Actor in chains Mrt - Actor known for wearing gold Mrt - Actor who gave up wearing his trademark gold jewelry after hurricane katrina Mrt - Actor who played santa with nancy reagan in his lap Mrt - Actor who said "i pity the fool!" Mrt - Actor whose original name was laurence tureaud Mrt - Actor with a mohawk Mrt - Actor with the catchphrase 'i pity the fool!' Mrt - B. a. baracas portrayer on tv Mrt - B. a. baracus portrayer on tv Mrt - Badass who turns 57 next year Mrt - Bejeweled actor in "the a-team" Mrt - Bodyguard-turned-tv star Mrt - Bouncer-turned-actor Mrt - Celeb known for his mandinka-warrior hairstyle Mrt - Celebrity known for wearing gold jewelry Mrt - Chain-clad actor Mrt - Chain-sporting star Mrt - Classic tv muscleman Mrt - Clubber lang actor Mrt - Clubber lang portrayer in 'rocky iii' Mrt - Clubber, opposite rocky Mrt - Dirk benedict co-star Mrt - Entertainer with a mandinka warrior haircut Mrt - Fool-pitying actor Mrt - He cried 'i pity the fool!' Mrt - He hosted a reality show called "i pity the fool" Mrt - He hosted a reality show called 'i pity the fool' Mrt - He made his film debut in 'rocky iii' Mrt - He pities the fool Mrt - He played b.a Mrt - He played b.a. baracus on "the a-team" Mrt - He played clubber lang Mrt - He played clubber lang in "rocky iii" Mrt - He played clubber lang in 'rocky iii' Mrt - He said 'i pity the fool' Mrt - Headliner of the first wrestlemania Mrt - His famous role is being reprised in 2010 Mrt - His iconic catchphrase came from 'rocky iii' Mrt - Host of "world's craziest fools" Mrt - Hulk hogan wrestlemania partner Mrt - Man in chains Mrt - Mohawk sporter on 'the a-team' Mrt - Mohawk-sporting actor Mrt - Mohawk-sporting muscleman Mrt - Mohawk-sporting star Mrt - Mohawk-sporting tv star of the '80s Mrt - Mohawked actor of 'the a-team' Mrt - Mohawked actor of 1980s tv Mrt - Mohawked actor whose voice was in 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' Mrt - Mohawked muscleman Mrt - Mohawked tv star of the 1980's Mrt - Muscleman with a 1980s cartoon series Mrt - Muscular actor with a mohawk Mrt - Noted pitier of fools Mrt - Onetime 1-800-collect spokesman Mrt - Onetime bodyguard of muhammad ali and michael jackson Mrt - Onetime michael jackson bodyguard Mrt - Star in chains Mrt - Star of the motivational video 'be somebody ... or be somebody's fool' Mrt - Star of the short-lived reality show 'i pity the fool' Mrt - Strongman player on 'the a-team' Mrt - Tormenting voice on some gps devices Mrt - Tough guy who was a bodyguard for muhammad ali Mrt - Tv star who once appeared in wrestlemania Mrt - Villain player in 'rocky iii' Mrt - Winner of nbc's 'america's toughest bouncer' in 1980