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Operetta - 'blossom time,' e.g

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Operetta - 'blossom time,' e.g Operetta - D'oyly carte production Operetta - Comic musical work Operetta - Bernstein's 'trouble in tahiti,' e.g Operetta - Light musical work Operetta - Gilbert and sullivan specialty Operetta - Gilbert and sullivan genre Operetta - Gilbert & sullivan production Operetta - Light work for musicians Operetta - Lehár work Operetta - Gilbert and sullivan work Operetta - 'die fledermaus,' for one Operetta - Bernstein's "trouble in tahiti," e.g Operetta - Patter song genre Operetta - "trouble in tahiti," e.g Operetta - "the mikado", for one Operetta - 'the mikado', e.g Operetta - Johann strauss work Operetta - Light musical production Operetta - Gilbert & sullivan creation Operetta - 'the mikado,' for one Operetta - Friml piece Operetta - 'the mikado,' e.g Operetta - Relative of a musical Operetta - "h.m.s. pinafore," for one Operetta - How a poet gets about a rand, perhaps, for a little bit of music for show Operetta - Type of musical drama Operetta - Light musical, as by g & s Operetta - A short or light musical comedy like those of g & s Operetta - Short amusing opera Operetta - Showboat or the gondoliers, say Operetta - Light musical theatre Operetta - Light musical drama Operetta - The mikado, say Operetta - For music if it's a little light on show Operetta - Light opera Operetta - Show how to repeat changes Operetta - Performance not quite open spoiled treat Operetta - Work to repeat work Operetta - Short musical drama Operetta - Gilbert and sullivan offering Operetta - The merry widow, for example Operetta - Light work on a stage Operetta - Bernstein's 'candide,' for one Operetta - Gilbert and sullivan production Operetta - "the mikado," e.g Operetta - 'the pirates of penzance,' e.g Operetta - The mikado or the gondoliers, say Operetta - Don giovanni hides alien tenor in hms pinafore Operetta - A treetop - make short work of it Operetta - Show cuckoo a treetop Operetta - What's excessive about french father over a piece of music? Operetta - Recalled some matter, epoch-making, in musical work Operetta - Suitable vehicle for the lighter sopranos? Operetta - Entertainment it's unusual to repeat Operetta - Patience perhaps demonstrated by potential to repeat Operetta - La belle helene, say, in top rate english version Operetta - Eg, die fledermaus Operetta - Some matter eponymously brought up in musical work Operetta - Exaggerated about father abroad getting a little light work Operetta - French pop in to set up volunteers for light work Operetta - Eg, orpheus in the underworld Operetta - Something to peer at, perhaps, through small binoculars? Operetta - Light work to get a treetop reshaped Operetta - Light work before stopping to choose volunteers Operetta - Light stage work Operetta - Having to repeat possibly light-hearted performance Operetta - Old father time volunteers for light work Operetta - Sung entertainment Operetta - Eight dn, for instance Operetta - Stage work Operetta - Father abroad in occupational therapy volunteers for light work Operetta - Show it's wrong to repeat Operetta - Singing coming from a tree-top Operetta - Patience might provide such light entertainment Operetta - Intemperate article about a key stage work Operetta - Light entertainment Operetta - Show ape and otter playing together Operetta - Paris's father in extravagant amateur musical Operetta - Light musical stage work Operetta - The student prince, for example Operetta - Peter to produce a work of note Operetta - Entertainment Operetta - Musical drama Operetta - To repeat, is involved in light entertainment Operetta - To repeat (anag.) Operetta - Arranged to repeat g&s production, maybe Operetta - Shaping a tree top is a bit of a performance! Operetta - Light work that's tricky to repeat Operetta - Gilbert and sullivan's 'the pirates of penzance', for example Operetta - Arranged to repeat a theatrical production Operetta - Characters in a treetop in trouble -- one has song and dance Operetta - Light entertainment to repeat in new production Operetta - A bit of matter eponymously rejected in a stage performance Operetta - Rate poet awful as provider of light entertainment Operetta - Little play of note? Operetta - To repeat jazzed-up form of entertainment Operetta - Arranged to repeat g&s work, maybe Operetta - Musical entertainment Operetta - Patience, for example, to repeat after revision Operetta - Curious to peer at the student prince? Operetta - Silly to repeat 'the pirates of penzance', for example Operetta - Patience, perhaps, in operation before tense volunteers Operetta - Victor herbert's 'babes in toyland,' e.g Operetta - Show up at the empty theatre, love Operetta - Sousa's 'el capitan,' e.g Operetta - "the merry widow," e.g Operetta - Victor herbert work Operetta - Work by gilbert and sullivan, perhaps, or an ae potter composition Operetta - 28-across production Operetta - Victor herbert specialty Operetta - Cheers after old favourite covering queen's musical piece Operetta - Old father in paris staying off booze before a musical show Operetta - To repeat dance from the mikado Operetta - Form of entertainment tricky to repeat Operetta - "pirates of penzance," for example Operetta - Musical work Operetta - The mikado or pirates of penzance, say Operetta - Little work of note? Operetta - Light entertainment to repeat all over the place Operetta - Arranged to repeat work by offenbach, perhaps Operetta - Musical comedy precursor Operetta - Moving a pot with exotic tree in is light work Operetta - Hms pinafore or the yeomen of the guard