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Santa - Worker always seen in a suit

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Santa - Worker always seen in a suit Santa - Nick name? Santa - Seasonal visitor Santa - ___ rosa, calif Santa - Stocking stuffer Santa - Holiday visitor Santa - One making overnight deliveries Santa - Dancer director? Santa - Clement moore's 'right jolly old elf' Santa - With 61-down, a california city Santa - Popular legend of dutch origin Santa - Big bag carrier Santa - Sidewalk ___ Santa - Sack toter Santa - December drop-in Santa - Vixen's master Santa - Clement moore's "right jolly old elf" Santa - Year-end temp Santa - One with a small work force Santa - Team manager Santa - Father christmas Santa - With 59-down, like some winds Santa - Cupid's leader? Santa - 'ho ho ho' crier Santa - Producer of a famous laugh Santa - "miracle on 34th street" role Santa - With 40-down, seat of orange county, calif Santa - Recipient of many wish lists Santa - Annual visitor Santa - Dancer's director? Santa - Cupid's boss Santa - Beloved man with a bag Santa - Man with a small workforce Santa - Christmas decoration Santa - Seasonal worker Santa - Owner of eight other answers in this puzzle Santa - Fe or catalina Santa - First name in gift-giving Santa - ___ maria Santa - Present day hero? Santa - Hot wind, with 8-down Santa - Pole star? Santa - It may be with monica or clara Santa - One who flies south in the winter Santa - Start for barbara Santa - Seasonal temp position Santa - St. nick Santa - One with a pole position? Santa - Bag carrier Santa - It can precede the first names in six puzzle answers Santa - Sleigh driver Santa - He has a small work force Santa - One with a small work force? Santa - One who flies south in the winter? Santa - One who laughs a lot Santa - Thanksgiving parade vip Santa - Maria or rosa preceder Santa - List recipient Santa - Fe antecedent Santa - Workshop owner of note Santa - Christmas regular Santa - Seasonal temp job Santa - 'ho ho ho' fellow Santa - End of the definition Santa - Barbara or rosa preceder Santa - Mr. claus Santa - December temp Santa - Annual traveler Santa - Man in a red suit Santa - Present-day vip Santa - Once-a-year visitor Santa - December list keeper Santa - Grinch disguise Santa - Christmas visitor Santa - Chimney guy Santa - With 35 down, december temp Santa - North pole resident Santa - Large guy who can fit in narrow spaces Santa - Notion of which children must eventually be disabused Santa - Elves' boss Santa - Annual flier Santa - Annual sleigh driver Santa - Cupid's master Santa - Receiver of lists Santa - Denizen of the north Santa - Dancer's manager? Santa - Wish list receiver Santa - With 17 down, city n of san francisco Santa - Northern star? Santa - Seasonal temp Santa - Red suit wearer Santa - Dancer's director Santa - Seasonal traveler Santa - Billy bob played him badly Santa - He's very elf-conscious Santa - "the nightmare before christmas" hostage Santa - Flying-reindeer owner Santa - Nick who comes at night Santa - Year-end visitor Santa - December temp job Santa - Christmas eve visitor Santa - Flier over 61-across Santa - ___ monica, calif Santa - Reindeer pilot Santa - Year-end mall temp Santa - Man with a nice laugh Santa - A man for one season Santa - Pole star Santa - Sleigh driver of note Santa - Cupid's master? Santa - Present-day hero? Santa - After 66-across, participant in a gift-giving activity Santa - With 45-across, largest city in california's wine country Santa - Traveler who carries his own bag Santa - Seasonal sleigh driver Santa - Jolly holiday visitor Santa - 12/24 traditional visitor Santa - __ cruz, ca Santa - One who's busy the night before opening day? Santa - Comet's guider Santa - See 3-down Santa - He visits once a year Santa - He gets the sack in december Santa - End-of-the-year fat man Santa - Nick active at night Santa - Holiday traveler Santa - Rudolph's boss Santa - __ monica, ca Santa - "ho ho ho" crier Santa - Thanksgiving parade star Santa - Frequent december addressee Santa - Pole leader Santa - Dancer's boss Santa - Christmas eve traveler Santa - With 46-across, california city Santa - Reindeer's boss Santa - Blitzen's boss Santa - Cupid's boss? Santa - Holiday visitor hidden in eight answers in this puzzle Santa - Kriss kringle Santa - Dancer's boss? Santa - Comet's leader Santa - He has claws, by the sound of it, but not like 11 across Santa - He would have nothing to do with 18 down with his claws, by the sound of it Santa - One that has claws, by the sound of it, for the present Santa - Sounds as if this has claws at the end for the present Santa - He has the gift of claws, by the sound of it (5) Santa - Children's name for mr claus Santa - By the sound of him, does he have claws after the rain, dear? Santa - Comes with claws out at christmas Santa - 'does get his claws to drive the rain, dear? (5)' Santa - Sounds as if you'll come for his claws Santa - 'by the sound of it, one may get claws to slay with (5)' Santa - Daddy for december with 11 down Santa - Cupid's driver Santa - Famous package delivery man Santa - Ana or barbara start Santa - Dancer director Santa - Dancer's prompter Santa - Present bringer Santa - Elf employer Santa - "jolly old elf" of rhyme Santa - Part of ucsb Santa - Visitor from the north Santa - Worker in salvation army appears as father christmas Santa - With 37-across, ship of 1492 Santa - See 46-across Santa - He's coming to town soon Santa - With 30-across, annual visitor Santa - Present-day personality? Santa - Seasonal mall worker Santa - Year-end stocking stuffer Santa - Holiday attraction at a mall Santa - Annual wish-list recipient Santa - 12/24 visitor Santa - Annual toy toter Santa - Travels everywhere return on one day with dancer's boss Santa - "little old driver" of a familiar verse Santa - Annual fly-by-nighter Santa - Seasonal cookie eater Santa - See 5-down Santa - Christmas eve aviator Santa - In verse, 'his cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!' Santa - Someone very busy at the present time Santa - He comes down chimney Santa - Father christmas ... Santa - The present chap is a soldier in south africa Santa - Christmas visitor given thanks at hospital Santa - Somewhat pleasant annuity, generous figure Santa - Gratitude expressed to nursing home's generous visitor Santa - And 48 present provider can't join us, alas - cruising Santa - At end of year, one who's delivered in hospital by volunteers Santa - Ouida's barbara in california Santa - Worker engaged by relief organisation as distributer of goodies Santa - Hospital thanks visitor bringing gifts Santa - Annual stocking suffer Santa - Present day superstar? Santa - Legendary guy traditionally wearing black boots Santa - With 66 down, not-so-frequent flier Santa - Nick working at night? Santa - __ monica mountains Santa - Red-suited reindeer driver Santa - Mr claus Santa - Stocking filler Santa - St nicholas Santa - Present-day man? Santa - & 22 father christmas Santa - -- barbara Santa - -- marta, the oldest city in colombia Santa - And 20 across: jovial old man assault can upset Santa - Man of the moment at present time? Santa - Saint nicholas Santa - Christmas celebrity Santa - With 73-across, seat of orange county Santa - Legendary sleigh rider Santa - Dancer's driver Santa - Rudolph's driver Santa - Kris kringle Santa - Small insect, a rarely seen winter visitor Santa - Upset when admitting social worker is annual visitor Santa - Keeper of a noted list Santa - Little helpers' boss Santa - Driver who originally had an eight-member team Santa - 'the ___ clause' (1994 holiday movie where 2-down has to step into the sled and save christmas) Santa - He goes on a holiday Santa - Christmas drop-in Santa - With 71-across, seasonal visitor who'd appreciate being warned about the ends of 20-, 37- and 56-across Santa - With 38-across, fellow who dropped by last night Santa - Saint nick Santa - ___ cruz, california Santa - Good list maker? Santa - Seasonal gift giver Santa - Word in many california cities Santa - Noted gift giver Santa - Year-end mall worker Santa - Gifted world traveler? Santa - Stocking stuffer? Santa - Chimney creeper Santa - North pole notable Santa - Figure of veneration Santa - Dancer's leader Santa - Traveler tracked by norad Santa - ___ claus Santa - Bruce springsteen "___ ana" Santa - Everclear "___ ana wind" Santa - Holiday classic "___ baby" Santa - Spanish metalers tierra ___ Santa - Leader of a group of elves Santa - Subject of an annual norad tracking program Santa - Flier in red and white Santa - Preceder of barbara or clara Santa - Dancer driver Santa - Noted gift-giver Santa - Christmas vip Santa - Jovial deliveryman contributing to pleasant atmosphere Santa - 'ho ho ho' holiday guy Santa - "ho ho ho" holiday guy Santa - Holiday visitor with a famous lap Santa - Year-end temp job Santa - Seasonal sack toter Santa - Annual aviator Santa - International package deliverer Santa - Figure at a december party, perhaps Santa - With 9 across, silicon valley city Santa - With 51-down, one of three historic ships Santa - Canada's h0h 0h0 postal code addressee Santa - Answer to 'who wears a long cap on his head?,' in song Santa - Yuletide visitor Santa - Speaker of the cheer in question Santa - North pole boss Santa - Deliverer of christmas packages Santa - Receiver of many letters Santa - "i saw mommy kissing ___ claus"