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Exacts - Squeezes (from)

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Exacts - Squeezes (from) Exacts - Demands Exacts - Demands, as payment Exacts - Forces, as payment Exacts - Carries out, as revenge Exacts - Takes, as revenge Exacts - Draws out Exacts - Forces to endure, as revenge Exacts - Compels to furnish Exacts - That makes one pay the precise south, it seems Exacts - Is 'e the one that makes you pay for ten parts of play? Exacts - Forces the former bits of play Exacts - Insists on and obtains - sound precise Exacts - Demands payment from the south, precisely Exacts - Demands from one the south to be precise Exacts - Insists on and obtains, say payment - sounds precise Exacts - Compels payment Exacts - Insists on and obtains Exacts - Insists on or claims Exacts - Makes one pay for the precise south Exacts - Formerly one plays a part for the precise south Exacts - Demands the precise payment from the south Exacts - Makes one give up the south precisely Exacts - Demands payment for the former deeds Exacts - Demands (from) Exacts - Demands made by laws no longer in force? Exacts - Gets satisfaction out of religious work Exacts - Wreaks, as revenge Exacts - Inflicts, as revenge Exacts - Demands former partner gets on with reading material from old book Exacts - Makes happen, as revenge Exacts - Extorts Exacts - Compels payment of Exacts - Demands from former wife's decrees Exacts - Demands and gets old bills Exacts - Former wife serves demands Exacts - Gets full satisfaction out of religious work Exacts - Demands to get laws repealed? Exacts - Claims made by old part of bible Exacts - Imposes Exacts - Demands that old flame does something Exacts - Previous bills or demands Exacts - Imposes, as a payment Exacts - Demands price of former measures