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Adds - Puts together

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Adds - Appends Adds - Puts together Adds - Tacks on Adds - Stirs in ingredients Adds - Throws in Adds - Annexes Adds - Goes on Adds - Comments further Adds - Puts two and two together Adds - States further Adds - Combines Adds - Subjoins Adds - Says more Adds - Mounts (up to) Adds - Totals up Adds - Uses an abacus Adds - Postfixes Adds - Makes a contribution Adds - Affixes Adds - Takes into a count? Adds - Utters an afterthought Adds - Says further Adds - Contributes Adds - Finds the sum Adds - Puts on Adds - Sticks on Adds - Tallies Adds - Puts in Adds - Takes into a count Adds - Sums up Adds - Follows a cookbook directive Adds - Inserts Adds - Does the numbers Adds - Counts up Adds - Sums (up) Adds - Sticks in Adds - Continues, conversationally Adds - Does simple math Adds - Interjects Adds - Puts in extra Adds - Stirs in Adds - Takes on Adds - Increases Adds - Determines a sum Adds - Attachés Adds - Throws on Adds - Tosses in Adds - Totals Adds - Uses postscripts Adds - Puts 2 and 2 together Adds - Computes columns Adds - Includes Adds - Sums it up Adds - Folds in Adds - Does arithmetic Adds - Foots a column Adds - Tots Adds - Makes sense, with "up" Adds - Calculates the total Adds - Does some remedial math Adds - Includes later Adds - Finds a sum Adds - Finds a 50 across Adds - Does sums Adds - Finds the bottom line Adds - Computes the bottom line Adds - Mentions further Adds - Checks the check Adds - Works a kakuro puzzle Adds - Goes on to say Adds - Has a summer job? Adds - Pipes in Adds - Throws in the mix Adds - Does some kindergarten math Adds - Mixes in Adds - Follows a recipe, say Adds - Uses the '+' function Adds - Does the math Adds - Does sum work Adds - Does basic math Adds - Kicks in Adds - Increases (with "to") Adds - Puts on the pile Adds - Does a certain math problem Adds - Puts two and two together? Adds - Opposite of subtracts Adds - Finds a total Adds - Calculates a total Adds - Chimes in Adds - Performs basic arithmetic Adds - Elaborates Adds - Gets to the bottom line Adds - Uses the "+" function Adds - Chimes in with Adds - Does sum things Adds - Extends, with "to" Adds - Says further Adds - Continues talking Adds - Throws into the mix Adds - Puts into the mix Adds - Sums Adds - Keeps talking Adds - Tosses into the mix Adds - Finds 23-down Adds - Puts in the mix Adds - Gets to the bottom of things? Adds - Finds the total Adds - Sums up? Adds - That makes it more of a cutter, by the sound of it Adds - It's more like the sound of what you may 34 across with Adds - Makes more of the cutter, by the sound of it Adds - This makes it more of a cutter, by the sound of it Adds - What's more, it sounds like a cutter Adds - That's more like it Adds - Sounds like the tool with which one makes 23 down Adds - One makes more of this because it's about a divine one Adds - This makes more of the cutter, by the sound of it Adds - This makes more of the sound of a cutter Adds - The tots of a divine Adds - The sound of something with an edge? that's more like it (4) Adds - Perhaps what 27 across might do with a cutter, by the sound of it Adds - A divine one is not what it takes to make one 26 down Adds - Sounds as if a divine has the edge on one too (4) Adds - Gets plus Adds - This sound cutting, but there's more to it than that Adds - Gets more cutting, by the sound of it Adds - Gives more of an edge to this, by the sound of it Adds - Sounds cutting and that makes it more so Adds - That's more like the sound of a tool Adds - This makes the sound of the tool even more so Adds - Appends or increases Adds - Calculates the sum Adds - Joins to something else Adds - No m in us does this Adds - Seems as if a cleric is one who makes more of this Adds - Postfixes, e.g Adds - Aggregates or appends Adds - Finds the sum (4), Adds - Aggregates or makes further remark Adds - Utilizes chisanbop Adds - No m in us for this Adds - Makes more sharp, by the sound of it Adds - Makes more of a cutter, by the sound of it Adds - Puts on more and cuts it off with this, by the sound of it Adds - Sounds cutting, but there's more to it than that Adds - Makes more of what sounds so cutting Adds - This never 13 across; it just makes more of it Adds - A divine is one who gives more to this Adds - This makes more of what the cutter takes bits off Adds - Makes more of a cutter Adds - Gets sum work done? Adds - Contributes another thought Adds - Uses a '+' Adds - Supplements Adds - Like have a degree in sums Adds - Contributes more Adds - Goes on to say there are no takeaways here Adds - Dubs in Adds - Fathers amounts to this Adds - Totals (up) Adds - Does simple arithmetic Adds - Takes on, as a new facebook friend Adds - Connects figures for dads all over the place Adds - Totals one's scorecard Adds - While entertaining reverend gentleman tots will assuredly appear Adds - Does some sums Adds - Counts (up) Adds - Makes new friends? Adds - Accountant does it to a theologian at school Adds - Chips in Adds - Extends Adds - Makes sense (with "up") Adds - Finds sums Adds - Writes as a postscript, say Adds - Drops in the bucket, perhaps Adds - Counts on one's fingers introductions to attention deficit disorder at school Adds - Contributes further Adds - Goes on to say breaking dad is on stage first Adds - Does a summer job? Adds - Boosts the total Adds - Contributes to the total Adds - Puts runs on the board Adds - Sums up what a running batsman does Adds - Tots? father's in a twist at the outset Adds - Does summer job broadcasting commercials Adds - Sums, totals Adds - Notices clothes daughter puts on Adds - Acts on an afterthought Adds - Introduces to the mix Adds - Throws in tips for atmospheric, disturbing, detective story Adds - 'the camera ___ 10 pounds' Adds - "the camera ___ 10 pounds" Adds - A clergyman's increases Adds - Says more with a theologian on sunday Adds - Appends; totals Adds - A theologian, on sunday, makes a contribution Adds - Contributes a day on empty discussions Adds - Counts Adds - Reckons Adds - Dad's excited tots Adds - Says more when covering dropped case Adds - Sums up argument decisively, distressing school heads Adds - When collecting theologian makes a contribution Adds - Follows a cooking instruction Adds - Includes, with "in" Adds - Calculates a sum Adds - Gets to a sum Adds - Throws in as a bonus Adds - Attaches Adds - Tries to find the bottom line Adds - Does sum work? Adds - Does some digital processing? Adds - Punches numbers into a calculator, perhaps Adds - Computes the total Adds - Gets the total Adds - Tots up Adds - Writes a p.s Adds - Supplements, with "to" Adds - Increases, with 'to' Adds - Does basic arithmetic Adds - Takes into account dad's settlement Adds - Count's men leave demands Adds - Heard, saw tots Adds - Does a bit of math Adds - Articulates further and sums up Adds - Gains a horn section Adds - Gains a member Adds - Gains a producer Adds - Gains a bassist Adds - Moving units "going for ___" Adds - Gains a horn section for tour Adds - Gains a singer Adds - Gains a string section Adds - Gains a guitarist Adds - Combines together Adds - Makes a postscript Adds - Offers an afterthought Adds - Gets to the bottom line? Adds - Shinedown "it all ___ up" Adds - Injects Adds - Makes sure the check is correct Adds - Says "p.s." Adds - Does first-grade math Adds - What accountant does for show gross? Adds - Contributes (to) Adds - Does toddler math Adds - Does toddler math Adds - Grows, with "to" Adds - Finds a 20-across