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Snob - Kind of appeal

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Snob - Kind of appeal Snob - Snooty one Snob - Patronizing person Snob - For whom nothing's good enough Snob - Stereotyped beverly hills resident Snob - High-hatter Snob - Social climber Snob - Snooty sort Snob - Climber, of a sort Snob - Stuffed shirt Snob - Stuck-up one Snob - Persnickety one Snob - *disdain ... rank ... high-hat Snob - Stuck-up sort Snob - Uppity one Snob - Condescending type Snob - Downlooker Snob - Name-dropper, perhaps Snob - Uppity type Snob - Toffee-nosed type Snob - Many an egotist Snob - Elitist Snob - Hoity-toity type Snob - Haughty type Snob - Supercilious sort Snob - Snooty person Snob - Sniffish sort Snob - Popinjay Snob - Arrogant sort Snob - Judgment passer, perhaps Snob - Social-climbing type Snob - Nose-in-the-air type Snob - Pretentious sort Snob - Highbrow Snob - Hoity-toity one Snob - Prig Snob - Thurston howell type Snob - Hoi polloi disdainer Snob - One who looks down a lot? Snob - One with a turned-up nose Snob - Lah-di-dah type Snob - Thurston howell iii type Snob - Supercilious one Snob - One whose nose is in the air Snob - Belittling sort Snob - 'superior' one Snob - One frequently looking down Snob - Uppity sort Snob - Highfalutin type Snob - Arrogant one Snob - One with 55 down Snob - Condescender Snob - Stuck-up person Snob - Haughty one Snob - Name-dropper, often Snob - One looking down on you? Snob - Snooty type Snob - Name-dropper, maybe Snob - Look-down-one's-nose type Snob - One not associating with the likes of you? Snob - Nothing's good enough for him Snob - Pretentious type Snob - Social climber, often Snob - Persnickety sort Snob - One often looking down Snob - One looking down on the 'little people' Snob - Name-dropping sort Snob - Record-store clerk, stereotypically Snob - "i'm better than you" sort Snob - Contemptuous connoisseur Snob - Superior sort? Snob - Patronizing one Snob - Start to appeal? Snob - Arrogant person Snob - Nose-in-the-air sort Snob - One often looking down? Snob - One who mocks the masses, say Snob - I'm-better-than-you type Snob - Pretentious one Snob - One with a superiority complex Snob - Nose-in-air type Snob - Condescending sort Snob - Disdainful upperclassman? Snob - Affected type Snob - Sort of elitist Snob - Pissing contest participant Snob - Class conscious one Snob - Person putting on airs Snob - Nose-in-air sort Snob - Arty type, maybe Snob - One on a high horse Snob - Type of appeal Snob - Self-important one Snob - 'he who meanly admires mean things,' per thackeray Snob - Snooty fellow Snob - Kitsch deplorer Snob - Stuck up one Snob - One who considers himself socially superior Snob - One looks down on others Snob - One has pretensions Snob - Person who considers himself socially superior Snob - He thinks that he is socially superior to others Snob - Nose-in-the-air person who thinks he is socially superior Snob - One who thinks others socially inferior Snob - A nose-in-the-air person Snob - Person who thinks himself socially superior Snob - One for whom nothing's good enough Snob - Holier-than-thou type Snob - Better-than-you type Snob - Putter-on of airs Snob - High-hat Snob - Hoity-toity sort Snob - High-hat person Snob - A lot of white against one in colour has a certain cachet Snob - Person with pretensions to higher social status Snob - Person with social pretensions Snob - One not socializing much with hoi polloi Snob - One with her nose in the air Snob - One who's always looking down Snob - Person looking down their nose Snob - Cocktail party irritant Snob - Condescending expert Snob - One looking down on others Snob - Condescending one Snob - One putting on airs Snob - Pooh-pooher of the provincial Snob - Haughty person Snob - Clique member, often Snob - Stiff neck Snob - Hard-to-approach type, perhaps Snob - Haughty sort Snob - Hardly the hoi polloi type Snob - One who feels socially superior Snob - Conceited sort Snob - Cry over new stuffed shirt Snob - One never stooping Snob - Socialite primarily attaching to bigwig? Snob - One despising inferiors Snob - Society bigwig - the sort i like mixing with? Snob - Looker-down on others Snob - He is servile from the start to aristocrat Snob - Superior person Snob - __ appeal Snob - Holier-than-thou sort Snob - Stereotypical status seeker Snob - One places too high a value on social status Snob - Smugly superior type Snob - Old cobbler who puts on airs Snob - Arrogant or pretentious person Snob - It's the last place to find him Snob - 'the book of --s', a collection of satirical works by thackeray Snob - Pretentious person has a job at last Snob - Be sorrowful about knight who cares too much for social standing? Snob - One shows arrogance from heads of state? not one bit Snob - One who's beyond picky Snob - One who "meanly admires mean things," per thackeray Snob - Self-appointed expert Snob - High-minded type rejected gifts heartlessly Snob - Superior person is part of england's nobility Snob - Wine __ Snob - Singular bigwig who may look down on those deemed inferior? Snob - Superior sort Snob - Selective socializer, perhaps Snob - Unpleasant person Snob - Posturing type Snob - Snoot Snob - Stereotypical "dahling!" speaker Snob - Self-styled superior Snob - 11-down sort Snob - Head of society and vip who looks down on the lesser orders? Snob - Brogan's losing rag with the one who thinks he's a cut above the rest Snob - Supercilious person Snob - Elitist sort Snob - Pretentious person Snob - Highbrow, perhaps Snob - Il suit la mode Snob - Pompous one Snob - Snob Snob - Il n'achète pas n'importe quoi Snob - Wine ___ (oenophile, often) Snob - Smug expert Snob - Superior type seems noisome and obviously bourgeois, initially