Rats - 'nuts!'

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Rats - Slum vermin Rats - Mrs. frisby's charges in 'the secret of nimh' Rats - Dwellers in 17-across Rats - Pied piper's prey Rats - Two-timing rodents? Rats - Laboratory maze navigators Rats - Charlie brown's "darn it!" Rats - Proverbial sinking ship deserters Rats - Hamelin headache Rats - "shoot!" Rats - 'doggone!' Rats - Scoundrels Rats - 'dog-gone!' Rats - Some rodents Rats - Pied piper's followers Rats - Charlie brown's expletive Rats - 'drat!' Rats - 'blasted!' Rats - Brown expletive Rats - What a nuisance that they shine back Rats - Might they gnaw their way back for the main part? Rats - What got piped into the water Rats - Beastly little light from back there Rats - Such a nuisance that they shine up like this Rats - Treacherous rodents Rats - Rodents Rats - How pestiferous to have turned so heavenly Rats - Lab dwellers Rats - "darn it all!" Rats - How pests turn for the main part Rats - In their turn pests may twinkle Rats - They gnaw the shiner up Rats - Do you get a twinkle back from the pests? Rats - They shine back at the pests Rats - 'gosh darn it!' Rats - "peanuts" exclamation Rats - Laboratory maze runners Rats - 'what rotten luck!' Rats - Experiment runners? Rats - Unwanted rodents Rats - 'peanuts' expletive Rats - "bah!" Rats - Cry often made while snapping the fingers Rats - Squeals (with "on") Rats - "curses!" to charlie brown Rats - See 24 Rats - First word of 'the 21 19' Rats - Snoopy's imprecation - vermin Rats - Pied piper followers Rats - Squeals Rats - Lab-maze solvers Rats - What charlie brown says when he's mad Rats - Laboratory maze critters Rats - Hamelin pests Rats - Pied piper's pack Rats - Winston's biggest fear in '1984' Rats - 'curses!' Rats - Tattles Rats - Willard's pals Rats - "that didn't go well" Rats - 'foiled!' Rats - 'bummer!' Rats - Rodent pests Rats - "oh, criminy!" Rats - Blows the whistle Rats - Lab rodents Rats - Tells in a bad way Rats - Traitors Rats - Charlie brown shout Rats - Leaders ran a tight ship with vermin Rats - "peanuts" phooey Rats - They may be trapped in a maze Rats - (hunts) rodents - expression of irritation Rats - 'phooey' Rats - Alley scurriers Rats - Frank zappa made them hot Rats - Mild oath from screen idol taken the wrong way Rats - Heels in which leading lady stands up Rats - Children not the first that were piped away Rats - Damn strikes, time for pressure to be applied Rats - Mild oath - sewer residents Rats - Maze runners Rats - Informers, in slang Rats - Hamelin invaders Rats - Charlie brown's interjection Rats - Blast alternative Rats - Habitués, so to speak Rats - Scoundrels knocking celebrity over Rats - Damn - they do make good pets! Rats - Hamelin's pests Rats - Rising sun's blast! Rats - The light return is "nuts to you!" Rats - Famous actor making a comeback? nonsense! Rats - Rodents causing a cry of irritation Rats - Curses celebrity making comeback Rats - Annoyed expression as celebrity makes a comeback Rats - "charlie brown" expletive Rats - 'drat it!' Rats - Alley crawlers Rats - They've "licked the soup from the cooks' own ladles" Rats - Common rodents Rats - Some vermin Rats - Plural of 42-across Rats - "dang!" Rats - "willard" antagonists Rats - Sewer critters Rats - "peanuts" outburst Rats - Haunted house scurriers Rats - Charlie brown says it Rats - Problem for hamelin Rats - Sewer scamperers Rats - 'doggone it!' Rats - Charlie brown expression Rats - 'goddamn those little plague-carriers!' Rats - Celebrity turns from vermin Rats - Cause of food inspectors visiting 'rising sun'? Rats - 'i hate when that happens!' Rats - Laboratory maze-runners Rats - Disappointed outburst Rats - Word from charlie brown Rats - Scurrying mammals Rats - 'the secret of nimh' creatures Rats - "aw, shucks!" Rats - 'nuts' Rats - Charlie brown's oath Rats - Bad singers? Rats - Turns state's evidence Rats - Subway scurriers Rats - Exclamation of frustration Rats - What you might say when you get the theme answers (or if you can't figure them out) Rats - Blast animals Rats - Mob snitches Rats - 'aw, shucks!' Rats - 'consarn it!' Rats - Alley dwellers Rats - Detested rodents Rats - Things to exterminate, to many Rats - Snitches (on) Rats - "they don't scurry when something bigger comes their way," according to pearl jam Rats - Bob geldof band boomtown ___ Rats - Boomtown ___ Rats - Boomtown __ Rats - "the fine art of surfacing" boomtown ___ Rats - Pearl jam "they don't scurry when something bigger comes their way" song Rats - "peanuts" epithet Rats - Charlie brown's "phooey!" Rats - Unwanted subway sights Rats - Mob informers Rats - Surmulots Rats - Ils sont prolifiques Rats - Sewer scurriers Rats - Sings lead after comeback Rats - Maze creatures Rats - The boomtown ___ Rats - Some quadruped vermin Rats - 'crud!' Rats - Urban vermin Rats - Vermin on the edges of rain forest Rats - Double-crossers Rats - Apprennent à danser Rats - Ne'er-do-wells Rats - Vermin running around two state capitals Rats - Charlie brown's "blast it!" Rats - Apprennent des pas Rats - Epithet from charlie brown Rats - 'aw, man!' Rats - Mob turncoats Rats - Rongeurs
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'nuts!' (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - 'nuts!'. word on "R". 1 - st. letter R. 2 - st. letter A. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter S.

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