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Neat - First-rate

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Neat - First-rate Neat - Sans mixers Neat - Spiffy Neat - Smart Neat - Devoid of rocks? Neat - In apple-pie order Neat - Tidy Neat - In order Neat - Peachy-keen Neat - Jim-dandy Neat - Uncluttered Neat - Not on the rocks Neat - 'capital!' Neat - Orderly Neat - Undiluted Neat - Straight Neat - Shipshape Neat - Full-strength, in a way Neat - Spruce Neat - Bar request Neat - Methodical Neat - Like some drinks Neat - Without ice Neat - Sans ice Neat - Not having a hair out of place Neat - Undiluted, as liquor Neat - 'cool!' Neat - A way to drink whiskey Neat - Like some drink orders Neat - Well-groomed Neat - Unmixed, at a mixer Neat - Kind of little package Neat - "cool!" old-style Neat - Undiluted, as whisky Neat - Unmixed at a mixer Neat - Straight up or straightened up Neat - Marvy Neat - Nifty Neat - Straight in a snifter Neat - Undiluted, as whiskey Neat - Litter-free Neat - Unmixed, to a mixologist Neat - Clutter-free Neat - Cleared of clutter Neat - Trim Neat - Natty Neat - Cool! Neat - Kempt Neat - With no ice Neat - Well-executed Neat - Sans rocks Neat - Fastidious Neat - Spick-and-span Neat - 'snazzy!' Neat - Straight, at the bar Neat - Like a pin? Neat - How scotch may be served Neat - Straight up Neat - Cool Neat - In good order Neat - Sans ice or a mixer Neat - All in place Neat - Spick and span Neat - Carefully written Neat - Not having a thing out of place Neat - Bar preference Neat - Without water, to a mixologist Neat - Older cousin of "cool!" Neat - "no ice" Neat - In a glass by itself Neat - Like good handwriting Neat - Sans ice, as a drink Neat - Straight, or straightened Neat - Organized Neat - Obviously carefully written Neat - Like unmixed whiskey Neat - Without a mixer Neat - "how peachy keen!" Neat - 'dandy!' Neat - Polished Neat - "wonderful!" Neat - Undiluted, at the bar Neat - What oscar madison wasn't Neat - Orderly and systematic Neat - Pinlike, metaphorically Neat - Straight up, at a bar Neat - Not likely to mess up? Neat - "cool" Neat - Unlike 7-down Neat - Cleverly effective Neat - "rad!" Neat - Well-ordered Neat - Clever Neat - Straight up, at the bar Neat - Bourbon order Neat - 'swell!' Neat - Well-planned Neat - Drink preference Neat - Groomed Neat - Carefully arranged Neat - Unmixed, as a drink Neat - Undiluted, in a whiskey order Neat - All spruced up Neat - Undiluted, as a drink Neat - "cool!" Neat - Every hair in place Neat - Like hospital corners Neat - Straight, at a bar Neat - Without a mixer or chaser Neat - 'what a cool gadget!' Neat - Request to a barkeep Neat - Without ice, at a bar Neat - 'very cool!' Neat - Free of clutter Neat - With no rocks Neat - Like felix unger Neat - ___ as a pin Neat - Straight up, to a bartender Neat - "far out" Neat - "swell" Neat - Without a hair out of place Neat - Well-kept Neat - All lined up Neat - Scotch order Neat - Having everything arranged just so Neat - With everything in its place Neat - Like organized desks Neat - Unlike many a dorm room Neat - Swell Neat - With everything arranged just so Neat - With everything in place Neat - Having everything in its place Neat - Just so Neat - Bang-up Neat - Without ice, as a drink Neat - 'cool beans!' Neat - Well kept up Neat - Tidily organized Neat - "swell!" Neat - 'super!' Neat - "keen!" Neat - Pinlike? Neat - Skillful Neat - Far from frowzy Neat - Without ice or mixers Neat - 'that's keen!' Neat - Toned-down "awesome!" Neat - Uncut Neat - Peachy Neat - Straight at the bar Neat - Dapper Neat - Like felix Neat - Ship-shape Neat - Felix unger-esque Neat - Unadulterated Neat - Spruced up Neat - -- as a pin Neat - Not cluttered Neat - In tidy order Neat - Mess-free Neat - Would the north consume its flesh? Neat - Maintaining the rest in a singular little setting Neat - One might have a tidy sort of a herd of such Neat - One may have heard of this, by the sound of it Neat - The 10 across are quite in order Neat - That's in order to be bovine Neat - In order to be like old cattle Neat - The old beast has no water (4) Neat - There's a tidy lot of food in that sort of meat Neat - By the sound of it, it's in order to have heard of this Neat - In order to have heard of this, by the sound of it Neat - All in order for the cattle Neat - Tidy and dapper Neat - Tidy and orderly Neat - Orderly and clean Neat - Tidy and trim Neat - 'cool' Neat - Tidy and ordered Neat - Clean and orderly Neat - Clean and tidy Neat - How scotch may be taken Neat - Trim and tidy Neat - Tidy and uncluttered Neat - Tidy and spruce Neat - Orderly, uncluttered Neat - Tidy cattle Neat - Tidy cattle? Neat - Can you have cattle without water to drink? Neat - In order to have the old word for cattle Neat - In order to be beastly of old Neat - In order to be old cattle Neat - In order for the cattle to be as of old Neat - All in order to have heard the sound of this Neat - In order to make a net for the cattle Neat - Orderly cattle for the north to swallow Neat - Ingenious Neat - "no ice, please" Neat - Whiskey order Neat - Ordered Neat - "amazing!" Neat - In order to see the northeast, at last Neat - 'no ice, barkeep' Neat - Pinlike Neat - 'way cool!' Neat - Proper way to order good whiskey Neat - Smart way to order a drink Neat - Not messy Neat - Interact every second straight Neat - Cattle without water Neat - -x/a (ingenious?) Neat - Straight into 9, a 3 Neat - ... minus 550, or lower? Neat - Unwatered cattle Neat - Unwatered stock Neat - Ordered, as whisky may be Neat - Smart to listen to holy spirit? Neat - Cool without a splash? Neat - Trim and plain, like 'ox' Neat - Steer straight Neat - Well dressed beef Neat - Straight for the bull Neat - Straight man's last to scoff Neat - Steer - straight - trim Neat - Tidy - with no water Neat - Trim - undiluted Neat - Tidy - undiluted Neat - Tidy - orderly Neat - Trim - tidy - without water Neat - Elegant - cow (archaic) Neat - Tidy - cool! Neat - Cool - without a mixer Neat - Opposite of messy Neat - "no ice, bartender" Neat - Deftly done Neat - Like felix, but not oscar Neat - Far from frowsy Neat - How cognac is usually served Neat - Drink alone in trim Neat - Organised stock Neat - "terrif!" Neat - Without a thing out of place Neat - Unmixed, as whiskey Neat - Cleverly done Neat - Tidy - old cow! Neat - Anal Neat - Without 4 down Neat - 'gnarly!' Neat - "nifty!" Neat - Bar order Neat - Straight from the bottle Neat - Straight - cool! Neat - Impressively doneв Neat - "groovy!" Neat - Clever one to catch out Neat - No-clutter Neat - Clean-cut Neat - Unlike oscar madison Neat - Like most cats Neat - Straight up at the bar Neat - Like a clean room Neat - Excellent american cattle Neat - New tea brewing without water being added Neat - Cattle lacking water Neat - Tidy, well-organised Neat - Tidy kitchen finally, then have meal Neat - (of alcohol) not diluted Neat - Snare to catch a cow Neat - Tidy pass, for example Neat - Cattle not mixed with anything else Neat - Husband leaves welsh place in good order Neat - As whisky may be ordered? Neat - Well-trimmed farm animals Neat - Smart getting straight to the barmaid Neat - In good order, tidy Neat - Very good american beef Neat - Nicely proportioned cattle Neat - Cow pat? Neat - Excellent bovine Neat - Cattle with no water Neat - Tidy; undiluted Neat - Clear to keep area tidy Neat - Cattle graze close to barn at first Neat - Clean without water Neat - Bovine animal Neat - Oscar madison wasn't Neat - Clean Neat - Like felix, vis--vis oscar Neat - Like felix rather than oscar Neat - How drinks won't be served in a mess? Neat - Elegant cattle Neat - Ordered; without water Neat - A quarter take food without water Neat - A catch caught by not being sloppy Neat - Ordered straight Neat - Define a term to cover 'straight' Neat - Straight in order Neat - Drink with no water added Neat - Cow at full strength Neat - 'with spirit unweakened' is pithy Neat - Elegant welsh place lacking hotel Neat - With a lacy edging, or trim Neat - Point made before pouring tea is in order Neat - Elegant old cow maybe Neat - Brown's back keeping english cool Neat - Organised footballer's target: to capture heart of manager Neat - Clear about answer being straight Neat - Well-groomed bovine Neat - Retracted, contracted and in order Neat - Elegant angus? Neat - Smart material in which article is wrapped Neat - Straight and clear about answer Neat - Elegant fabric concealing article Neat - Orderly to have a snack after end of session Neat - Ordered without water Neat - Foundation worker Neat - Not messy at all Neat - With 59-down, "very clever!" Neat - Cool, though without ice? Neat - Straightened up Neat - Interact with odd characters discharged in good order Neat - 'ooooh!' Neat - Not at all messy Neat - Sans ice, at the bar Neat - Quite tidy Neat - In great order Neat - Nicely kept Neat - Is this how they have their whiskey in trim? Neat - Nicely arranged Neat - Without ice or mixer Neat - Not watered down Neat - Averse to clutter Neat - 'nifty!' Neat - Marine attendants partly missing water? Neat - Orderly without water? Neat - Nervous as a cat on the edges of trim Neat - Sans mixer or ice Neat - Well-groomed, carrying a bag Neat - 'that's super!' Neat - Sans ice or mixer Neat - Iceless, to a mixologist Neat - First of notes put away in good order Neat - Children ultimately worry cattle Neat - Finished cut below Neat - Drink order Neat - Straight from the bar Neat - "peachy keen!" Neat - Sparkling Neat - Boomtown rats "nice n ___" Neat - Robert plant "white, clean and ___" Neat - Repeated song in the damned title Neat - Boomtown rats "nice 'n' ___" Neat - Groovy Neat - Rocking! Neat - Alcoholic drink without a mixer Neat - What a slob is not Neat - Clean and organized Neat - Well-groomed cattle Neat - "far out!" Neat - Like felix ungar Neat - "very cool!" Neat - Repeated word in the damned song title Neat - Unmixed, as a cocktail Neat - Finished bronze from the east, with eastern content Neat - With nothing out of place Neat - Post-housekeeping Neat - Well organized Neat - As drink might be ordered Neat - Without ice, at the bar Neat - Tidy part of nuneaton Neat - Sans mixer, at a bar Neat - Devoid of clutter Neat - With everything in order Neat - Spruce in cologne -- a tannenbaum Neat - Far from disorderly