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Caters - Supplies the food for

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Caters - 'supplies food, ready to eat (6)' Caters - Appeases (with "to") Caters - Brings the food Caters - Cooks for Caters - Does a banquet job Caters - Does fare include the hour out in coaches? Caters - Does the work as a matter of course Caters - Feeds a crowd Caters - Feeds guests Caters - Furnishes food for Caters - Handles receptions, say Caters - Handles the food for the party Caters - Handles the party Caters - Indulges, with "to" Caters - Of course one prepares traces like this Caters - Pampers, with "to" Caters - Pleases, with 'to' Caters - Provides food Caters - Provides food crates when desperate Caters - Provides food for Caters - Provides for in crates Caters - Provides party platters Caters - Provides provender Caters - Provides refreshment in a variety of crates Caters - Provides services for, supplies Caters - Provides the food Caters - Provides the grub Caters - Provides west end show entertaining her majesty Caters - Provides what is needed, say food and drink Caters - Provides with food Caters - Queen among members of her species provides what's needed Caters - Stocks the party Caters - Supplies Caters - Supplies a buffet for, say Caters - Supplies food for Caters - Supplies food for parties Caters - Supplies food for, as an affair Caters - Supplies food ready to eat Caters - Supplies in crates Caters - Supplies the food Caters - Supplies the food for Caters - Supplies the victuals Caters - Supplies, as food for a party Caters - Takes care of the food for the party Caters - Works a banquet Caters - Works a wedding Caters - Works a wedding, maybe Caters - Works a wedding, perhaps Caters - Works as a matter of course Caters - Worries about a little tea that one provides