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Avers - States

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  • 2 - st. word V
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Avers - Affirms Avers - Affirms the bible, but with words of hesitation Avers - Alleges Avers - Alleges as fact Avers - Alleges, asserts Avers - As it is getting around to the cleric back there, or so it claims Avers - Asserts Avers - Boldly states Avers - Certifies Avers - Claims Avers - Claims, as it's about to start back for 35 across Avers - Comes out with Avers - Confirms Avers - Côté de médaille Avers - Côté face d'une monnaie Avers - Declares Avers - Declares a curtailed poem Avers - Declares a piece of poetry endless Avers - Declares a piece of poetry interminably Avers - Declares a piece of poetry lacks point Avers - Declares a verse is shortened Avers - Declares as true Avers - Declares assuredly Avers - Declares definitively Avers - Declares to be true Avers - Declares with confidence Avers - Is this how the cad claims they're dead? Avers - Maintains Avers - Makes a declaration Avers - Makes a statement Avers - Makes assertions about leaving speleologists Avers - Mostly hostile states Avers - One claims this, as it's about a backward cleric Avers - Perhaps the cad so claims that they're all stiff Avers - Professes Avers - Professes firmly Avers - Reports or maintains Avers - Says Avers - Says assuredly Avers - Says decidedly Avers - Says it's so Avers - Says positively Avers - Says with certainty Avers - Says with no uncertainty Avers - Says without doubt Avers - Says without hesitation Avers - States Avers - States as fact Avers - States as truth Avers - States bank customer has capital going right down Avers - States confidently Avers - States endlessly unwilling Avers - States firmly Avers - States firmly - really raves Avers - States for certain Avers - States opposed dropping ecstasy Avers - States peremptorily Avers - States plainly Avers - States positively Avers - States that are endlessly hostile Avers - States to be the case Avers - States to be true Avers - States unequivocally Avers - States with certainty Avers - States with confidence Avers - States with conviction Avers - States, because it's about a cleric up there Avers - Swears Avers - Swears up and down Avers - Swears yet is not entirely ill-disposed Avers - The cad could make corpses of this, or so he claims Avers - The cad makes a claim like this for those that are dead Avers - Un côté de la médaille Avers - What ones pal claims, in a manner fo speaking