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Pledge - Morning classroom ritual, often

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Pledge - 68-down, for one Pledge - A promise to pawn? Pledge - Aid a fund drive Pledge - Allegiance avowal Pledge - Assurance, promise Pledge - Binding promise Pledge - Bond takes it during confirmation ceremony Pledge - Brother-to-be Pledge - Classroom recitation Pledge - Covenant Pledge - Do without porter, having signed this Pledge - Even a teetotaller may take it Pledge - Extraction of principled gentlemen's agreement Pledge - Firm commitment Pledge - Frat candidate Pledge - Frat newbie Pledge - Give one's word Pledge - Go slowly by place that has been offered to uncle Pledge - Guarantee poland's border Pledge - Help pbs, e.g Pledge - I swear by almighty god the place is nervous Pledge - Loyal toast drunk in hock, presumably Pledge - Morning classroom ritual, often Pledge - Not all people'd get an assurance Pledge - Oath Pledge - One should abstain from putting one's name to it Pledge - Pawn toast Pledge - Penny left on shelf giving commitment Pledge - Pioneer takes this record up to the border Pledge - Place on the border needing a sign of security Pledge - Polish brand Pledge - Promise Pledge - Promise (to abstain?) Pledge - Promise - security Pledge - Promise by president to be brief with accounts Pledge - Promise made leading characters in play nervous? Pledge - Promise of parking on port side Pledge - Promise or pawn Pledge - Promise parking can be found by lake shore? Pledge - Promise penny unfinished record book Pledge - Promise solemnly Pledge - Promise solemnly and formally Pledge - Promise to be plural on the border Pledge - Promise to get collateral Pledge - Promise to make toast Pledge - Promise to pbs Pledge - Promise to put first of parcels on shelf Pledge - Promise to put piano on shelf Pledge - Promise to put small amount of money on unfinished book Pledge - Promise to return recording, given little advantage Pledge - Promise to uncle, perhaps Pledge - Public library on the border needs security Pledge - Public tv donation Pledge - Public tv request Pledge - School recital Pledge - Security gives advantage to place Pledge - Sign the - - , abstain from alcohol Pledge - Solemn promise Pledge - Solemn undertaking Pledge - Solemn undertaking to abstain from drinking a toast Pledge - Stapled gerund to obscure word Pledge - Take an oath Pledge - Take it, if you hope to stay dry Pledge - Take it, if you mean to stay dry Pledge - Take this and never drink a little plural on the border Pledge - Telethon donation Pledge - Telethon promise Pledge - Toast initially put on shelf Pledge - Took this not to drink at the border at last Pledge - Undertaking to move carefully beneath power line Pledge - Vow Pledge - Vow made by page left on one side Pledge - Vow, affirm Pledge - Vow; security Pledge - Word Pledge - Word of honor Pledge - Would-be brother Pledge - Would-be frat member