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Era - Period of history Era - Memorable time Era - Former polit. cause Era - Quite some time Era - Historical period Era - Procter & gamble brand Era - Time frame Era - Baseball stat Era - Timeline division Era - Tide rival Era - Epoch Era - Old polit. cause Era - Stage of history Era - Laundry room brand Era - Roman or greek, e.g Era - Proposal defeated in 1982 Era - Stat for maddux Era - Cenozoic, e.g Era - '___ yes!' (old political placard) Era - Period in history Era - Elizabethan ___ Era - Two or more periods Era - Stat. that's good when low Era - Christian ___ Era - Detergent brand Era - Time to remember Era - Pitching stat Era - The roaring twenties, e.g Era - Particular time Era - Bygone pol. cause Era - Victorian, for one Era - Cause that now championed Era - Procter & gamble detergent Era - Time in history Era - Mesozoic or paleozoic Era - Victorian ___ Era - Depression ___ Era - Prohibition ___ Era - Pitcher's stat Era - Big band ___ Era - Horse-and-buggy ___ Era - Gaslight ___ Era - 1970's-80's cause Era - Slice of history Era - Brand at the laundromat Era - Time piece? Era - Roaring twenties, e.g Era - All alternative Era - Part of b.c.e Era - The thatcher years, e.g., in britain Era - Laundry detergent brand Era - Stat for clemens Era - Notable time Era - Diamond stat Era - Prohibition ___ (1920-33) Era - Notable period Era - Baseball card stat Era - Big name in real estate Era - Old now cause Era - Koufax's was 2.76 Era - Time Era - Significant stretch Era - Hoped-for low number: abbr Era - Quod ___ faciendum Era - Dash competitor Era - Chapter in history Era - Stat that's good when under 3.00 Era - "the big band," for one Era - Big time? Era - Time span Era - Historical time Era - Stat. for greg maddux Era - Timeline segment Era - Hurler's stat Era - Geologist's time division Era - Historical age Era - Time worth noting Era - Chronological division Era - Block of time Era - Period Era - Tide competitor Era - Distinctive time Era - Historic period Era - Cause for steinem Era - Pitcher's pride Era - Historical time to remember Era - It contains periods Era - Big time Era - Significant time period Era - Prohibition, e.g Era - Coldwell banker competitor Era - Silent ___ (time before the talkies) Era - An earlier one may be recalled Era - Paleozoic, for one Era - Historical stage Era - Ruth's was 2.28 Era - Unique stretch in time Era - Paleozoic, for example Era - --- of good feelings Era - Several periods Era - See 35-across Era - Important historic period Era - Important time span Era - Archeozoic, e.g Era - Depression, for one Era - 1970's-80's cause, for short Era - Gay 90's, e.g Era - Time period Era - History text topic Era - It may have periods Era - Feminist pitcher's concern? Era - Oft-nicknamed period Era - Important time Era - End of an ___ Era - Napoleonic, for one Era - Memorable age Era - Prominent span of years Era - Low no. for roger clemens Era - Period of years Era - Stat for pedro martinez Era - Mound stat Era - Bygone period Era - Chapter of history Era - Memorable period Era - Paleozoic Era - "--- of good feelings" Era - Stat for roger clemens Era - Newsworthy time Era - Segment of history Era - Cy young stat Era - Reconstruction, for one Era - Big band, for one Era - Historical division Era - Nomo number Era - Historic block of time Era - Geological period Era - Important time in history Era - The roosevelt years, e.g Era - Christian, for one Era - Piece of the past Era - Koufax stat Era - Pedro martinez stat Era - Piece of history Era - Time scale section Era - Time of note Era - Chronology segment Era - Big period Era - Tide alternative Era - Good feelings, for one Era - Timeline portion Era - Stat for martinez Era - Mesozoic, e.g Era - Pedro martinez's pride Era - Stretch of history Era - Cheer competitor Era - Elizabethan, for one Era - Gaslight, e.g Era - History section Era - Timeline stretch Era - Prohibition, for one Era - Grand time Era - Big block of time Era - "big band," for one Era - Elizabethan or gaslight Era - Don larsen stat Era - Sports stat that's best when low Era - ___ of good feelings Era - Now cause Era - Years Era - Victorian or big band Era - Major division of time Era - The sixties, e.g Era - Span of time Era - Significant period Era - Period piece Era - Stat that is better when lower Era - Period of note Era - Nolan ryan stat Era - Years of note Era - Sizable duration Era - Significant time Era - Stat that's good when low Era - The clinton years, e.g Era - Bullpen stat Era - Unforgettable time Era - Historic time Era - Hurler’s stat Era - Important time, history-wise Era - Stat for barry zito Era - All competitor Era - Geologist's time Era - Reliever's stat Era - Cenozoic or mesozoic Era - A no. that's good when under 3.00 Era - Colonial ___ Era - Constitutional proposal first introduced in cong. in 1923 Era - Neolithic ___ Era - Identifiable period Era - Memorable stretch Era - Pitcher's concern Era - Time gone by Era - Slab stat Era - Timeline section Era - Hall of fame stat Era - Prominent time Era - Century 21 competitor Era - The wild west was one Era - Notable stretch Era - Decade or so Era - History segment Era - Notable period of time Era - Important period Era - Big real estate firm Era - A time to remember Era - Historical topic Era - Mesozoic, for one Era - Popular laundry detergent Era - Time piece Era - Large time piece? Era - Bygone polit. cause Era - Low fig. for randy johnson Era - Long time Era - Big band, e.g Era - Time division Era - Stat. for pedro martinez Era - Chronology component Era - Muslim or christian, e.g Era - Noteworthy time Era - Eon subdivision Era - Historic time piece? Era - Period of time Era - It may end in -zoic Era - Mlb figure Era - Paleozoic, e.g Era - Generation or more Era - Noteworthy period Era - Past portion Era - Big band or christian, e.g Era - Geologic time division Era - Newsworthy period of history Era - Time worth remembering Era - Division of history Era - Former now concern Era - Pitcher's no Era - The dead-ball ___ Era - Eisenhower years, e.g Era - A cause for steinem Era - Failed const. amendment Era - Temporal stretch Era - Mccarthy, for one Era - Mound numbers: abbr Era - Historical segment Era - Unratified amendment Era - Word after big band or reagan Era - The eisenhower years, e.g Era - Cheer alternative Era - Cenozoic, for one Era - History book discussion, perhaps Era - Historical classification Era - It often ends in -zoic Era - Good feeling time? Era - Now issue Era - Paleontology period Era - Hurling stat Era - Great time Era - A strike-out makes it go down Era - Historic period of note Era - Memorable time in history Era - History unit Era - Gaslight, for one Era - Prop. originally called the "lucretia mott amendment" Era - Distinctive period Era - Newsworthy time in history Era - Span of history Era - Historic interval Era - Mike mussina stat Era - Day and age Era - Age Era - Period of distinction Era - Unratified proposal, briefly Era - Jurassic, for one Era - Geological time span Era - Amount of time Era - Portion of the past Era - Century 21 alternative Era - Big band __ Era - Themed period Era - The 50's, e.g Era - Failed amdt Era - Geologic period Era - Timeline time Era - Progressive ___ Era - Period piece? Era - Important stretch Era - Romantic or victorian, e.g Era - Mesozoic or cenozoic Era - A pitcher likes a low one Era - Distinctive stretch Era - Contreras stat Era - Cy young award stat Era - Notable time period Era - Important span Era - Time stretch Era - Big stretch Era - Mlb statistic Era - Fdr's time in office, e.g Era - Wisk alternative Era - Chronology component, perhaps Era - It should be low on a diamond Era - Big band or disco period Era - The 80's, say Era - Eventful time Era - "flapper" follower Era - Victorian __ Era - Division of time Era - Geologic division Era - Gay nineties or roaring twenties Era - Issue for now Era - Long stretch Era - Elizabethan or victorian Era - Historical chapter Era - Tom seaver's 2.86, e.g Era - Swing __ Era - History book chapter Era - Momentous time Era - Failed 27th amendment Era - It's full of periods Era - American depression, e.g Era - Memorable period of time Era - Legislation recently re-introduced by edward kennedy and carolyn maloney: abbr Era - Important period of history Era - Period to remember Era - Ballpark figure, for short Era - Chapter Era - "common" chapter of history Era - Bce part Era - It may be golden Era - Stat for a pitcher that's better low than high Era - The modern ___ Era - Remarkable time Era - Significant span Era - Unforgettable time for historians Era - Chunk of the past Era - Special time in history Era - Stat for greg maddux Era - Soviet ___ Era - Nostalgia elicitor Era - Pitcher's preoccupation Era - Ballpark fig Era - Sports meas. of effectiveness Era - Now project Era - Particular period Era - Geologic time period Era - Geological time period Era - Stat for a reliever Era - Geologic time unit Era - Prime period Era - B.c.e. concluder Era - Noteworthy epoch Era - Stat for jonathan papelbon Era - Roosevelt or eisenhower Era - Momentous time in history Era - History chapter Era - Depression, e.g Era - Gay '90s, say Era - Stat that's better when lower Era - Stat for johan santana Era - Disco ___ Era - Proposed legislation whose current lead sponsor in the sen. is ted kennedy Era - Southpaw's stat Era - Stat for warren spahn: abbr Era - Cousin of age Era - Horse-and-buggy, e.g Era - Swing or mesozoic, e.g Era - 1970s polit. cause Era - Silent ___ Era - Time-line division Era - Stat for hurlers Era - Common ___ Era - Historical timeline section Era - History book topic Era - The modern, for one Era - Years of note, collectively Era - Bold shelfmate Era - The swing, for example Era - Victorian or napoleonic Era - Disco, for one Era - Stat for schilling Era - Unit of geologic time Era - Stat next to whip and k's Era - Sandy koufax stat Era - History text unit Era - Golden time Era - Special period of history Era - Influential time Era - Eon part Era - Its end is often observed Era - Word after reagan or clinton Era - A pitcher should keep it low Era - Word with "big band" or "reagan" Era - Reconstruction, e.g Era - Onetime now cause Era - Fantasy baseball category Era - Important stat to a pitching coach Era - Ultra __: detergent brand Era - Important historical time Era - __ of good feelings Era - 1 across example Era - Pitcher meas Era - The end of an ___ Era - Timeline indication Era - Category in pitching's triple crown Era - No. that should be as low as possible Era - Legis. introduced into every session of congress from 1923 to 1970 Era - Swing or big band Era - Depression-___ Era - The gaslight __ Era - Big slice of history Era - Reagan or christian Era - Gaslight __ Era - Historic age Era - Laundry brand Era - Hunk of history Era - Reagan-___ Era - A little bit of history Era - See 30-across Era - Historian's study Era - Stat that's good when it's low Era - Chunk of history Era - A good one in the nl is low Era - Clinton __ Era - Cold war ___ Era - The sixties, for one Era - It's low for aces: abbr Era - Soviet or weimar follower Era - Stat for dice-k Era - A good start drops it Era - Closer's stat Era - Golden age, e.g Era - Bush ___ Era - Stat for gooden or maddux Era - The baroque or classical Era - The horse-and-buggy, for one Era - The golden age of television, for one Era - Detergent name Era - Victorian or edwardian, e.g Era - Geologic time Era - The gay nineties, e.g Era - Notable span Era - Steroid or deadball follower, in baseball lore Era - Paleozoic __ Era - Period in a historian's book Era - A one-two-three inning makes it go down Era - History class topic Era - Distinct span Era - Long, long time Era - Major time period Era - Oft-named time Era - Stat that is generally lower in the nl Era - A quality start can lower it Era - Dubbed period Era - Historical span Era - Abbr. on topps cards Era - "big band" period Era - ___ of good feelings, 1817-25 Era - Prohibition __ Era - The big band __ Era - Past time Era - Generation Era - Historian's unit Era - Disco or swing follower Era - Ill-fated 27th amendment Era - Hunk of time Era - Memorable time period Era - Time for the history books Era - Spring training stat Era - Procter & gamble laundry brand Era - Important historical period Era - Oft-named period Era - Gay nineties, for one Era - Alice paul wrote it in 1923: abbr Era - Procter & gamble's first liquid laundry detergent Era - Influential time period Era - Chronological span Era - Hurler's figure Era - Noted period Era - Distinctive span of history Era - Pitching no Era - Horse and buggy __ Era - Time worth studying Era - Significant period of time Era - '70s now cause Era - Big band or prohibition Era - Stat for lackey Era - Paleozoic ___ Era - Historical stretch Era - A scoreless inning makes it go down Era - Common, roman or christian Era - Stat for a hurler Era - Nostalgic period Era - History-book chapter Era - Geological span Era - "the ___ of good feelings" Era - Stat for pitchers Era - Never-ratified women-related measure, for short Era - ___ of good feeling Era - Time slice Era - Period for historians Era - Stat for halladay or sabathia Era - Stat for cc sabathia Era - Modern __ Era - Particular period of history Era - It was supported by now Era - ___ of good feelings (monroe years) Era - It may contain periods Era - Washday brand Era - The cenozoic, e.g Era - Victoria's reign, e.g Era - Stat for koufax Era - Chunk of time Era - Source of bullpen bragging rights: abbr Era - Proposal supported by martha griffiths Era - Fab rival Era - Time on earth Era - The great depression, e.g Era - Stat for seaver or santana Era - Hidden theme of the puzzle Era - Stat for mariano rivera Era - Mesozoic ___ Era - String of periods Era - Jazz __ Era - Good thing to keep low on a diamond Era - Good fig. for maddux or martinez Era - Detergent in a red bottle Era - Cenozoic or paleozoic, e.g Era - Word with "big band" Era - Time often named Era - Geologist's span Era - Evolutionary time period Era - Now political cause, once Era - Stat for cliff lee Era - D.c. human rights act not yet ratified by congress Era - Eventful period Era - Geological time Era - Stretch to remember Era - Pretty big stretch? Era - Swing ___ (1920s-30s) Era - Disco __ Era - "___ of good feelings" Era - History-book chapter, perhaps Era - Grand time? Era - Time-line span Era - Bit of history Era - Stretch of years Era - Stretch of history Era - Historic stretch Era - Important age Era - Bit of history Era - Pitching number Era - Pitcher's number Era - History bit Era - History stretch Era - Proposed amdt Era - Memo rable period- Era - Distinct period Era - Geologi-cal time Era - Geological spell Era - 15-across, e.g Era - Mound fig Era - Now goal Era - Historic period Era - Time of history Era - Slice of time Era - Victorian -- Era - Paleozoic -- Era - Stat for a pitcher Era - 'it's the end of an --' Era - Big band -- Era - Notable timespan Era - Momentous time period Era - Historic time period Era - Special time Era - Wisk rival Era - The wild west, e.g Era - Time chunk Era - See 54-down Era - Papelbon stat Era - Chronology section Era - It didn't get ratified Era - History chunk Era - This will sure give one plenty of time for removal Era - Lots of time, sure to be removed Era - That sure gives lots of time for removal Era - Given time, this is sure to have been removed Era - Period of alteration Era - Is there time to make it sure for removal? Era - That's sure to need rubber Era - 33 down for the unaspirated Era - Period, age Era - The times to give 30 down a start Era - It's sure to be a time for removals Era - This might be sure to give one lots of time for removal Era - Lots of time for the goddess to be unaspirated (3) Era - This is sure to give one time for removal Era - With this there's sure to be lots of time for removal Era - That gives time to get sure of getting removed Era - Epoch, period Era - Lots of time to get sure of being wiped out Era - This would give one plenty of time for removal for sure Era - Give plenty of time, it would be sure to get done with rubber Era - Time to get sure for removal Era - That sure gives one lots of time for removal Era - There's sure time for removal then Era - This would get sure of lots of time for removal Era - It's sure to be removed this time Era - There would be sure to be time for removal Era - This time it may be sure to be removed Era - After such a time it would be sure to be removed Era - Time for sure for removal Era - That's sure to be removed for a time Era - Given time, would be sure to get removed Era - This time for removal, to be sure Era - One of the times at the end of 12 across (3) Era - This one of 2 down would be sure to be removed Era - That could be sure to have lots of time for removal (3) Era - For sure there would be plenty of time for removal Era - Sure to have such plenty of time for the rubber Era - Time could be needed to get sure for removal Era - Division of geological time Era - A division of geological time Era - Distinct period in history Era - That's sure to give one plenty of time for removal Era - Given time, it could be sure to be removed Era - Swing time, e.g Era - It would be a sure time for removal Era - Such an age sure might get removed Era - It's a ballpark figure Era - A period of history Era - Are involved in time span Era - Pitcher's stat, for short Era - Specific span of history Era - A distinct period of history Era - A period of time Era - Period, time Era - It goes down with a shutout Era - A particular period of time Era - ___ of good feeling (monroe years) Era - Age of importance Era - Memorable time span Era - Timeline chunk Era - Time to get sure for rubber work Era - Time would be for sure for rubber Era - 20 across gets sent with such time Era - There would be lots of time for removal for sure Era - That would be sure to give time for removal Era - This time it needs to more for muse Era - After such a time one could get sure of removal Era - This long time it gets sure to be for removal Era - Plenty of time, to be sure, for removal Era - Such time as it's sure to get removed Era - That sure gives one plenty of time for removal Era - That would be sure to be a removal of the end of 9 across Era - This would get sure to be time for removal Era - That'll get removed after a time for sure Era - This time get sure for removal Era - Lot of time for sure for removal Era - That sure would give it lots of time for removal Era - This time sure has to be removed Era - Span of the past Era - Lots of time, sure, for removal Era - The dot-com ___ Era - The depression, e.g Era - Roy halladay stat Era - Post-pc ___ Era - Cy young award voter's concern Era - Long reign, e.g Era - Onetime feminist cause, for short Era - One cause for steinem Era - Eon division Era - "good feelings" time period Era - 'golden' time Era - History book chapter, perhaps Era - Stat that may be 'adjusted' Era - Gilded age, e.g Era - It would, at last, make the constitution discuss sex Era - Tudor ___ Era - Big band ___ (1930s-'40s) Era - Notable time in history Era - Internet __ Era - A pitcher should have a low one, in brief Era - History chapter, perhaps Era - History topic Era - Cy young award factor Era - "golden" time Era - Time of importance Era - Part of bce Era - Paleozoic or cenozoic Era - P&g detergent name Era - Laundry day brand Era - Unit in history class Era - Timeline period Era - Baseball stat that corrects for errors Era - Time for the eastern sun Era - Time to bend an ear Era - Age plays a part in the race Era - A period of the english artist Era - Times are changing Era - Maybe many decades are viewed in retrospect Era - Age of girl not five Era - Distinctive period in time Era - Long period Era - Distinctive period of time Era - Specific time Era - Major division of geological time Era - One long time period . Era - '70s-'80s political cause Era - The 'e' in b.c.e Era - It goes up with a hr Era - Chapter of a sort Era - Feminist cause opposed by the lds Era - Onetime alan alda cause Era - Important part of history Era - Stat for randy johnson Era - Word after progressive or dead-ball Era - Momentous period Era - Historic span Era - Pitchers stat Era - Long reign, say Era - Word with "big band" or "christian" Era - Important period in history Era - Word after many presidents' names Era - Memorable time for historians Era - Significant age Era - Word after cold war or disco Era - Cy young's was 2.63, in brief Era - Generation are in a mess Era - Baseball stat that is better when lower Era - Proposed change to the const Era - Historically low number for mariano rivera Era - Baseball statistic Era - Geologic time frame Era - Christian __ Era - The 'old days' are over Era - Geologic time span Era - Major span Era - Stat for clayton kershaw Era - Disco ___ (1970s) Era - Elizabethan, e.g Era - Monarch's reign, e.g Era - Swing or jazz follower Era - Golden __ Era - A simpler one may be recalled Era - Classical ___ Era - Stat for r.a. dickey Era - Timeline slice Era - Major stretch Era - Period relative Era - Significant time in history Era - Bob gibson's was 1.12 in 1968 Era - Period with a name Era - Span of a ruler, maybe Era - Stat for justin verlander Era - Stat for jered weaver Era - Important time, historically Era - Unsuccessful '70s-'80s cause Era - Stat for stephen strasburg Era - Trading card stat Era - Line managers got rid of signalmen for a period of time Era - Time of one's life Era - Common __ Era - Pitching stat way less important than xfip, to a sabermetrician Era - Special span Era - Historic chapter Era - Cenozoic __ Era - Gay nineties, e.g Era - Depression-___ glassware Era - Notable age Era - Historical period of time Era - Geologic timespan Era - Like some fancy sauces Era - Notable period of the past Era - Memorable span Era - Reagan __ Era - Significant historical span Era - Meaningful period of time Era - Time of one's life? Era - Mlb stat Era - A coup could end it Era - Ace's stat Era - Geology topic Era - Supermarket brand "for tough moms" Era - Doo-wop __ Era - Period of literary style, e.g Era - Detergent featuring 3x stain-fighting power Era - Follower of bush or clinton Era - Timeline chapter Era - Cam attachment? Era - Eminent interval Era - Eon subunit Era - Stretch named for a leader, perhaps Era - Stat that's better if it's lower Era - Stat that concerns pitchers Era - A low one is best, for short Era - Roaring '20s, e.g Era - '70s-feminist cause Era - Bush ___ (early 2000s) Era - Influential interval Era - Significant stretch of time Era - Historic timespan Era - Timeline part Era - What a coup could end Era - Many a presidential term, historically Era - Titled years, collectively Era - Historical interval Era - Period sometimes named for a statesman Era - Are in reverse? Era - Baseball's steroid __ Era - Stat for cole hamels Era - Bush __ Era - Disco '70s, e.g Era - Period sometimes named after a president Era - Victorian or edwardian Era - Zeus's wife, lacking aspiration for a long time Era - Period article about to get knocked over Era - Period english artist Era - Time to take part in another activity Era - What's essential to the racy age Era - Back live for a time... Era - Golden period of cricket, for example Era - Zidane's retirement ends a golden one Era - Long period of history Era - It was a golden one when coe and ovett were racing each other around the world Era - The younger generation of sports competitors usher in a new one Era - Jack nicklaus has ended a golden one Era - It was a golden one when hobbs and sutcliffe were at the wicket together Era - Upset most of district for a very long time Era - Jason robinson has ended a proud one Era - Long period of time Era - Cycle Era - King covered in each history period Era - Historical period in pomerania Era - What comes with the queen acceding initially? Era - Runs in each generation, maybe Era - Long period in history Era - First-rate that leading lady's on time Era - Reading's first in each period Era - Long historical period Era - Time starts to elapse rather alarmingly Era - The years are rolling back Era - Hesitation before answer giving age Era - Characteristic period Era - After retiring live a long time Era - Hearsay regularly repeated in retrial for quite some time Era - Period finishes used in the amateur drama Era - The hearts of men are sad for a time Era - Stage theatricals abandoned by couples at intervals Era - Occur over a period of time Era - Long historic period Era - Time essential to fritter away Era - Age of english artist Era - Bold alternative Era - Good feelings time? Era - Historian's specialty, perhaps Era - Stat lowered by a shutout Era - Chapter in a geology text, maybe Era - Historical time period Era - Long presidential term, perhaps Era - The roaring twenties, for one Era - Victorian or elizabethan Era - Notable period in history Era - Victorian, e.g Era - Depression __ Era - Noteworthy span Era - Reagan ___ (most of the 1980s) Era - Time past Era - History book time Era - Christian or roman Era - Span of attention? Era - Dempster stat Era - Another kind of period Era - The gay '90s, e.g Era - 8 Era - Historical period (3) Era - Aeon Era - Time for an article on the queen Era - Showing a certain hesitation over a lengthy period Era - Time and again, turns the key Era - Are getting back in plenty of time Era - Half crazed, really, for a time Era - Mid-year's wrong time Era - Eon Era - An age Era - Geological age Era - The days of the raj Era - Zeus was 'er 'usband a long time Era - Be hesitant a very long time Era - An epoch Era - Stage regular parts for meg ryan Era - Period piece finally put before artist Era - In another age and time Era - Age of cockney goddess Era - Period recalled in spectacular exhibition Era - Halladay stat Era - Detergent with oxi booster Era - Proposal opposed by phyllis schlafly's eagle forum: abbr Era - Start to act - about flipping time! Era - Follower of johnson or kennedy Era - Failed constitutional measure (abbr.) Era - Notable period of history Era - Stat for madison bumgarner Era - Laundry detergent with oxi booster Era - Significant time span, historically Era - Post-civil war reconstruction, e.g Era - Steroid ___ (1990s-early 2000s, in baseball) Era - Alternative to century 21 Era - Big factor in the cy young award Era - History class subject Era - Prominent stretch Era - Good bit of history Era - Important time period Era - A good one is under 3.00, in brief Era - Time with a name Era - English soldier's coming of age Era - Leading lady taking a long time Era - 15-across backward Era - Time-line slice Era - Part of the history book Era - Special time span Era - Golden or disco follower Era - Competitor of all Era - Historic division Era - Progressive __ Era - Open __: tennis period since 1968 Era - 1970s political cause, for short Era - Part of history Era - Presidential term, often Era - Stat for an ace Era - Big band or gaslight Era - What a shutout lowers, for short Era - Obama __ Era - The george w. bush years, e.g Era - Major time Era - Measure opposed by phyllis schlafly, for short Era - Part of a history lesson, sometimes Era - Cy young award consideration Era - New ___ (official cap maker of major league baseball) Era - Alternative to all Era - Goodly time Era - Wisk competitor Era - Stat for a.j. burnett Era - Stat for pettitte Era - Tim lincecum stat Era - Stat for sabathia Era - Stat for a starter Era - Stat for hiroki kuroda Era - Distinct period of history Era - Stat for jacob degrom Era - Number for matt harvey Era - Depression or gaslight Era - Eventful years Era - Matt harvey's this year was 2.71 Era - Big band or elizabethan Era - Brewer's figure that's ideally low Era - Historical time unit Era - Fossil fuel ___ (period of time hopefully drawing to a close soon) Era - 'wow, that was a really good ___!' (comment at the end of an era) Era - Eon fraction Era - Elizabethan, for instance Era - What an ace keeps low Era - Romantic, to musicians Era - Christian or victorian Era - See 40-down Era - Swing or victorian, e.g Era - The gay '90s, for one Era - One may be named for a president Era - It's low for great pitchers Era - Notable time division Era - Big band or victorian Era - Notable time stretch Era - Subject in a history book Era - One of ten in geologic history Era - The depression, for one Era - Notable segment Era - The 16-across ___ (what historians will call this period of culture) Era - Important reign, perhaps Era - Cueto stat Era - Time remembered Era - Stat for a closer Era - A low one is good in baseball, in brief Era - Acronym for a pitching statistic Era - Baseball's steroid ___ Era - Period on a time line Era - 18-down subdivision, geologically Era - Chronological period Era - Edwardian, for one Era - Stat that's better when it's lower Era - See 36-across Era - A retirement party might toast the end of one Era - History class period Era - Noted time Era - Remembered stretch Era - Span of note Era - Period sometimes named for a president Era - Chronological stretch Era - Long span Era - Stat lower in the nl than the al Era - Page in history Era - Stat on some baseball cards Era - One reigning over a period Era - It may consist of three periods Era - It may be low for an ace Era - Major historical time period Era - Disco or big band Era - Detergent in a red container Era - Span of years Era - Span Era - Significant historical period Era - Period of years, limitlessly confused Era - The big band ___ Era - Stat for zack greinke Era - See 22-across Era - Factor in mlb's cy young award Era - Stat for cy young Era - The gaslight ___ Era - Significant time, historically Era - Cole hamels stat Era - Stat for jake arrieta Era - Political period Era - Stat for chris sale Era - Stat for kershaw Era - Chapter in a history book Era - Napoleonic ___ Era - Victorian, in history books Era - Stat considered in cy young voting Era - Timeline unit Era - Neoarchean, e.g Era - Age marked by a distinctive character Era - History span Era - Span often named for a president Era - Her pa heads off for a time Era - Reagan has one named for him Era - The end of an __ Era - Mlb defensive stat Era - Revolution renaissance "new ___" Era - Defunct band's heyday Era - Queens of the stone age: "___ vulgaris" Era - Swing or classical, e.g Era - Musical period Era - Historic time in music Era - Notable period of music Era - Chapter in music history Era - Musical generation Era - Memorable time in music Era - Slice of time in music Era - Important time in music Era - Historical time in music Era - The time of jazz, e.g Era - Queens of the stone age "___ vulgaris" Era - A time in music Era - The time of soul music, e.g Era - '90s music, e.g Era - The time of doo-wop, e.g Era - The time of psychedelic rock music, e.g Era - Musical time period Era - The '80s, for example Era - The time of hair metal music, e.g Era - Historic time period in music Era - The time of rhythm and blues music, e.g Era - Monarch's reign, perhaps Era - A pitching ace has a low one, in brief Era - Neoarchean, for one Era - Special timespan Era - Page of history Era - Stat for jon lester Era - Internet ___ Era - Phanerozoic, for one Era - Short part of history Era - Clayton kershaw's pride Era - A goal of now Era - Prominent period Era - Time studied in a history book Era - One for the history books Era - Starter's stat Era - Noted historical period Era - Baseball's dead-ball ___ Era - Fab alternative Era - Noteworthy stretch Era - Victorian, historically Era - The time of your life is yours Era - The clinton ___ Era - Group of periods Era - Prohibition ender? Era - Time students study? Era - Dead-ball __: early baseball period Era - Stat for relievers Era - Stat for baseball's 'madbum' Era - Baseball pitching stat Era - Competitor of tide Era - Internet ___ (what we live in) Era - A pitcher wants a low one, for short Era - Paleozoic or mesozoic Era - Time of one's life, maybe Era - Noteworthy period of history Era - 2.60 for noah syndergaard in 2016 Era - The prohibition ___ Era - Lengthy time period, historically Era - History class division Era - Meas. of pitching effectiveness Era - Vietnam or postwar america, historically Era - One-third of pitching's triple crown, for short Era - Emerald center? Era - Annals excerpt Era - '___ yes!' (1970s political placard) Era - Stalin __ Era - Time period of note Era - Time span defined by a presidency Era - Modern-___ Era - Stretch in history books Era - Ceo stint, perhaps Era - Important stat in cy young balloting Era - 'it's the end of an ___!' Era - Neolithic or mesozoic Era - Epoch's kin Era - Baseball's live-ball ___ Era - Age of eastern artist Era - Period associated with a president, perhaps Era - Period of history covered by several Era - Procter & gamble cleaning brand Era - English artist showing age Era - Stat for aroldis chapman Era - Period in geology Era - The clinton years, say Era - Period that may be named for a president Era - Geologist's division Era - Reagan ___ Era - A good one is under 3.00, for short Era - Regularly in retreat? it's common now Era - Tenure, maybe Era - Stat for verlander Era - Section of history Era - An ace pitcher has a low one Era - The depression or the cold war Era - Period studied in school Era - Presidential term, to historians Era - Studied period Era - Period often named for a leader Era - Ace's number Era - Some indecipherable period of history Era - Stat for a starter or reliever Era - See 64-across Era - Period from earlier age Era - Cold war ___ (post-wwii period) Era - Time period split into periods Era - The renaissance, e.g Era - Alternative to tide or cheer Era - Word with swing or disco Era - Post-truth ___ Era - Word after many a president's name Era - Now cause defeated in 1982 Era - Now cause defeated in 1982 Era - Word with disco or dead-ball Era - Word with disco or dead-ball Era - Great time in music Era - Great time in music Era - Period named for a monarch, perhaps