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Cove - Small inlet

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Cove - Inlet Cove - Sheltered nook Cove - Shoreline shelter Cove - Safe harbor Cove - Bay Cove - Mooring spot Cove - Recess in the shoreline Cove - Inlet at the shore Cove - Sheltered spot Cove - Place to moor a boat Cove - Shoreline recess Cove - Protected inlet Cove - Sheltered bay Cove - Boater's haven Cove - Small inlet Cove - Pirates' refuge Cove - Where pirates moor, sometimes Cove - Shoreline irregularity Cove - Where pirates moor, perhaps Cove - Place to moor Cove - Sheltered inlet Cove - Port in a storm Cove - Pirate hideout Cove - Where you might turn in Cove - Little harbour Cove - Shoreline feature Cove - Place to put in Cove - Small bay Cove - Sheltered harbor Cove - Sheltered shoreline spot Cove - Quiet fishing spot Cove - Shoreline indentation Cove - Bay relative Cove - Pirate's retreat Cove - Harbor inlet Cove - Spot to moor Cove - Coastal feature Cove - Lagoon Cove - Might that bloke bay? Cove - Small sheltered bay Cove - Small bay or dickensian chap Cove - Small bay or slangy man Cove - A small inlet or estuary Cove - A small sea inlet or slangy man Cove - A small inlet or slangy bloke Cove - Small bay or inlet Cove - Small bay or coastal inlet Cove - Small inlet or slang man Cove - Rum fellow found in a small inlet Cove - Natural indentation Cove - *place to moor Cove - 2009 best documentary feature winner, with 'the' Cove - Chap - bay Cove - Small sheltered inlet Cove - Small bay - fellow Cove - Shelter from a storm, perhaps Cove - Pirate's recess Cove - Sounds like it's in cork for smugglers' shelter perhaps Cove - Coastal niche Cove - Hillside recess Cove - Quiet place to fish Cove - Pirate hideout, perhaps Cove - Cabot ___ ("murder, she wrote" town) Cove - Shore nook Cove - Where pirates moor Cove - Pirate hide-out, often Cove - Pirate's hideaway Cove - Dock site Cove - Sheltered accommodation for a chap Cove - Bloke; bay Cove - Fellow from western side of midlands city Cove - Sheltered bay, inlet Cove - Bloke in sheltered recess at lulworth? Cove - Coastal irregularity Cove - Fishing spot Cove - A fellow at bay? Cove - Chap found walking along the coast Cove - Fellow the pirates went to with their loot Cove - Bay providing shelter, to a large extent Cove - No end of witches gathering in cavern Cove - Fellow's insurance not complete Cove - Fellow in easy street lacking any way to turn Cove - Piece of garlic left out for bay Cove - Fellow smuggler's secret location? Cove - Yacht spot Cove - Cabot ___ ('murder, she wrote' setting) Cove - Marina setting Cove - Yacht haven Cove - Coastal formation that's home to dolphins and, who knows, maybe merpeople Cove - Architectural feature providing detailed protection from the elements Cove - Sheltered area Cove - Ria Cove - Natural harbor Cove - Shore recess Cove - Snug harbor Cove - Area with moorings Cove - Smuggler's hideaway Cove - Small inlet, bay Cove - Small sheltered bay - man (old slang) Cove - Arm that's tucked away Cove - Place for a marina Cove - Cornerless figures Cove - Little bay Cove - Fellow in a sheltered place