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Elder - Title for pliny

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Elder - Church officer Elder - Cain vis-a-vis abel Elder - Experienced one Elder - Pliny the ___ Elder - Church v.i.p Elder - Box ___ (tree) Elder - Like some statesmen Elder - Patriarch Elder - Church leader Elder - Church official Elder - Old-timer Elder - Town official Elder - Kind of statesman Elder - One sought for advice Elder - Like pliny Elder - Sort of statesman Elder - Respected one Elder - Council member, maybe Elder - Venerable one Elder - Tribal chief, often Elder - Type of church officer Elder - One to respect Elder - Mormon official Elder - Senior church official Elder - Like many statesmen Elder - "the sons of katie ___" (1965) Elder - Like esau vis-à-vis jacob Elder - Senior Elder - Council member, perhaps Elder - Valued advice-giver Elder - Born first Elder - Mormon title Elder - Title for pliny Elder - Graybeard Elder - Word for a statesman Elder - Tribal leader Elder - Esteemed member Elder - Advice-giving sort Elder - Revered figure Elder - __ statesman Elder - Tribal vip Elder - Tribal figure Elder - Presbyter, e.g Elder - Like one pliny Elder - Bush senior, e.g Elder - Someone to respect Elder - Berry-bearing shrub Elder - Honeysuckle tree Elder - Like a big brother Elder - Tribal figure Elder - Tree with berries Elder - Tribal chief Elder - Octogenarian, for one Elder - Venerated one Elder - Like frank hardy, vis-ã -vis joe Elder - Tree of the honeysuckle family Elder - Adjective for some statesmen Elder - Respected tribesman Elder - Someone with seniority Elder - Communion assistant Elder - Tribal leader, often Elder - Berry beginning Elder - Presbyter Elder - Type of statesman Elder - Esau vis-à-vis jacob Elder - Respected villager Elder - ___ statesman (retired politician) Elder - Person to respect Elder - Respected tribe member Elder - Adjective for a statesman Elder - Venerated tribe member Elder - Respectable person? Elder - Pliny the ___ (roman scholar) Elder - Town leader Elder - Clan leader Elder - Doyen Elder - -- statesman Elder - Tribe leader Elder - Higher-ranking Elder - Church vip Elder - More seasoned, in a way Elder - Earlier-born Elder - Church dignitary Elder - Sounds as if one might bury this in the kirk Elder - More senior in years Elder - That's seen your sound Elder - When the deer is about fifty it may claim seniority Elder - How one gets a ruddy turn with the french in the kirk Elder - What may be mailed about the ant has been done in strips Elder - Seen you're sound Elder - Is the senior deer around fifty? Elder - Senior type of tree? Elder - When the deer is about fifty it's getting longer in the tooth Elder - No longer young enough to be up in church Elder - Seen your sound in church Elder - The sort of berry that may turn red at last with age Elder - Seen your sound in the kirk Elder - More of age and high in church Elder - Perhaps bury, by the sound of it, one high in the kirk Elder - Shrub with white flowers and berrylike fruit Elder - Senior member of a tribe Elder - Official of some churches, or senior statesman Elder - Tree and church officer Elder - Kind of tree or senior person in tribe Elder - More senior church official Elder - Older or two Elder - Senior type of tree Elder - Tree for a church senior Elder - One with seniority Elder - Kind of tree or sage person Elder - Of greater age Elder - Senior member of tribe Elder - Senior tree? Elder - The older of two Elder - The ___ wand ("harry potter" object) Elder - Greybeard Elder - Does a churchman give the spanish a ruddy turn? Elder - Seen you sound in kirk Elder - Sounds as one might bury one that's getting on in years and be fruity Elder - Not so young a berry Elder - About fifty deer are so aged with berries on Elder - Older Elder - Often-consulted church figure Elder - Wise one, perhaps Elder - Certain statesman Elder - Church officer (originally prior) Elder - Senior to exhibit part of red letter upside down Elder - A shrub of greater age Elder - Fruit tree for community leader Elder - Venerable character of 29-bearer Elder - A more mature tree Elder - Some red leaves creeping up tree Elder - Official's hand on lead Elder - Senior slip, perhaps, dropping two Elder - Senior fabricator loses weight Elder - Official source of berries Elder - Bush may be a sort of statesman Elder - The spanish red rose wine ingredients come from here Elder - Clumsy dealer mislaid a bush Elder - Senior churchman - shrub Elder - Shrub - senior Elder - White-flowered tree Elder - Senior - tree Elder - Older person - one's senior Elder - Senior - shrub Elder - Senior member - plant Elder - Shrub - church official Elder - Woody shrub - used for wine, tea or cordial Elder - Tree - having lived longer Elder - Senior - presbyter Elder - Tree - wise counsellor Elder - Respected figure Elder - Like senior statesmen Elder - It¿s about going back over longford direction with top man Elder - Influential member of a tribe Elder - Tree whose berries can be made into wine Elder - Tree - senior person Elder - Tree and mormon church officer Elder - Like one's big brother Elder - Tribal bigwig Elder - "the sons of katie ___" (1965 film) Elder - Black-berried tree Elder - Shrub Elder - The spanish in touch with the german leader Elder - Higher-up? Elder - Respected village figure Elder - Mormon higher-up Elder - The spanish in touch with the german church official Elder - Person of higher rank Elder - Two european varieties of the shrub Elder - Earlier born Elder - Scarlet leaf halfway up tree Elder - More ancient tree Elder - Church official found in daniel deronda Elder - Ancient articles from europe Elder - Tree always seen across borders of land Elder - Tree, of a greater age Elder - Kornelia, who made a golden splash in the montreal olympic pool Elder - Senior metal-worker ignoring tungsten Elder - Senior tribal figure Elder - First-born Elder - Tree; of a greater age Elder - Tree; of greater age Elder - More aged; tree Elder - Top forger, someone senior Elder - Tree with leaves joiner employed in shipbuilding? Elder - Church leader; tree Elder - Senior figure, a skilled worker with no wife Elder - Tie up Elder - A brother of 1 ac Elder - Ancestor found for wifeless worker at seam Elder - Plant - is one sage? Elder - More senior; tree Elder - Tribal advisor Elder - Ivy compton burnett implied he should be better Elder - Senior leader Elder - Source of wine berries Elder - Cato the ___ Elder - Its flowers are used in sambuca Elder - Tree Elder - The foreign couple are a plant Elder - The senior of the foreign couple Elder - Shrub, tree Elder - Senior churchman Elder - Ancestor's tree Elder - 'shrub,' for the bilingual Elder - The tree with red leaves, starts shaking Elder - Church official; tree Elder - Going further back from the tree Elder - Layman of the church Elder - Metal worker not initially for senior church figure Elder - Bush is an officer of the church Elder - Cockney embraced the female office-bearer in church Elder - Ancestor Elder - Tree with more rings to count? Elder - The spanish red rose wine ingredients come from it Elder - Bush? bush ghw rather than gw Elder - A tree Elder - Church official and priest restricted article from luther? Elder - Some discovered leaves up a tree Elder - Shrub removed from nursery long ago? Elder - More gnarled tree? Elder - Bush is important person in church Elder - Bush makes appearance in newsreel, derided Elder - Mormon v.i.p Elder - Lee __, first african-american to play in the masters Elder - Tree that's more mature Elder - Tribal leader; tree Elder - More mature tree Elder - Senior in years Elder - Office-holder's advice once to include liberal rejected Elder - '70s "laugh-in" regular ann Elder - Tree with clusters of dark berries Elder - Respected source of advice Elder - Village v.i.p Elder - Respected church member Elder - Bush senior in church Elder - Certain church officer Elder - Mormon missionary Elder - Two foreign articles put together for seasoned church figure Elder - Older of two Elder - Source for some wines Elder - Wise man finding a plant Elder - Greater in age Elder - Leftie, the parisian about to become a church figure Elder - Superior Elder - Oldest Elder - Born earlier Elder - Small tree with purple berries Elder - Village vip Elder - Bush exposed in registered letter from the east Elder - Certain council member Elder - Kiss: "music from the ___" Elder - Old insomnium song, with "the"? Elder - Kiss concept album, with "the" Elder - Pavement "box ___" Elder - Senior - church official Elder - Ancestor of daniel deronda Elder - Church authority Elder - Tribesman with the most pull Elder - The european contacts the german church official Elder - Plant more sage, possibly? Elder - Church official's wife shunned by worker coming to join? Elder - Descriptor of many statesmen Elder - Embarrassed, the parisian put up senior church member Elder - Senior relative Elder - Village wise one, often Elder - Like bart, to lisa or maggie Elder - Sr. compared to jr Elder - One starting a story 'back in my day ...,' say Elder - Village leader Elder - Tree; church official Elder - Tree that's been around for longer Elder - One knowledgeable on tribal lore Elder - Mormon priest Elder - Tribal v.i.p Elder - __ statesman (retired politician) Elder - Wine the french sent back of superior vintage? Elder - Revered one in a tribe Elder - Presbyter of greater seniority in the family Elder - The oldest of the bunch Elder - The oldest of the bunch