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Sire - Mudder's father

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Sire - King's address Sire - See 24-across Sire - 'sovereign' Sire - "your excellency" Sire - Seattle slew, to swale Sire - Head of the line? Sire - "your majesty" Sire - Part of an equine family tree Sire - Part of a horse's genealogy Sire - Pedigree info Sire - Pasture pop Sire - Retired racehorse, often Sire - Thoroughbred's poppa Sire - Royal honorific Sire - Stud on a stud farm Sire - Address for the king Sire - Your excellency Sire - Stallion Sire - "your majesty!" Sire - Term of royal respect Sire - Horse's father Sire - "my king" Sire - King, to a subject Sire - Word uttered on bended knee Sire - Many a retired racer Sire - Father a foal Sire - Lordly address Sire - What to call a crown Sire - Bold ruler, to secretariat Sire - Foal's parent Sire - Seattle slew, vis-ã -vis swale Sire - Regal term of address Sire - Top of the line Sire - "your highness" Sire - Become a father Sire - Stable father figure? Sire - Monarch's address Sire - King's address? Sire - Pedigree name Sire - What a king may be called Sire - Goddess of discord Sire - Title fit for a king Sire - Dam partner Sire - Stud farm stud Sire - Dad in a stable Sire - Quadruped's parent Sire - Father, as a mudder Sire - Be father of Sire - Address fit for a king Sire - Equine parent Sire - Term for a crown Sire - Part of a horse's bloodline Sire - Address for a king Sire - Colt's father Sire - Deer dad Sire - Farm father Sire - Deer father Sire - Kingly title Sire - King's title Sire - Royal's title Sire - Royal title Sire - Pedigree paperwork datum Sire - Arab's father Sire - Does your majesty wish to put an end to 9 across? Sire - The rage of the south, in a 10 across sort of way Sire - Make children Sire - Rise for the king Sire - Rise for male parent (4) Sire - Old form of address to king - rise to it Sire - Male parent of, say, horse Sire - Father deer Sire - Street cry, to street sense Sire - Father king's address Sire - Father of a foal Sire - Produce offspring Sire - Father is up and about Sire - Generator is mounted by engineers Sire - Dam's companion Sire - Stable pop Sire - Arabian parent Sire - What pages call kings Sire - Respectful term of address Sire - Court address Sire - Your majesty Sire - Bold ruler, to 64-across Sire - Mare's mate Sire - Father holds temper behind head of state Sire - Royal form of address Sire - Be a father to Sire - 'my liege' Sire - Arthur, to galahad Sire - Camelot address Sire - Medieval address Sire - Address of honor Sire - King to knight five finally! Sire - Daddy deer Sire - King arthur, to galahad Sire - Horse father Sire - Stable stud Sire - Stallion; beget Sire - Label that provided madonna's pre-maverick releases Sire - Father shows anger with son Sire - Big horse kicks another breed Sire - Address for 11 down Sire - Teacher with key for old address Sire - Say this father to father Sire - Good king wenceslas's address Sire - Son having anger for father Sire - Generator is put back by engineers Sire - Father beginning to show anger Sire - Arabian pop Sire - Pop in a barnyard Sire - Many a retired racehorse Sire - Stud, often Sire - Word often said while kneeling in a castle Sire - Filly's dad Sire - Male parent of an animal Sire - Thoroughbred's dad Sire - How to address a king Sire - Part of a bloodline Sire - Stud fee earner Sire - Father of sir thomas more doing the rounds Sire - Racehorse's father Sire - Top of the line? Sire - Beget with a dam Sire - Entry in an equine family tree Sire - Se disait au roi Sire - Kentucky derby retiree, maybe Sire - Horse's dad Sire - King, to his subject Sire - American label founded in '66 Sire - Has partnered w/warner and elektra Sire - Popular label Sire - In cahoots w/warner or elektra, one time or another Sire - In cahoots w/warner or elektra at various points Sire - Talking heads label Sire - With warner or elektra, at times Sire - Popular label for a king? Sire - Form of address for a feudal lord Sire - Address to a sovereign Sire - Warner-owned american label Sire - Address to a king Sire - 'your majesty' alternative Sire - Bull or boar Sire - King, to his subjects Sire - Courtly term of address Sire - Record label of the ramones, once Sire - Part of a pedigree Sire - Stable father Sire - Father horse Sire - Respectful address to a king Sire - Father and husband leaving county Sire - Label owned by warner music group Sire - Retired racehorse, perhaps Sire - Retired racehorse, perhaps Sire - To father