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Actor - Person who may be made-up?

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Actor - Gibson, e.g Actor - Ford or hudson Actor - Role player Actor - Participant Actor - Man of parts Actor - Thespian Actor - All the stage is his world Actor - Stage presence? Actor - Person with a coach? Actor - One for whom play means work Actor - Oscar contender Actor - Man of many parts Actor - One with a stage coach Actor - He cries on cue Actor - One in a cast Actor - Part man? Actor - Washington or phoenix Actor - Lines man? Actor - Man in a cast Actor - Spencer tracy, for one Actor - Set figure Actor - Man with many parts Actor - Someone in a cast Actor - Pitt or depp, e.g Actor - Brando, e.g Actor - Oscar hopeful Actor - Cast member Actor - One with parts Actor - Paul newman, for one Actor - Stage presence Actor - One with a part Actor - Cue user Actor - Person in a cast Actor - Stage coach user, possibly Actor - Person who may be made-up? Actor - One needing parts Actor - Part filler Actor - Pitt or penn Actor - Trouper Actor - Play boy? Actor - Ronald reagan, once Actor - Action may make him laugh or cry? Actor - Player in a cast Actor - He may have a coach Actor - Made-up person? Actor - Henry winkler, for example Actor - Matinee idol, e.g Actor - Seagal or segal Actor - Part player Actor - Tony contender Actor - Part taker Actor - Broadway performer Actor - Boards treader Actor - Matinee idol Actor - One in a 10-across Actor - His parts may be funny or sad Actor - Part man Actor - Stage figure Actor - Oscar night luminary Actor - One may have only one big part Actor - One working on lines Actor - Role seeker Actor - Shakespearean performer Actor - Method man, maybe Actor - Obie contender Actor - Part of a company Actor - He does lines Actor - Woods or irons Actor - Oldman or newman Actor - Stage performer Actor - Penn or pitt Actor - Lead, e.g Actor - Sellers, for instance Actor - Irons or woods Actor - Directed person Actor - See 46-across Actor - Guy in a cast Actor - Player Actor - Caan job? Actor - Person in an apron Actor - Washington or ford, e.g Actor - One paid to be others Actor - Practiced pretender Actor - Lineman? Actor - Burt or hurt, e.g Actor - One who does lines? Actor - Cage or penn Actor - One who needs direction Actor - He gets credits Actor - Power, for one Actor - Either of 12-across, e.g Actor - Phoenix or washington Actor - Emmy contender Actor - Parts expert? Actor - Cruise, for one Actor - Part winner Actor - Company member? Actor - She's just playing Actor - Repertory member Actor - One pleased with long lines? Actor - Shakespearean performer, e.g Actor - Sag member Actor - Colin firth, for one Actor - 3-down, for example Actor - Player on stage Actor - Certain juilliard grad Actor - Ham, for example Actor - Ham, perhaps Actor - Stage player Actor - Man of many parts? Actor - He's not himself today Actor - Sag cardholder Actor - He's not himself Actor - Tony nominee, maybe Actor - Ham, e.g Actor - Learner of lines Actor - How the cart gets broken round around in play Actor - The sort of croat who takes part? Actor - One of the 3 down, by the sound of it Actor - One takes that part Actor - This will get one to car in a cast Actor - One gets apart at some stage Actor - In part in play Actor - Get around in a broken cart, but just in play Actor - Theatrical performer Actor - One gets a part of what all goes to show Actor - A thespian Actor - Thespian, stage performer Actor - George clooney, e.g Actor - One placed in a cast Actor - There'd be something nuclear re one in a cast like this Actor - One part of play for one Actor - A plays apart Actor - He plays for part-time work Actor - In cast or in play Actor - He takes part where there's nothing in the cart Actor - Role model? Actor - 14-across, e.g Actor - 25-down, for one Actor - James lipton interviewee Actor - One who does croat translation Actor - Current rubbish rejected by an entertainer Actor - Exponent of 5 in current eminence Actor - Current rock player Actor - Empty-headed steward is juvenile Actor - Agent loses fine performer Actor - Performer's a credit to opening Actor - He's not himself when working Actor - Performer Actor - Player - performer Actor - Thesp Actor - Performer in drama Actor - Luvvy Actor - Dramatic artist Actor - One playing a part Actor - 6-across, for one Actor - Make croat lead Actor - Cage, for one Actor - Gary oldman or paul newman Actor - Playbill listing Actor - This person's work is another's play Actor - One may be supporting Actor - One concerned with lines Actor - One at an audition Actor - Johnny depp, e.g Actor - John wilkes booth, e.g Actor - Shakespeare, at times Actor - Role filler Actor - 22 across filler Actor - He may play a part Actor - Decorated without 10 across in hamlet Actor - Donald sutherland, for one Actor - He might be in a cast Actor - Audition hopeful Actor - Fine waived out of consideration for player Actor - Player brings together junior members of two services - about time! Actor - For one, work may be play Actor - Describes the diving player Actor - Performer's agent not offering lead? Actor - One in a play Actor - Business agent losing lead part for thespian Actor - For player, a high point, receiving first cup Actor - Unsatisfactory part for gielgud, say Actor - Theatre player Actor - Agent letting go of fine player Actor - Films/stage worker Actor - Cast part Actor - Player fell after a collision, initially Actor - 10-down, e.g Actor - Apt anagram of co-star - s Actor - Cue user, maybe Actor - Revolutionary croat in battleship potemkin, for example Actor - Theatrical player Actor - Player's agent first to be dropped Actor - Player's current rise Actor - His success can be measured by the size of his house Actor - Performer on stage Actor - Croat (anag.) Actor - Player's account to run Actor - His work is another's play Actor - Stallone is garbage concerning return Actor - Player's answer to put in credit Actor - Player - in fact, organist Actor - Film star in element ignoring female Actor - Eg anthony hopkins Actor - Cruise, e.g Actor - Bill hill is one to take on roles Actor - Stage-player Actor - One on stage Actor - Person on boards tense, blocking a company's source of recovery Actor - Section of factory, one playing a part in production Actor - Bill hill seen as an insincere type? Actor - One may have a set routine Actor - Great pretender? Actor - Matthew fox or peter coyote Actor - Sag-aftra member Actor - Person with lines Actor - Washington or ford Actor - One in a trailer Actor - Dramatic performer Actor - Versatile croat film star Actor - One who treads the boards Actor - Play fellow Actor - Broadway worker Actor - Cast party? Actor - Stage __ Actor - Lemmon in 3, for instance, or mastroianni in 5 Actor - Marquee name Actor - 19-down, for one Actor - See 4 Actor - One in a cast? Actor - One treading the boards Actor - Is 1 down a man of many parts? Actor - 7 works avoiding extremes Actor - Oscar nominee Actor - Troupe member Actor - One with a stunt double, perhaps Actor - Role call answerer Actor - Eddie vedder in "singles" Actor - David pirner of soul asylum in "reality bites" Actor - Elvis was one in "king creole" Actor - Rocker wants to be one, after video shoot Actor - Cruise maybe in cadillac to resort Actor - 44-across, for one Actor - Include autodidact, originally a man of many parts Actor - Pro on camera Actor - See 1-across Actor - Play-boy? Actor - Musician johnny depp's other job Actor - Player's agent clearing fine Actor - Film performer Actor - Arnie characterising terminator on release initially? Actor - Part female's wanting, one in a film maybe Actor - Part of a cast Actor - Line man? Actor - Line producer Actor - His professionalism may be brought into play Actor - Soliloquy speaker Actor - Person of parts Actor - To whom 'break a leg' is said Actor - One in a cattle call Actor - Co-star, possibly, if not front of stage? Actor - One for whom work is play? Actor - Person in a trailer, in two senses Actor - Outstanding supporting ___ Actor - One's job is delivering someone else's work Actor - A cold starter of turkey or ham? Actor - Penn or pitt, e.g Actor - Perhaps guinness works to eliminate boundaries? Actor - One with billing issues, perhaps Actor - One with a role to play