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Shaft - Treat unfairly

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Shaft - "he's a complicated man/but no one understands him/but his woman" Shaft - "___ in africa" (1973 film that completes a trilogy) Shaft - 'he's a complicated man/but no one understands him/but his woman' Shaft - 'who's the cat that won't cop out when there's danger all about?' Shaft - 'who's the cat who will creep out, when there's danger all about?' Shaft - '___ in africa' (1973 film that completes a trilogy) Shaft - A little light handle Shaft - An arrow or a mine passage Shaft - Arrow of sunlight? Shaft - Arrow or spear part Shaft - Arrow part Shaft - Arrow; vertical mine entrance Shaft - Bar is quiet at the back Shaft - Be quiet, back there on board! that's mine! Shaft - Beam Shaft - Beam - well Shaft - Beam of light Shaft - Beam of light down the mine-passage Shaft - Body of an arrow Shaft - Column of light Shaft - Column of light from a beacon Shaft - Dumbwaiter enclosure Shaft - Elevator channel Shaft - Elevator chute Shaft - Elevator enclosure Shaft - Elevator part Shaft - Elevator passage Shaft - Elevator passageway Shaft - Elevator setting Shaft - Elevator space Shaft - Elevator tunnel Shaft - Elevator's place Shaft - Entrance to mine Shaft - Give a raw deal Shaft - Golf club part Shaft - Golf-club part Shaft - Handle - rod - passageway Shaft - Handle's extremely smooth at the back Shaft - Handle; ray (of light) Shaft - Harsh treatment, with "the" Shaft - Harsh treatment, with 'the' Shaft - Has edited daily newspaper column Shaft - Isaac hayes did its theme song Shaft - Isaac hayes soundtrack Shaft - It may be sunk in a marsh afterwards Shaft - Light ray Shaft - Long handle Shaft - Long part of a lance Shaft - Long rod or column of light Shaft - Long slender part or deep vertical opening Shaft - Looks like a well used part of a mine Shaft - Metaphorical mistreatment Shaft - Mine section Shaft - Mine part Shaft - Mine passage Shaft - Mine passageway Shaft - Mine section Shaft - Miner's place Shaft - Mining tunnel Shaft - Most of a pool cue Shaft - Ore corridor Shaft - Part of a golf club Shaft - Passage into mine Shaft - Path down to a mine Shaft - Pole or pipe down at the back Shaft - Pole, quiet, near the back Shaft - Ray Shaft - Ray (of light) Shaft - Ray (of light), access to mine Shaft - Ray (of sunlight) Shaft - Ray of light Shaft - Ray of light; spear Shaft - Ray of light; treat unfairly Shaft - Ray, as of light Shaft - Richard roundtree film Shaft - Richard roundtree role Shaft - Roundtree role Shaft - Screw over Shaft - Small hospital behind mine Shaft - Spear handle; ray of sun Shaft - Stem to stern on half of ship Shaft - Stem, handle; (light) ray Shaft - Stick it to Shaft - Tram route (h) Shaft - Treat meanly Shaft - Treat unfairly Shaft - Treat unfairly, in slang Shaft - Treat unfairly, slangily Shaft - Unfair treatment, with "the" Shaft - Unfair treatment, with 'the' Shaft - Vertical excavation Shaft - Vertical mine access Shaft - Vertical mine entrance Shaft - Vertical passage Shaft - Vertical passage of mine (quiet at the back!) Shaft - Vertical passageway, into a mine say