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Errs - Commits a sin

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Errs - Muffs Errs - Commits a sin Errs - Messes up Errs - Goofs up Errs - Blows it Errs - Makes mistakes Errs - Pulls a boner Errs - Commits a faux pas Errs - Goes astray Errs - Goofs Errs - Screws up Errs - Slips Errs - Doesn't call a spade a spade? Errs - Misses the mark Errs - Sins Errs - Stumbles Errs - Does the wrong thing Errs - Is guilty of a 28-across Errs - Flubs Errs - Makes a boo-boo Errs - Bumbles Errs - Goes off Errs - Foozles Errs - Undercharges, e.g Errs - Transgresses Errs - Drops the ball Errs - Behaves humanly Errs - Slips or trips Errs - Causes an unearned run Errs - Miscalculates Errs - Muffs it Errs - Blunders Errs - Drops a brick Errs - Shows one's human side Errs - Overthrows first Errs - Slips up Errs - Gets it wrong Errs - Muffs one Errs - Shows fallibility Errs - Calls mary larry, e.g Errs - Flubs at fenway Errs - Misses a fly, say Errs - Drops the ball, literally or figuratively Errs - Goes wrong Errs - Fails to catch a pop-up Errs - Creates a snafu Errs - Is mistaken Errs - Fouls up Errs - Is off the mark Errs - Botches one Errs - Misspells or misspeaks Errs - Turns gold into lead, e.g Errs - Displays fallibility Errs - Acts human Errs - Barks up the wrong tree Errs - Stumbles or bumbles Errs - Plays a wrong note Errs - Flubs it Errs - Goes the wrong way, say Errs - Makes a mistake Errs - Gets it all wrong Errs - Writes "hiar" for "hair," e.g Errs - Goes awry Errs - Slips a cog Errs - Bobbles Errs - Overthrows first, e.g Errs - Steps out of line Errs - Makes a wrong turn, e.g Errs - Lapses Errs - Doesn't get it right Errs - Flubs a shot Errs - Acts humanly? Errs - Says "spoke to you and i," e.g Errs - Makes a muff Errs - Misjudges, e.g Errs - Plays a wrong note, e.g Errs - Demonstrates fallibility Errs - Lets in an unearned run Errs - Overthrows, say Errs - Isn't right Errs - Isn't perfect Errs - Misapprehends, say Errs - Calls a spade a club Errs - Gets off track Errs - Slips some Errs - Throws wide, say Errs - Does it wrong Errs - Blunders at fenway Errs - Behaves poorly Errs - Is human Errs - Boots the ball Errs - Boots the ball, e.g Errs - Writes wrong, say Errs - Acts human? Errs - Blows the play Errs - Fumbles a slow roller, e.g Errs - Drops a fly, perhaps Errs - Is inaccurate Errs - Strays Errs - Misjudges Errs - Guesses wrong Errs - Isn't right on Errs - Is off Errs - Goofs it up Errs - Takes a wrong turn, so to speak Errs - Chooses badly Errs - Writes "right" for "rite," e.g Errs - Commits a blunder Errs - Exhibits fallibility Errs - Says "2 x 2 = 5," say Errs - Is incorrect Errs - Calls mary "mindy," e.g Errs - Takes a wrong turn Errs - Writes wrong, e.g Errs - Bobbles at fenway Errs - Gets off-track Errs - Guesses "true" when the answer is "false" Errs - Boots one Errs - Bobbles the ball Errs - Says "for her and i," e.g Errs - Flubs one Errs - Throws wide of the base, say Errs - Proves to be human? Errs - Types a typo, e.g Errs - Isn't infallible Errs - Is only human? Errs - Writes wrong Errs - Makes a miscalculation Errs - Misspeaks, e.g Errs - Boots it at fenway Errs - Does wrong Errs - Bobbles a grounder Errs - Figures wrong Errs - Makes an incorrect guess Errs - Makes an incorrect guess, e.g Errs - Makes a gaffe Errs - Makes a faux pas Errs - Misspells or misspeaks, e.g Errs - Drops a fly, say Errs - Violates accepted moral standards Errs - Drops a pop Errs - Makes a bad call Errs - Bungles Errs - Needs an eraser Errs - Is fallible Errs - Makes a blunder Errs - Has it wrong Errs - Is wrong Errs - Muffs up Errs - Shows one's fallibility Errs - Boots an easy grounder Errs - Calls mary cary, e.g Errs - Not the sound of 'is? one is mistaken there Errs - Calls tim "jim," e.g Errs - Has no right if one does this Errs - Ruins a perfect game Errs - Makes miscalculations Errs - Misunderstands, say Errs - Gets off the track Errs - Misguesses, e.g Errs - Lets a ground ball go through one's legs, say Errs - Overthrows, maybe Errs - Misdials, e.g Errs - Isn't correct Errs - Misspeaks, say Errs - Reaches the wrong conclusion Errs - Gets the wrong total, say Errs - Drops in the field Errs - Emails the wrong person, say Errs - Isn't on target Errs - Forgets to mail the mail, say Errs - Hits reply all instead of reply, say Errs - Ends up short, maybe Errs - Misses the cut-off man Errs - Makes a misstep Errs - Makes a silly mistake Errs - Makes a goof Errs - Flubs the shot, e.g Errs - Commits a mistake Errs - Bobbles at fenway, say Errs - Commits a boo-boo Errs - Necessitates striking, say Errs - Flubs up Errs - Makes mistakes going around erotic dancers Errs - Commits a 44-across Errs - Makes a misjudgment Errs - Flubs it up Errs - Makes a wrong turn Errs - Answers this clue with 'ears,' say Errs - Boobs Errs - The woman's commonly spoken mistakes Errs - Writes the wrong zip code, say Errs - Underestimates, say Errs - Overwrites, maybe Errs - Has things reversed, maybe Errs - Plays the wrong golf ball, say Errs - Throws wildly, say Errs - Commits a blooper Errs - Stumbles, say Errs - Doesn't do the right thing Errs - Needs to make a retraction Errs - Transposes letters, say Errs - Makes a typo Errs - Drops an easy one Errs - Types lije thid, maybe Errs - Goes thataway instead of thisaway Errs - Transposes digits, say Errs - Misses an easy catch, say Errs - Gets an "i'm sorry" from alex trebek, say Errs - Makes a flub Errs - Is off base Errs - Boots an easy one Errs - Causes a 25-across Errs - Writes 'rite' instead of 'write,' say Errs - Does as humans do? Errs - Makes a wrong turn or guess Errs - Makes a blooper Errs - Does something incorrectly Errs - Makes a stupid decision Errs - Makes a slip Errs - Writes ths clue, say Errs - Botches it Errs - Muffs an easy chance Errs - Muffs a grounder, e.g Errs - Calls porpoises dolphins Errs - Drops a pop-up, say Errs - Gets on the wrong train, say Errs - Bobbles an easy one Errs - Bungles the job Errs - Misses an easy catch, e.g Errs - Muffs a pop fly, say Errs - Makes a typo, e.g Errs - Goes off course Errs - Miscalculates, e.g Errs - Misspells, e.g Errs - Misspells, e.g Errs - Missteps Errs - Necessitates a do-over, perhaps